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  1. John spent a year in Bologna and then joined forces with Louis II of Enjoy to, march ,against Ladislav. An initial victory proved short-lived and Ladislav retook
  2. Set off in June, and recaptured Fort Ticonderoga in early July. Thereafter, his, march , was slowed by the Americans who literally knocked down trees in his path, and
  3. In his hand. Cato's army then encountered it along with other serpents on the, march , Amphisbaenae fed off of the corpses left behind. The amphisbaena has been
  4. To attack the Shenandoah Valley, General Sherman was to capture Atlanta and, march ,to the sea (the Atlantic Ocean),Generals George Crook and William W. Averell
  5. Preparation of a siege, sent the armies to delay or if possible halt Khalid's, march ,to Damascus, one such army was defeated at Battle of Aqua in mid-August 634
  6. Him. After a grenade was tossed into a dispersing crowd of an Israeli Peace Now, march , killing Emil Grunewald and injuring 10 others, a compromise was reached:
  7. Of any Nazi-type regime in this country. " The neo-Nazis declined to, march ,in Skokie. In the 1980s,the ACLU filed suit to challenge the Arkansas 1981
  8. Of Emperor Hercules, was in charge. Receiving the intelligence of Khalid's, march ,towards Damascus he prepared for the defenses of Damascus. He wrote to Emperor
  9. To evacuate. On November 11, 1864,in preparation of the Union Army's, march ,to Savannah, Sherman ordered for Atlanta to be burned to the ground, sparing
  10. By years of campaigning, his army mutinied at the Emphasis River, refusing to, march ,further east. This river thus marks the easternmost extent of Alexander's
  11. Lasted the length of the meeting until December 3. There was a large, permitted, march , by members of the AFL-CIO, and other unauthorized march es by assorted affinity
  12. Carbolic, Ukraine,Germans order 1,100 Jews to undress to their underwear and, march ,through the city of Carbolic to the nearby village of Plebanivka where they
  13. Such as by an oncoming car). Wildlife enthusiasts are using the northward, march ,of the armadillo as an opportunity to educate others about the animals, which
  14. Were most vulnerable-when they had left their fortified camp, and were on the, march ,in a pounding rainstorm. They did not dawdle at the hour of decision but
  15. Guy’s representative in the city, was hung from a tree by the city’s gate. His, march ,northward through the Alps was interrupted by Rudolph, King of Transferase
  16. And the latter in a surprise night attack on his camp. Alexios was ordered to, march ,against his brother-in-law Lifeforms Melissenos in Asia Minor but refused to
  17. Worship and revivals, to satisfy" the wants of the Church in her triumphal, march , " Most of the tunes had been previously published, but " Gallagher" and" St.
  18. Birmingham, England. *1969 – Violence erupts after the Apprentice Boys of Derry, march ,in Derry, Northern Ireland, resulting in a three-day communal riot known as the
  19. Mons Silicic (Moselle),Mantra and Ceremony. Albion moved west in his, march , invading the region of Liguria (north-east Italy) and reaching its capital
  20. Of this, and argue that, as long as they have a common opponent, they should, march ,together - even if they don't share exactly the same political vision. Writers
  21. An emergency flare fired from the Curve SUD, and the abandonment of a game in, march 2004,following unfounded rumors of a fatality which led to violence outside
  22. Of themes from earlier in the opera, groups of protesters are seen on the, march , in conflict with one another, while the city burns in the background. Jenny
  23. Broadcast around the world. It opens to the public the next day. *1974 – 10,000, march , in Washington’D. C., calling for the impeachment of US President Richard Nixon
  24. Of a few initial Confederate forces at Manassas, Virginia,in July 1861,a, march ,by Union troops under the command of Maj. Gen. Irvin McDowell on the
  25. Syrians, Heruls, Thuringians, Alans, Burgundians,among others and began his, march ,west. In 451,he arrived in Belgian with an army exaggerated by Jordanes to
  26. Probably of typhus. The disputes among the higher nobles went unsolved, and the, march ,to Jerusalem was delayed for months. However, the lower-class foot soldiers
  27. British commander at Detroit, retook Incenses, Clark returned in a surprise, march ,in February 1779 and captured Hamilton. In March 1782,Pennsylvania militiamen
  28. Various forms of civil disobedience (the Yellow march ),one (the Pink/Silver, march ,) advancing through" tactical frivolity" ( costume, dance,theater, music
  29. And his companion Ken Mesa. They vowed not to attack the next day's protest, march , and, furthermore,deemed Ginsberg a man who was worth helping out. In 1968
  30. Directions: one engaging in various forms of civil disobedience (the Yellow, march ,), one (the Pink/Silver march ) advancing through" tactical frivolity" (
  31. Out of Germany. Napoleonic Wars In 1797 he was sent to arrest the victorious, march ,of General Bonaparte in Italy, and he conducted the retreat of the over-matched
  32. Nationalist mythologies and psyches of the empire's Balkan peoples, and their, march ,toward independence quickened. The Albanians, because of the higher degree of
  33. War, gathering support by emphasizing his status as heir to Caesar. On his, march ,to Rome through Italy,Octavian's presence and newly acquired funds attracted
  34. By repeated success in their enterprises against foreigners, and Mir Lumley II’s, march ,into Assam was an uninterrupted series of triumph and victories though the real
  35. Hampton Roads region in 1862,Tennessee from 1862 on, the line of Sherman's, march , etc. So many African Americans fled to Union lines that commanders created
  36. And Moses appear with placards of their own, joining the entire company in its, march ,and declaring" Nothing will help him or us or you now," as the opera ends in
  37. Hold the Athenians in check. Their return was blocked, and they resolved to, march ,on Athens, where the Long Walls were not yet completed, winning a victory at
  38. Hence it became the Roman custom for a paean to be sung by an army on the, march ,and before entering into battle, when a fleet left the harbor, and also after
  39. Barricade. On 17 October 2003 Evo Morales' supporters from Cochabamba tried to, march ,into Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the largest city of the eastern lowlands where
  40. As a borderland between German and Slavic cultures, the country was known as a, march , In 1237 and 1244 two towns, Cölln and Berlin were founded during the rule of
  41. 1945 shows the Arc de Triomphe in the background as victorious American troops, march ,down the Champs-Élysées and U. S. airplanes fly overhead on 29 August 1944.
  42. The other place is not recorded. Meanwhile, the force under Hasten set out to, march ,up the Thames Valley, possibly with the idea of assisting their friends in the
  43. Frivolity" ( costume, dance,theater, music,and artwork),and one (the Blue, march ,) engaging in violent conflicts with the baton-armed police, with the
  44. The Gulag:" I remember myself in my captain's shoulder boards and the forward, march ,of my battery through East Prussia, enshrouded in fire, and I say: 'So were we
  45. Competed in the Beijing Olympics in 2010. It is also tradition for Bermuda to, march ,in the Opening Ceremony in Bermuda shorts, regardless of the summer or winter
  46. To take possession, Albert was driven from Saxony, and also from his Northern, march ,by Henry, and compelled to take refuge in south Germany. When peace was made
  47. Of a concentration of large Byzantine armies at Ajnadayn while on the, march , The army stopped its advance and the leaders wrote to Abu Bakr for help. Since
  48. Hells Angels, and their leader, Sonny Larger. The day prior to the scheduled, march , the Hell's Angels attacked the front line of a smaller scale protest, where a
  49. Asian after Manifest extended over much of Western Asia. He soon prepared to, march ,to the conquest of Turkestan, the original seat of his ancestors. With a
  50. To be free. (“ Anyone Can Whistle” ) Meanwhile, the two groups continue to, march , and Cora, trying to give a speech, realizes that Hap good has stolen her

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