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  1. Morrissey, acted as the band's manager, introducing them to Nico (who would, perform ,with the band at Warhol's request). In 1966, he" produced" their first album
  2. Beads in place while the users feel or manipulate them. They use an abacus to, perform ,the mathematical functions' multiplication, division,addition, subtraction
  3. Were included in the grave, along with Shakti statues that were believed to, perform ,manual labor for them in the afterlife. Rituals in which the deceased was
  4. Such as tuberous sclerosis. Although individuals with Asperger syndrome tend to, perform ,better cognitively than those with autism, the extent of the overlap between
  5. According to the patriarchal customs, the firstborn son in every family used to, perform ,the functions connected with God's worship. It might have been expected
  6. The module's attitude. 16 months later, Lovell would once again have to, perform ,a similar manual re-alignment, under more critical conditions, during the
  7. The Late, Late Breakfast Show, and also to West Germany in the second week, to, perform , on Show Express. On 19 November 1982,ABBA appeared for the last time in Sweden
  8. Countries, those with high rates of taxation and high social welfare spending, perform ,better on most measures of economic perform ance compared to countries with low
  9. 1967-1972. The first prize was a recording contract with EMI Sweden and to, perform ,live on the most popular TV show in Sweden. This TV perform ance, amongst many
  10. Stress of dangerous situations. This is necessary to enable the practitioner to, perform ,the bold enter-and-blend movements that underlie aikido techniques, wherein an
  11. Assist with astrophotography, observation scheduling software, and software to, perform ,various calculations pertaining to astronomical phenomena. Amateur astronomers
  12. Used to record numerical data, like advanced tally sticks – but not used to, perform ,calculations. Calculations were carried out using a Yuan (Quechua for "
  13. Were directly subject to the lay abbot; sometimes he appointed a substitute to, perform ,the spiritual functions, known usually as dean (decants),but also as abbot (
  14. Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin becomes the first human to travel into outer space and, perform ,the first manned orbital flight, in Boston 3KA-2 (Boston 1). *1963 – The
  15. With a Song" ) for the 1972 contest, and they chose newcomer Lena Anderson to, perform , The song won third place, encouraging Sting Anderson, and became a hit in
  16. To allow at least some citizens the possibility to live a good life, and to, perform ,beautiful acts:" The political partnership must be regarded, therefore,as
  17. Numbers but he made no original contributions to mathematics. He did, however, perform , original research in the natural sciences, e. g., botany,zoology, physics
  18. Force died that month),and to ensure the workers were in good enough shape to, perform ,the labor, Speer ordered improved conditions for the workers and the
  19. S death, Reed and John Cal ere-united for the first time since 1972 to write, perform , record and release the concept album Songs for Della, a tribute to Warhol.
  20. Contain algorithms that specify the specific instructions a computer should, perform ,(in a specific order) to carry out a specified task, such as calculating
  21. The means to travel can resort to providers of illegal abortions or attempt to, perform ,an abortion by themselves. Emergency contraception is generally available in
  22. Mental development or less severe ASD. Older children and adults with ASD, perform ,worse on tests of face and emotion recognition. Children with high-functioning
  23. Winning the Eurovision Song Contest gave ABBA the chance to tour Europe and, perform ,on major television shows; thus the band saw the" Waterloo" single chart in
  24. Showed the key on the side of the window. " These letters and the inability to, perform ,the kaddish ceremony inspired Ginsberg to write" Kaddish" which makes
  25. Ethics, notions based on 'rules' i.e. that there is an obligation to, perform ,the 'right' action, regardless of actual consequences (epitomized by Kant's
  26. Orbit, with little hope of escape. As with the previous burn, the crew had to, perform ,the maneuver above the far side of the Moon, out of contact with Earth. The
  27. A new theory of humankind: mankind as a" time-binding" class of life (humans, perform ,time binding by the transmission of knowledge and abstractions through time
  28. Competitive analysis (online algorithm) – shows how online algorithms, perform ,and demonstrates the power of randomization in algorithms * Lexical analysis –
  29. And using them. AT promotes greater independence by enabling people to, perform ,tasks that they were formerly unable to accomplish, or had great difficulty
  30. A Basque record label in 1999 which enabled them to tour Spain extensively and, perform ,in France and Portugal. Other parts of the world that Aztlan Underground have
  31. See activity in the brain's reward centers ", based on the idea that" people, perform ,altruistic acts because they feel good about it ", what they found was that "
  32. Ties to,some world's leading Trance DJ's hail from The Netherlands and, perform ,frequently in Amsterdam. Each year in October, the city hosts the Amsterdam
  33. Such as Bangladesh, that nominally ban abortion, may also support clinics that, perform ,abortions under the guise of menstrual hygiene. In places where abortion is
  34. Was unable to augment its much smaller rail system, repair damage, or even, perform ,routine maintenance. Name "/IN"> encyclopedia78"/> The failure of Davis to
  35. 5950. But exceptional cases must be identified and tested. Will" Inelegant ", perform ,properly when R > S’S > R, R S? Ditto for" Elegant ": B > A, A > B, A B? (
  36. Unemployment as machines begin to match and exceed the capability of workers to, perform ,most routine and repetitive jobs. Ford predicts that many knowledge-based
  37. Use in various music genres The accordion has traditionally been used to, perform ,folk or ethnic music, popular music, and transcriptions from the operatic and
  38. The artists who recorded the nominees for Best Original Song quite often, perform ,those songs live at the awards ceremony, and the fact that they are perform ing
  39. The extent that the Ptolemies had. The former lived outside Egypt and did not, perform ,the ceremonial functions of Egyptian kingship. Local administration became
  40. Astronauts (including former ISS commanders Leroy Chico and Kennedy Padilla), perform , ultrasound scans under the guidance of remote experts to diagnose and
  41. Antisemitism The underlying premise of economic antisemitism is that Jews, perform ,harmful economic activities or that economic activities become harmful when
  42. You on the good Earth ". The only task left for the crew at this point was to, perform ,the Trans-Earth Injection (TEI),which was scheduled for 2½ hours after the
  43. Hall, which is situated in the IJ near the central station. Its concerts, perform ,mostly modern classical music. Located adjacent to it, is the Bamboos, a
  44. And the Moscow Mathematical Papyrus show that the ancient Egyptians could, perform ,the four basic mathematical operations—addition, subtraction,multiplication
  45. Defined aesthetic sense. One criterion... is the length of time taken to, perform ,the algorithm.... Other criteria are adaptability of the algorithm to computers
  46. Random ", literally " chaos ", exercises a person's ability to intuitively, perform ,techniques in an unstructured environment. A study of injuries in the martial
  47. Father, Priam,went to Achilles' tent to plead with Achilles to permit him to, perform ,for Hector his funeral rites. The final passage in the Iliad is Hector's
  48. Much less than the inherent precision of the floating-point arithmetic used to, perform ,the computation. This is particularly bad if the standard deviation is small
  49. And eventually decided to ignore the instructions that it commanded him to, perform , which included taking the Style of Revealing from the museum, fortifying his
  50. It offers previews of many artists, such as musicians and poets, who, perform , on media. Sports Amsterdam is home of the Redivide football club Ajax

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