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  1. Of its defects" but writes:" No uninitiated English-speaking person could, guess ,how to pronounce it, and I have even thought, in a jocularly malicious state of
  2. That the recent war with Italy doesn't prove anything. I will not begin to, guess ,the future, and will say only this. Over the course of four months, I watched
  3. He tries to stop Fay, the inmates mingle with the townspeople, until no one can, guess ,who is who. Fay disappears, and hiding from the police, admits that she hopes
  4. Which forces a to be positive. Thus, the machine will eventually have to, guess ,that the number will equal 0,in order to produce an output; the sequence may
  5. Seemingly bizarre events occur, seemingly just to keep the audience unable to, guess ,what will happen next. For example, Jimmy is going crazy at having nothing to
  6. An early Carnage show:" It was like Slayer intensified a thousand times. "" I, guess ,Carnage had hollowed out a mannequin and filled it with fucking' blood and guts
  7. Is already constrained to be within a particular range. Even if the number to, guess ,can be arbitrarily large, in which case there is no upper bound N, The number
  8. Felix’s clue is Aristophanes because of his play The Birds. After failing to, guess ,it, Oscar says that the clue is ridiculous, and then when it's Oscar’s turn to
  9. The DNA bases from chemical principles and quantum mechanics. Griffith's best, guess ,was that A: T and G: C were attractive pairs. At that time, Crick was not aware
  10. For a known-plaintext attack, the cryptanalyst might well know or be able to, guess ,at a likely part of the plaintext, such as an encrypted letter beginning with "
  11. In gold (Z 79,A 197),the single element from which Rutherford made his, guess ,). Nevertheless, in spite of Rutherford's estimation that gold had a central
  12. And line endings. * decode. Py – algorithm and module to heuristically, guess ,the encoding of a string. * International Components for Unicode – A set of C
  13. It freaks them out. " Regarding his political views, Carolla has stated," I, guess ,I would be Republican, in the sense that I want a secure border,I'm not into
  14. Guess, if costly to test for falsity, may belong first in line for testing. A, guess ,is intrinsically worth testing if it has instinctive plausibility or reasoned
  15. Overflows without the need for extra room for a Nosed and without having to, guess ,stack offsets. The strategy is to overwrite the return pointer with something
  16. And Crick, which could not be resolved by the data from King's College, was to, guess ,how the nucleotide bases pack into the core of the DNA double helix. Another
  17. Spears, only to deny it later. In a 2009 interview, he explained that" I just, guess ,at the time it was taboo for a guy like me to be associated with a gal like her
  18. Ellipsis (" ..." ) is used, if the writer believes that the reader can easily, guess ,what is missing; for example, \ presumably denotes the set of integers from 1
  19. Not every point is listed, so how many points there really were is anybody's, guess , As of June 2006,there are still some 50,000 listed points. Most of them are
  20. In Amsterdam. However, according to philosopher Steven Nadler an educated, guess ,is quite straightforward:" No doubt he was giving utterance to just those
  21. To Franz Josef Land. They restarted the watches on the basis of Nansen's, guess ,that they were at longitude 86°E,but from then on were uncertain of their true
  22. Tracks all targets of interest around the aircraft so the pilot need not, guess ,when he glances. These sensors, along with advanced avionics, glass cockpits
  23. Revoked for three months. Following the incident Growl stated:" So, people,I, guess ,if there's anything to learn here,it's: don't drive after a few beers, even
  24. The British used a 'bracket system ', whereby a salvo was fired at the best, guess ,range and depending on where it landed the range was progressively corrected up or
  25. Search algorithms when searching a telephone book, after the initial, guess ,we exploit the fact that the entries are sorted and can rapidly find the
  26. And, in science, lending themselves to scientific tests. A simple but unlikely, guess , if costly to test for falsity, may belong first in line for testing. A guess
  27. To employ" ), quit (" to stop," which spawned quitter in the U. S.),I, guess ,(famously criticized by H. W. Fowler),baggage, hit (a place),and the
  28. To verify that the energy is proportional to the tension. Or perhaps we might, guess ,that the energy is proportional to ℓ, and so infer that. The power of
  29. Of the player's hand, so that the partnership can make an informed, guess ,which is the best contract, and/or to obstruct the opponents' bidding. The set
  30. Of three shots at different ranges was used, with the center shot at the best, guess ,range. The ladder system allowed the gunners to get ranging information from
  31. Using this technique still must rely on some amount of luck that they will, guess ,offsets on the stack that are within the Nosed region. An incorrect guess
  32. He has found the true name of a dragon which might be the one he faces. His, guess ,is right and by using the dragon's name Year, he is able to force the dragon
  33. On short notice, only Holly was in their dressing room. Sullivan said," I, guess ,The Crickets are not too excited to be on The Ed Sullivan Show," to which
  34. Locations; when the corresponding section of \alpha is Bored with a correct, guess ,at the probable word, a stretch of the other plaintext is revealed, which can
  35. Conference. His attitude towards conjectures was that one should not dignify a, guess ,as a conjecture lightly, and in the Panama case, the evidence was only there
  36. Intent they might have fallen, what thank they deserve, we know, though you may, guess , And as nothing is more dear to us than the loving conservation of our subjects
  37. They choose the domain in which to process a signal by making an informed, guess ,(or by trying different possibilities) as to which domain best represents the
  38. May be no way for us to construct the circuit for SAT, we can just try to “, guess ,” it. Namely, an input x is in L IFF PW, a circuit with | x|CD inputs and size
  39. Estimate of $7 billion was generated, but this proved an extremely unrealistic, guess ,of what could not possibly be determined precisely, and James Webb used his
  40. And Crick talked endlessly about DNA and the idea that it might be possible to, guess ,a good molecular model of its structure. Many have speculated about what might
  41. Were included was because," it fits in with the headline, the bugger part, I, guess ,", and stated that the BNP are" a family party with family values ". It has
  42. The American or British meaning (such as for biscuit). They will be able to, guess ,approximately what some others, such as" driving license ", mean. However, use
  43. If we had an open visor, I might go along with that. CAP COM: Okay. I, guess ,you better be prepared to discuss in some detail when we land why we haven't
  44. Persian Ballad. This in turn can be traced to Old Persian. A less probable, guess ,has been Persian compound Bag" garden" + dad" fair ", translating to" The
  45. Guess offsets on the stack that are within the Nosed region. An incorrect, guess ,will usually result in the target program crashing and could alert the system
  46. Of explicitness in signs: * Transparent: Non-signers can usually correctly, guess ,the meaning * Translucent: Meaning makes sense to non-signers once it is
  47. Do not play equilibrium strategies. For instance, in the centipede game, guess ,2/3 of the average game, and the dictator game, people regularly do not play
  48. Malicious code by the jump at the end. This technique requires the attacker to, guess ,where on the stack the Nosed is instead of the comparatively small shell code
  49. And on a regular basis went with a doting but not quite right maiden aunt (" I, guess ,you'd have to say that Aunt Row was somewhat demented" ) to Saturday matinées
  50. Šk (), and CK (where ‘ x’ and ‘ ç’ are arbitrary symbols, not attempts to, guess ,the phonetic value of the proto-phonemes). Step 4,reconstruct proto-phonemes

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