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  1. The crime of piracy in respect of any ship or vessel, to assault, with, intent , to murder, any person being on board of or belonging to such ship or vessel.;
  2. The start alpha, who dwell in the Edge's abandoned mines and who seem, intent ,on capturing them, until they are rescued by the wizard Medellin who reveals
  3. Any secession" legally void ". He stated he had no, intent ,to invade Southern states, nor did he intend to end slavery where it existed
  4. CDs, a web-based effort by two IT workers to collect one million disks with the, intent ,to return the disks to AOL. AOL CDs were recognized as No.1 on PCWorld's top
  5. Animated television-series have singled out anime styling with satirical, intent , for example South Park (with" Chinpokomon" and with" Good Times with
  6. Club Band, where he is situated between Sri Yukteswar Girl and Mae West. A more, intent ,interest in Crowley was held by Jimmy Page, the guitarist and co-founder of
  7. By section 47 of the Offenses against the Person Act 1861.; Assault with, intent ,to rob: The penalty for assault with intent to rob is provided by section 8 (2
  8. Such a declaration, the information is found to be deliberately untrue with the, intent ,to deceive, the applicant may face perjury charges. Affidavits may be written
  9. Act 1998.; Assault with intent to resist arrest: The offense of assault with, intent ,to resist arrest is created by section 38 of the Offenses against the Person
  10. Their actions with minimal effort. One applies by understanding the rhythm and, intent ,of the attacker to find the optimal position and timing to apply a
  11. The People's Budget, the first budget in British history with the expressed, intent ,of redistributing wealth among the British public. *1916 – World War I: The
  12. Made Alfonso's capital. Two years later, in 1120,he defeated a Muslim army, intent ,on reconquering his new capital at the Battle of Uganda. He promulgated the
  13. Drugs, COX 2 inhibitors, have been developed to inhibit only PTGS2,with the, intent ,to reduce the incidence of gastrointestinal side effects. In short, aspirin
  14. Over the iOS platform. In January 2011,Adobe acquired Demodex, Inc with the, intent ,of adding Demdex's audience-optimization software to its online marketing
  15. The Person Act 1861.; Assault with intent to rob: The penalty for assault with, intent ,to rob is provided by section 8 (2) of the Theft Act 1968.; Racially or
  16. Act (Northern Ireland) 1968 creates the offenses of: * Assault with, intent ,to resist arrest: under section 7 (1) (b); this offense was formerly
  17. Coincidence ": Something takes place by chance if a person sets out with the, intent ,of having one thing take place, but with the result of another thing (not
  18. 107-mm rockets and the national rifle, possibly the Mehmetçik-1. A protocol of, intent ,was signed the same day with the Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation
  19. College. As Lincoln's election became evident, secessionists made clear their, intent ,to leave the Union before he took office the next March. On December 20, 1860
  20. By section 29 (1) (b) of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998.; Assault with, intent ,to resist arrest: The offense of assault with intent to resist arrest is
  21. Bean smuggled a camera-shutter self-timer device on to the mission with the, intent ,of taking a photograph with himself, Pete Conrad and the Surveyor 3 probe in
  22. That she had nothing to teach him. This did not set Gershwin back, as his real, intent ,abroad was to complete a new work based on Paris and perhaps a second rhapsody
  23. In his Life of Saint Horatius) In the West In 450,Attila proclaimed his, intent ,to attack the Visigoth kingdom of Toulouse by making an alliance with Emperor
  24. SS and Police Leader for Silesia Erich on them Bach-Zelewski. The original, intent ,of the camp was to intern Polish political prisoners. The original uses of the
  25. Of the anime FLCL, released several months after" Chinpokomon" aired. This, intent ,on satirizing anime is the springboard for the basic premise of Kappa Mikey, a
  26. Corpus. Whereas the lost works appear to have been originally written with an, intent ,for subsequent publication, the surviving works do not appear to have been so.
  27. Violent injury; # Upon another. Simple assault can be distinguished without the, intent ,of injury upon another person. The violation of one's personal space or
  28. To be applied to him. " The law also recognizes the crime of assault with, intent ,to cause grievous bodily harm, where grievous bodily harm is defined as" harm
  29. And tidal waves. The sky will split open and out will ride the sons of Nuspell, intent ,on universal destruction. They will try to enter heaven but Frost will break
  30. Group, the High Order Language Working Group (HOW),was formed with the, intent ,to reduce this number by finding or creating a programming language generally
  31. Automatically. They have several notable advantages for amateur astronomers, intent ,on research. For example, GOTO telescopes tend to be faster for locating items
  32. Some synods, like Paris in Blade Runner, are designed as sex-objects, with the, intent ,of" pleasing men's violent sexual desires ". Fiction about synods or female
  33. Assault is a misdemeanor punishable by one year imprisonment; assault with ", intent ,to have carnal knowledge of him or her" or who indecently assaults another, or
  34. For methods of approaching correctional-facility officials with the, intent ,of developing an in-prison AA program. In addition, AA publishes a variety of
  35. Simplest, is a form of communication. As most forms of communication have an, intent ,or goal directed toward another individual, this is a motivated purpose.
  36. 1837 provides that it is an offense, amongst other things, for a person, with, intent , to commit or at the time of or immediately before or immediately after
  37. As sometimes stated, her husband, for his wife was still living),with the, intent ,of strengthening her position. The choice was unfortunate, for Theodora
  38. By Jordanes to half a million strong. J. B. Bury believes that Attila's, intent , by the time he marched west, was to extend his kingdom – already the strongest
  39. So that they no longer resembled Craft masonry degrees in language, theme or, intent , Science and magic Crowley endeavored to use the scientific method to study
  40. Of the conference was the so-called Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral of 1888. Its, intent ,was to provide the basis for discussions of reunion with the Roman Catholic and
  41. Interpretations of this code varied. The original Teletype meaning, and the, intent ,of the standard, was to make it an ignored character, the same as NFL (all
  42. Assault a person in his own home). The mens rea for assault is simply" evil, intent ,", although this has been held to mean no more than that assault" cannot be
  43. A defendant could argue that since he was drunk, he could not form the specific, intent ,to commit assault. This defense would most likely fail since only involuntary
  44. In which the dictator defended his actions and informed Speer of his, intent ,to commit suicide and have his body burned. In the published edition of Inside
  45. Looking forcefully into the distance with deeply gouged features. Rodin's, intent ,had been to show Balzac at the moment of conceiving a work — to express courage
  46. S declaration of disability is no longer enough. Even those who support the, intent ,of the law worry that it might have unintended consequences. Among other
  47. Assume royal powers — an eventuality that Laurie suggests was Alfonso's hidden, intent , His final campaigns were against Mequinenza (1133) and Raga (1134),where
  48. Turkish Defense Minister Verdi Goal and Saver Jamal signed a protocol of, intent ,on future joint production of two types of output - 107-mm rockets and the
  49. Visual impairment which is correctable by prescription lenses. The" original, intent ," of the law, as co-conceived by Led Friedan and Mitchell J. Rappaport, was to
  50. Position; nonetheless, by giving his signet ring to Agrippa, it was Augustus ’, intent ,to signal to the legions that Agrippa was to be his successor, and that no

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