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  1. CEO Michael Dell said that if he ran Apple he would" shut it down and give the, money ,back to the shareholders. " Although Apple's market share in computers has
  2. The home until age 21. In later years, Lincoln occasionally loaned his father, money , Lincoln's sister, Sarah,died in her 20s while giving birth to a stillborn
  3. To the provincial government. The relevant legislation requires that all the, money ,raised by this property tax must go to the support of K–12 education provided
  4. In April 1959,with Too as majority shareholder. Despite now risking his own, money , Kurosawa chose a story more directly critical of the Japanese business and
  5. Raconteur in New Salem, though he lacked an education, powerful friends, and, money , which may be why he lost. He advocated navigational improvements on the
  6. Mysteriously disappeared in protest after he was given a court order to lend, money ,to an incompetent applicant. When the order came down he liquidated his entire
  7. Salmon P. Chase, who Lincoln believed would uphold the emancipation and paper, money ,policies. After implementing the Emancipation Proclamation, which did not apply
  8. Newcomer, Cadillac with the new Omega Chassis CTS-V, gave them a run for their, money , After four victories in a row, the Audi's were sanctioned with several negatives
  9. With little or no collateral to borrow money . The borrowers typically pay back, money ,within the specified period and the incidence of default is very low. The Dalai
  10. In the volunteers winning money for themselves, and in others it resulted in, money ,being donated to a charity of the volunteer's choice. During these activities
  11. Over foreign and domestic commerce, and providing means for Congress to collect, money ,from state treasuries. Unanimous approval was necessary to make the alterations
  12. The stability of state government. The Continental Congress printed paper, money ,which was so depreciated that it ceased to pass as currency, spawning the
  13. Way to pay off state and national debts from the war years except by requesting, money ,from the states, which seldom arrived. In 1788,with the approval of Congress
  14. Is no plea entered of guilt or innocence. There is only a judgment that grants, money ,damages or some other kind of equitable remedy such as restitution or a
  15. Positive critical reaction and became a big hit, quickly making back the, money ,invested in it and providing the studio with a product that they could, and did
  16. It adopted trade restrictions, established and maintained an army, issued fiat, money , created a military code, and negotiated with foreign governments. Drafting The
  17. Contracts and violated faith. " The States did not respond with any of the, money ,requested from them. Congress had also been denied the power to regulate either
  18. Serving as the president of the Continental Congress," that a wagon load of, money ,will scarcely purchase a wagon load of provisions. " Mr. Jay and the Congress
  19. Difference is that the mill rate is now set by the provincial government,the, money ,is collected by the local municipal authority and remitted to the provincial
  20. And ended up as one of the wealthiest men in the country. He never earned, money ,by force or fraud, and never apologized for becoming wealthy and successful. He
  21. School of Aruba (ISA),which finance their own activities. The percentage of, money ,earmarked for education is higher than the average for the Caribbean/Latin
  22. Which allows poor and destitute people with little or no collateral to borrow, money , The borrowers typically pay back money within the specified period and the
  23. Loans from Americans, and issuance of an increasing amount of paper, money ,(which became" not worth a continental. ") The U. S. finally solved its debt
  24. If the defendant files an appeal arguing that he should not have to pay any, money , then the plaintiff might file a cross-appeal arguing that the defendant should
  25. Then before making the will. In his one-page testament, he stipulated that the, money ,go to discoveries or inventions in the physical sciences and to discoveries or
  26. It will be said there is no money in the treasury. There never will be, money ,in the treasury till the Confederacy shows its teeth. The states must see the
  27. Repudiate: written a quarter of a century ago, a jeu d'esprit knocked off for, money ,in three weeks, it became known as the raw material for a film which seemed to
  28. From the book Open, Agassi details how his father made him play a match for, money ,with football legend Jim Brown, in 1979,when Agassi was just 9 years old.
  29. The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (1975). An idea expressed in the book:" Making, money ,is art, and working is art and good business is the best art. " Warhol used to
  30. For the establishment of Green Bank, a community development bank that lends, money ,to poor people, especially women in Bangladesh. Dr. Runs received his PhD in
  31. To imply a person of low moral character, often someone trying to marry for, money , In comic books such as Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe and Who's Who
  32. Or, until mid-1864,pay commutation money . Many eligible spooled their, money ,to cover the cost of anyone drafted. Families used the substitute provision to
  33. Reviews and muted audience reaction, becoming the first Kurosawa film to lose, money ,during its original theatrical run. Today, it is considered by many to be among
  34. Details. Bell denied in an affidavit that he ever gave Wilbur any, money , Later developments Continuing his experiments in Brantford, Bell brought home
  35. The society. In 1875,the state passed the Blaine Amendment, to prohibit public, money ,from being used to finance Catholic schools. 1900–1960 The new 1901
  36. While the country's current account deficit is largely financed with the donor, money , only a small portion is provided directly to the government budget. The rest
  37. 9 years old. Brown was at a Vegas tennis club complaining to the owner about a, money ,match that was canceled. Agassi's father stepped in and told Brown that he
  38. The Barbary pirates, wrote to James Monroe," It will be said there is no, money ,in the treasury. There never will be money in the treasury till the Confederacy
  39. Of the neighboring farmers, swindles Napoleon by buying old wood with forged, money , and then attacks the farm, using blasting powder to blow up the restored
  40. Liberty and favor consensus democracy instead. In anarchist communism, as, money , would be abolished, individuals would not receive direct compensation for
  41. Tally-marks: To keep track of their flocks, their sacks of grain and their, money ,the ancients used tallying: accumulating stones or marks scratched on sticks
  42. In the draft could provide substitutes or, until mid-1864,pay commutation, money , Many eligible spooled their money to cover the cost of anyone drafted.
  43. Its history. Since Bell was becoming increasingly affluent, he used his prize, money ,to create endowment funds (the 'Volta Fund' ) and institutions in and around
  44. Play the game. In some rounds, the game resulted in the volunteers winning, money ,for themselves, and in others it resulted in money being donated to a charity
  45. And upload them to websites which they also put advertisements on to earn, money , which violates copyright laws in many countries. The ethical implications of
  46. Armies. The standard of living fell even as large-scale printing of paper, money ,caused inflation and distrust of the currency. By 1864 the internal food
  47. Dart Bell's image, and also those of his many inventions have graced paper, money , coinage and postal stamps in numerous countries worldwide for many dozens of
  48. Which included over two thousand FIM-92 Stinger surface-to-air missiles. The, money ,and weapons were directly given to Pakistani Armed Forces, which was
  49. Credit organizations operate in the republic along with banks. Growth of real, money ,incomes of population, development of trust in bank system, improving the legal
  50. Waters. Danneskjöld's action is to restore to other creative people the, money , in gold, which was unjustly taken away from them—specifically, their income

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