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  1. A house through its air duct system; this cooled outside air must be allowed to, push ,the warmer air within the house out through an exhaust opening such as an open
  2. Button to return to the first floor whereas in an American elevator, one would, push ,the" 1 "," G ", or " L" ( for Lobby) button to return to the first floor.
  3. Of top (s) or pop (s),unless s is a stack state returned by a push . Since, push ,leaves the stack non-empty, those two operations are undefined (hence invalid
  4. When \ell 2,the increase in energy of the orbital becomes so large as to, push ,the energy of orbital above the energy of the s-orbital in the next higher
  5. Possible to play video games other than Pong, and programmers learned how to, push ,its hardware's capabilities, the VCS gained popularity. By this point
  6. People, that maintains the peace in international relations. Money is just a, push ,for the act. If world peace depended solely on financial support, it would not
  7. I: the Battle of Aliens begins a string of almost continuous victories with a, push ,through the German front lines (Hundred Days Offensive). *1929 – The German
  8. Empty (create ()) (a newly created stack is empty) * not empty (, push ,(S, x )) ( push ing something into a stack makes it non-empty)
  9. The effect of top (s) or pop (s),unless s is a stack state returned by a, push , Since push leaves the stack non-empty, those two operations are undefined (
  10. S, x )) = x ( push ing an item onto a stack leaves it at the top) * pop (, push ,(s, x )) = s (pop undoes the effect of push ) In a functional-style
  11. Gate or cord is released by operation of the trigger, allowing the string to, push ,open the gate or cord. Consequently, any sideways movement of the string, and
  12. Names expressing" battle-prowess ", in this case the ability to withstand or, push ,back an enemy battle line. The earliest attested form of the name is the
  13. In many cultures, and they continue to be so today. There has been a cultural, push ,in the other direction since at least 1793,when the Louvre, which had been a
  14. Or gas downwards, so that a reaction occurs (by Newton's laws of motion) to, push ,the aircraft upwards. This dynamic movement through the air is the origin of
  15. For example, the abstract stack above could have been defined with operations, push ,(x) and pop (), that operate on" the" only existing stack. ADT definitions
  16. An arbitrary value, returns a stack state; with the following axioms: * top (, push ,(s, x )) = x ( push ing an item onto a stack leaves it at the top) * pop (
  17. Heavier than air – anodynes Heavier-than-air aircraft must find some way to, push ,air or gas downwards, so that a reaction occurs (by Newton's laws of motion)
  18. With the adoption of the U. S. Constitution. Background The political, push ,for the colonies to increase cooperation began with the Albany Congress in 1754
  19. Hand, the axioms (and the lack of side effects) imply that push (s, x ), push ,(t, y ) if and only if x y and s t. As in some other branches of mathematics
  20. With an intention to apply force. It can be an assault to“ tap,”“ pinch,” “, push ,” or direct another such minor action toward another, but an accidental
  21. When seeing the heads turning round unconsciously, the bandy arms managing to, push ,the spoon of food into the mouths with awful difficulty ... Yet they still keep
  22. Pole Position II, Centipede,Joust, Dig Dug, Desert Falcon, and planned to, push ,the 7800 aggressively in time for Christmas that year. One month later, Warner
  23. And he was running short on supplies. Despite these setbacks, he determined to, push ,on towards Albany. An American army of 8,000 men, commanded by the General
  24. By late 14th Century AD, Chinese rebels used organized artillery and cavalry to, push ,Mongols out. As small smooth bore tubes these were initially cast in iron or
  25. Environment to connect with gamers in an unexpected way, and we made sure to, push ,the platform to its limits with the new Audi Space. " Audi TDI As part of Audi
  26. Graphically-oriented, successive generations of graphics adapters began to, push ,the limits of PCI, a bus with shared bandwidth. This led to the development of
  27. Of property. At first, the collectivists worked with the Marxists to, push ,the First International in a more revolutionary socialist direction.
  28. And control. Rocket engines work by action and reaction. Rocket engines, push ,rockets forwards simply by throwing their exhaust backwards extremely fast.
  29. Example, an abstract stack data structure could be defined by three operations:, push , that inserts some data item onto the structure, pop,that extracts an item
  30. One part of water to two of wine, : :pour it in up to the brim, and let one cup, push ,the other along ... The Greek meter here is relatively simple, comprising the
  31. His pro-Arian policy toward the western provinces, frequently using force to, push ,through his creed, even exiling Pope Tiberius and installing Antipope Felix II.
  32. And prefer to cooperate only on economic matters. Indonesia has urged China to, push ,Burma for reforms. However, Samak Sundaravej, former Prime Minister of Thailand
  33. 120 °F),the system will operate less effectively, and will not be able to ", push ," out any more heat. Geothermal heat pumps do not have this problem of reaching
  34. Easier to convince the Ionian city-states to join in a federation in order to, push ,the Median threat away if he possessed such a tool. Finally, the philosophical
  35. Of production practices employed by America’s farmers. The term depicts the, push ,for innovation, stewardship and advancements continually made by growers to
  36. In the aortic pressure curve during the cardiac cycle as these reflected waves, push ,on the aortic semilunar valve. With age, the aorta stiffens such that the pulse
  37. From the direction of the Institute at the time). Fleming was the first to, push ,these studies further by isolating the penicillin, and by being motivated
  38. Expense (Thirty-sixth Congress). As a U. S. senator, he continued to, push ,for the Homestead Act. It finally passed in 1862,after the Civil War had begun
  39. Credible evidence that this was so. Ambassador Carney had instructions only to, push ,the Sudanese to expel Bin Latin. Ambassador Carney had no legal basis to ask
  40. Of pops). In particular, they do not exclude states s such that pop (s) s or, push ,(s, x ) s for some x. However, since one cannot obtain such stack states with
  41. Of Caliph. The massive Byzantine armies were concentrating at Ajnadayn to, push ,the invading armies back to desert. Early Muslim sources have mentioned its
  42. Helps cure the wounds in the walls of veins and arteries, and helps to, push ,the blood back to the heart. For victims of trauma, advances in microsurgery in
  43. Birth was originally scheduled for June 6,but that he and Lynette decided to, push ,it back one day as to avoid the symbolic 666 (06-06-06). Regarding his
  44. S Λ. On the other hand, the axioms (and the lack of side effects) imply that, push ,(s, x ) push (t, y ) if and only if x y and s t. As in some other branches of
  45. Back whilst performing a tackle, the opposition player will be penalized for a, push ,in the back. If the opposition tackles the player with possession below the
  46. Functional-style definition of a stack ADT could use the three operations: *, push ,: takes a stack state and an arbitrary value, returns a stack state; with the
  47. Leaves it at the top) * pop ( push (s, x )) = s (pop undoes the effect of, push ,) In a functional-style definition there is no need for a create operation.
  48. Common a greater need for alternative treatments arises. However, despite a, push ,for new antibiotic therapies there has been a continued decline in the number
  49. Asian. The incorporation of most of that region into the Soviet Union tended to, push ,views of the border to the south. The Oceania-Asia boundary The border between
  50. Arrived to relieve the siege. Another attempt was made by the Americans to, push ,back towards Quebec, but they failed at Trois-Rivières on June 8,1776.

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