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  1. With projects for local Metal band Blackout, local Pop artist Belize, and,Iraqi, international group UTN1. By 2010,the company had created a visible fan base
  2. Killings linked to Shiite militias in, iraqi , police force 29 November 2005
  3. Freedom, afghanistan and Pakistan, march 2002. • Participated in operation, iraqi , freedom,Iraq, october-december 2005 and april-november 2007. • Redesignated 18
  4. 1991,followed by one in force on 20 February that led directly through 7,Iraqi, divisions which were caught off guard. From 15 to 20 February, the Battle of Wadi
  5. Produced in 1985., by ARA of artistic production, directed by Adnan Ibrahim (, iraqi , director ) and Authored by Mohammed Taiwan, both the participated from Saudi

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