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  1. White House official was involved" in seeking the files. As part of a 1996, initiative , to curb illegal immigration, Clinton signed the Illegal Immigration Reform and
  2. After carrying out a routine review, the faculty review committee said that the, initiative ,had not met its research and teaching standards. Donald Green, who heads Yale’s
  3. The requirement of a north bridge chip completely from the motherboard. The, initiative ,will see some processing originally done on the CPU (e.g. Floating
  4. To reconcile political parties by unveiling a liberal constitution of his own, initiative , introducing in the constitutional history of Serbia the
  5. German has supported Yale's decision, describing the LISA as a politicized, initiative ,that was devoted to the promotion of Israel rather than to serious research on
  6. And Zaire (currently Democratic Republic of Congo) announced a regional, initiative ,for a negotiated peace in Burundi facilitated by former Tanzanian President
  7. On the Alps Maritime and the Adriatic coast. Careful to maintain the, initiative ,against the Byzantines, by 570 Albion had taken their last defenses in northern
  8. Computing technology in a post-secondary educational environment. This academic, initiative , named the Acadia Advantage, integrated the use of notebook computers into the
  9. Reach children and youth. Fresh expressions is a Church of England missionary, initiative ,to youth begun in 2005,and has ministries at a skate park through the efforts
  10. Efforts to use mob violence in a controlled manner, was a desire to seize the, initiative , Cabaret also wrote that Loyalists were pessimists who lacked the confidence in
  11. Nuclear Energy Standards Coordination Collaborative (NE SCC). NE SCC is a joint, initiative ,to identify and respond to the current need for standards in the nuclear
  12. Many students. As with other programs that had been in a similar situation,the, initiative ,had therefore been cancelled. This decision has been criticized by figures such
  13. S imputation of Christ's righteousness. " * Grace is resistible: God takes, initiative ,in the salvation process and His grace comes to all people. This grace (often
  14. Known as" Maletinazo ". *2010 – California's Proposition 8,the ballot, initiative ,prohibiting same-sex marriage passed by the state's voters in 2008,is
  15. coprocessor for offloading CPU calculations, which is part of the Torrent, initiative , * Definite - Allows up to 6 monitors to be connected to one card to allow
  16. In a sister city with Anita, Japan. Another sister city is Living, Sweden. The, initiative ,came from Alameda in 1959 and was part of President Eisenhower's
  17. Obligatory referendums, and the population retains the right to establish an, initiative , Executive The executive authority is the town council (Start). The term
  18. Like Alsace do Sal in 1217,were conquered from the Moors by the private, initiative ,of noblemen. This does not mean that he was a weak or somehow cowardly man. The
  19. And Virgin Green Fund are looking into the technology as part of a biofuel, initiative , * KLM has made the first commercial flight with biofuel in 2009. Call signs
  20. Power. The powers of officials were precisely defined and their capacity for, initiative ,limited. They administered rather than governed. When it came to penal
  21. The penal settlement. The government proposed to employ former inmates in an, initiative ,to develop the island's fisheries, timber,and agricultural resources. In
  22. Undergraduate Acadia students were taking part in the initiative . The, initiative ,went beyond leasing notebook computers to students during the academic year
  23. Intent to re-nationalize Bolivian hydrocarbon assets. While stating that the, initiative ,would not be an expropriation, Morales sent Bolivian troops to occupy 56 gas
  24. AC-130 gunships until new AC-130Js enter the fleet. The Air Force launched an, initiative ,in 2011 to acquire 16 new gunships based on new-built MC-130J Combat Shadow II
  25. City to use instant-runoff voting for a mayoral race. Adopted through a ballot, initiative ,sponsored by the local Human Rights Party, which feared a splintering of the
  26. Cooperation among those cities, and he met with foreign leaders to promote this, initiative , The foundation has received donations from a number of governments all over
  27. Who wishes. This expression encapsulated the right of citizens to take the, initiative ,: to stand to speak in the assembly, to initiate a public lawsuit (that is
  28. The administration of the state, but was granted relatively little latitude for, initiative ,; the boule's control over policy was executed in its probouleutic, rather than
  29. For Social and Policy Studies, the body under whose aegis the antisemitism, initiative ,was run, said that it had not had many papers published in the relevant leading
  30. Forum, World Social Forum. The first World Social Forum (WSF) in 2001 was an, initiative ,of Odd Grew, Chico Whitaker, and Bernard Lassen. It was supported by the
  31. Ann's church2. JPG|Gothic St. Anne's Church in Vilnius was constructed on his, initiative ,in 1495-1500. File: Kraków Water 20070804 0930. JPG|In 1504 he ordered to
  32. Platform (890FX),IGP (890GX). AMD Live! AMD LIVE! Is a platform marketing, initiative ,focusing the consumer electronics segment, with a recently announced Active TV
  33. Oil into renewable energy and other industries is under way. The" Energetic ", initiative ,led by Scottish Enterprise has been designed to accelerate this process. The
  34. On 1 August in the same year, suggests that it was Khrushchev from whom the, initiative ,for the construction of the wall came. However, other sources suggest that
  35. Votes. In the January 1997 State of the Union address, Clinton proposed a new, initiative ,to provide coverage to up to five million children. Senators Ted Kennedy – a
  36. Process. Fusion, Bobcat and Bulldozer After the merger between AMD and ATI,an, initiative ,code named Fusion was announced that will merge a CPU and GPU on some of their
  37. Focusing the consumer electronics segment, with a recently announced Active TV, initiative ,for streaming Internet videos from web video services such as YouTube, into AMD
  38. 1,1841 was canceled when the two broke off their engagement at Lincoln's, initiative , They later met at a party and were married on November 4,1842,in the
  39. Giving a shit about these people? " The segment was in response to a proposed, initiative ,to have the puppet characters Bert and Ernie, from the children's television
  40. The victory of Finances enabled the Christian kingdom to maintain the military, initiative ,in the peninsula until the defeat of Ramiro's successor, Ordoño III of León
  41. German's ability to draw out World War II after they had lost the strategic, initiative , However, command problems ensued, as the assault guns were considered to be
  42. Current manifestation of this disease ". In June 2011,Yale voted to close this, initiative , After carrying out a routine review, the faculty review committee said that
  43. Unfavourable to any kind of change: freedom of thought and all forms of private, initiative ,were being suppressed vigorously. Personal and official censorship was rife;
  44. And incurring Palestinian casualties as a means of regaining the diplomatic, initiative , ” The Mitchell Report found that: the Sharon visit did not cause the Al-Aqsa
  45. The catastrophic wildfires which occurred in the summer of 2007,a citizen's, initiative ,for afforestation was started in the Republic of Macedonia. The campaign by the
  46. 64 FX processors, including the Quad FX platform chipset from Nvidia. The, initiative ,went further with the release of Operon server processors as AMD stopped the
  47. To regain his fluency of yesteryear, scoring 187. Australia promptly seized the, initiative , won the First Test convincingly and inaugurated a dominant post-war era. The
  48. By 2000,all full-time, undergraduate Acadia students were taking part in the, initiative , The initiative went beyond leasing notebook computers to students during the
  49. Which had, apparently,been deposed and replaced by the congregation on its own, initiative , In this context, Clement explicitly states that the apostles appointed bishops
  50. Said Western powers built it and four percent thought it was a" bilateral, initiative ," of the Soviet Union and the West. Fifty-eight percent said they did not know

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