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  1. AZ Station. Club's chairman Dirk Scheming stated in 2007 that he wished to, expand ,the stadium capacity to 40,000 by 2010. Ultimately, the club began plans to
  2. With scheduled flights to Bolivia, Dominica and Uruguay. American has begun to, expand ,in Asia, with mixed success. In 2005,American re-introduced a non-stop flight
  3. Becoming popular again and this gives many carpet dealers around the country to, expand ,their business by hiring more workers. Afghanistan is a member of SPARC, ECO
  4. Name was changed to Atlantic Baptist College (ABC). A sustained campaign to, expand ,the school's faculty and improve the level of education resulted in ABC being
  5. Suggest that it can eliminate stage fright, allow more spontaneity, and to, expand ,skill repertoire. It is suggested that it can be an adjunct to psychotherapy
  6. The stadium capacity to 40,000 by 2010. Ultimately, the club began plans to, expand ,the stadium to at least 30,000 seats by 2011–12. AZ had a very good 2006–07
  7. Taught the lesson of unity, peace,equality and love. Ashoka's aim was not to, expand ,the territories but the welfare of all of his subjects (sarvajansukhay). In
  8. Paint program, Spectrum 512,used the ST's rapid palette switching ability to, expand ,the maximum number of colors to be displayed on-screen at once to 512 (up to
  9. Elective surgery centers. The Repatriation General Hospital would also, expand ,its range of specialty areas beyond veterans' health to incorporate stroke
  10. Used in the field of economic development to encourage businesses to relocate, expand , and more currently to retain facilities in a community An amateur (French
  11. The Soviet withdrawal, enabled the growing and well-disciplined Taliban to, expand ,their control over territory in Afghanistan, and it came to establish an
  12. Chiefly concerned with a tumultuous domestic predicament, Jannaeus was free to, expand ,the Judea state. Finally, a weak Seleucid Empire was unable to help
  13. Is contained in an insulated container and a vacuum. The gas is then allowed to, expand ,in the vacuum. The work done by or on the system is zero, because the volume of
  14. Other states, thus spreading the methods of Gallaudet and Clerk and serving to, expand ,and standardize the language; as with most languages, though there are regional
  15. Over 200-year history of Creole and Cajun cooking; he aims to" preserve and, expand ,the Louisiana tradition. " Prodhomme's success quickly inspired other chefs.
  16. From Salmon County. In the 1835–1836 legislative session, he voted to, expand ,suffrage to white males, whether landowners or not. He was known for his" free
  17. Development of the city ended in the 18th century, when the city began to, expand ,beyond its (still existing) wall. Most of the buildings in the" suburb "
  18. Banking system, private financial institutions generally choose to further, expand ,the level of bank credit, which multiplies the inflationary effect many times
  19. Had been conquered from the king of Morocco, and now the new king wanted to, expand ,the conquests. The king's army conquered Alsace Center (1458),Tangiers (
  20. To the town – a significance which is still true today. The city did not, expand ,outwards until the late 19th century, and Aalborg remained the largest city on
  21. Of the plan, however,was to improve public health. Although the plan did not, expand ,the city, it did produce some of the largest public buildings to date, like the
  22. Is reckoned as" Highland Southern ". The North Midland speech continues to, expand ,westward until it becomes the closely related Western dialect which contains
  23. Expansion teams to Houston and Dallas, to start play in 1961. (The NFL did not, expand ,to Houston at that time, the promised Dallas team – the Dallas Cowboys –
  24. Was also subject to conflict between Britain and Spain, as Britain sought to, expand ,its influence beyond coastal logging and fishing communities in present-day
  25. There is often serious traffic accumulation, which is why there are plans to, expand ,the interchange in the coming years. The nearest airports are Düsseldorf
  26. Applied on a parcel of air decreases, the air in the parcel is allowed to, expand ,; as the volume increases, the temperature falls and internal energy decreases.
  27. That this, and other similar suits (known as" bricks vs. clicks" ), seeks to, expand ,the ADA's authority to cyberspace, where entities may not have actual physical
  28. Coast. In southern Egypt, the Canada culture, similar to the Radar, began to, expand ,along the Nile by about 4000 BC. As early as the Canada I Period, predynastic
  29. Construct and hence not a" public place of accommodation. " As such," To, expand ,the ADA to cover 'virtual' spaces would be to create new rights without
  30. Mostly ending conflicts in Central Texas. Settlement in the area began to, expand ,quickly. Travis County was established in 1840,and the surrounding counties
  31. Destiny became an argument for gaining new territories, where slavery could, expand , The acquisition of Texas as a slave state in 1845 along with territories won
  32. Even closer to the alliance. He said that the two countries' air forces will, expand ,cooperation. The U. S. state of Oklahoma is linked with Azerbaijan through the
  33. empire's few remaining territories in Anatolia made the Ottoman Turks posed to, expand ,into Europe as did its lack of strength following his reign to prevent the
  34. For the display. A software ROM was still supplied, but this did no more than, expand ,the hardware ROM so that it knew mode 7 now existed and was able to switch into
  35. Its daily services between Manila (from Nielson Field) and Baguio, later to, expand ,with larger aircraft such as the DC-3 and Kickers Viscount. India was also one
  36. Per capita of any Swiss city. The small scale of Aarav causes it to continually, expand ,the borders of its growth. The urban center lies in the middle of the" Golden
  37. And the most powerful body and continues to seek further opportunities to, expand ,into new markets. Following the emergence of the Australian Football League
  38. With the presidency of Dr. G. Homer Durham, Arizona State University began to, expand ,its academic curriculum by establishing several new colleges and beginning to
  39. Imprisonment. Albert's entanglements in Saxony stemmed from his desire to, expand ,his inherited estates there. After the death of his brother-in-law, Henry II
  40. Optical cavities for increased effective absorption path length are expected to, expand , Steady progress and growth in applications of plasma- and laser-based methods
  41. End of the Soviet military mission in Afghanistan, some mujahideen wanted to, expand ,their operations to include Islamist struggles in other parts of the world
  42. And Elam and their allies, and the constant campaigning to control and, expand ,its vast empire in all directions, left Assyria exhausted. It had been drained
  43. And technologies. However, all farming generally relies on techniques to, expand ,and maintain the lands suitable for raising domesticated species. For plants
  44. Director, illustrated this in practice. Simultaneously, the U. S. began to, expand ,westward into previously unexplored territory that was often wilderness. The "
  45. Existing in the replacement text). Since macros can have 'short' names but, expand ,to several or indeed many lines of code, they can be used to make assembly
  46. Name "/NP"> compromise"/> Both North and South assumed that if slavery could not, expand , it would wither and die. Name" McPherson"/> name "
  47. The Boca Raton and New York office while managing the company. AMI continued to, expand ,after it bought Joe Weider's Wader Publications in 2002. Joe Wader continues
  48. They are looking for a hide-out in other parts of the world, and continue to, expand ,their organization. “ In Somalia, al-Qaeda agents closely collaborate with the
  49. It is inert and has low thermal conductivity. Compressed argon is allowed to, expand , to cool the seeker heads of the AIM-9 Sidewinder missile, and other missiles
  50. Mughal remained the nominal heads of Delhi). Maratha's were now straining to, expand ,their area of control towards the Northwest of India. Ahmad Shah sacked the

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