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  1. In the desert proper, completely cut off from civilization. His anchored, lifestyle ,was remarkably harsher than that of his predecessors. By the 2nd century there
  2. Field he was famous for his charity, but also was noted for his often reckless, lifestyle , Ruth is credited with changing baseball itself. The popularity of the game
  3. Fashion, for example Gothic fashion, Punk fashion, Fetish fashion * Alternative, lifestyle , a lifestyle that it is not within the cultural norm * Alternative media, media
  4. Relations with the Sarmatians, who were nomadic, may indicate a more nomadic, lifestyle , as does the wide geographical range of their attested in habitation. These
  5. The most prominent clerics of his day. This may be because Wilfrid's opulent, lifestyle ,was uncongenial to Bede's monastic mind; it may also be that the events of
  6. Hills, California,where he brings a moral, unsophisticated,and minimalistic, lifestyle ,to the swanky, sometimes self-obsessed and superficial community. The theme
  7. Leach field, and contaminates groundwater. Septic tanks may also require some, lifestyle ,changes, such as not using garbage disposals, minimizing fluids flushed into
  8. Decades, because of its image of natural beauty, mild climate and relaxed, lifestyle , but is particularly true during periods of economic growth. As a result
  9. S life story, rather than her texts, for inspiration; her unorthodox, lifestyle ,convinced them to try new" experiments in living ", as Virginia Woolf termed
  10. Expensive utility, the first step towards conservation is to design a house and, lifestyle ,to reduce demand. Fluorescent lights, laptop computers and gas-powered
  11. Personal life According to her diaries, Vol.1,1931–1934,NIN shared a Bohemian, lifestyle ,with Henry Miller during her time in Paris. Her husband Guilder is not mentioned
  12. Among ascetics, and an ascetic among men of the world. " Pascal's ascetic, lifestyle ,derived from a belief that it was natural and necessary for a person to suffer.
  13. Leg from a duel (an incident absent in the novel) and returns to his gambling, lifestyle ,with lesser success while Lady Lyndon pays the debts accumulated during her
  14. Professionals who have moved into Atlanta by the thousands, seeking a, lifestyle ,rich in cultural variety, diversity,and excitement. From 2000 to 2009,the
  15. Options vary depending on the type of arthritis and include physical therapy, lifestyle ,changes (including exercise and weight control),orthopedic bracing
  16. It became a symbol of the late 1960s and for many it defined an attitude and, lifestyle ,that were lived out across the country in the ensuing years. Many stations
  17. And Clive Bell. Later, in Come Yellow (1921) he caricatured the Arlington, lifestyle , In 1919, he married Maria NYS, a Belgian woman he met at Arlington; they had
  18. American adults with a broad range of programming. The network airs original, lifestyle ,and entertainment-oriented shows, movies,fashion and music programming, as
  19. Activities as opposed to explosive activities, a more organized and less casual, lifestyle , greater care and precision in descriptions, a lower sensitivity to emotional
  20. Useful because they can save large amounts of fuel. Also, small changes in, lifestyle , such as doing laundry, dishes and bathing on sunny days, can greatly increase
  21. Where poets and singers tell their tales to honor the fishing industry and, lifestyle , Astoria is also the western terminus of the TransAmerica Trail, a bicycle
  22. 1985),featured Brooks and Julie Haggerty as a couple who leave their yuppie, lifestyle ,and drop out of society to live in a motor home as they have always dreamed of
  23. It is replaced by an anthem glorifying Napoleon, who appears to be adopting the, lifestyle ,of a man. The animals, though cold, starving,and overworked, remain convinced
  24. Building is less autonomous, but more economical and sustainable with fewer, lifestyle ,sacrifices. In rural areas the grid's cost and impacts can be reduced by using
  25. On the Finnish coast, where their children were immersed in a Scandinavian, lifestyle ,of relative modesty. Death and legacy Alexander III became ill with nephritis
  26. Popular because they permit standard plumbing fixtures, and require few or no, lifestyle ,sacrifices. Composting or packaging toilets make it economical and sanitary to
  27. And gained a job as a freelance television reporter, living a" hand to mouth ", lifestyle ,on a" shoestring" budget. Although Garner's early work is often labelled as
  28. Risk factors for osteoarthritis include: prior joint trauma, obesity,sedentary, lifestyle , Osteoarthritis, like rheumatoid arthritis, cannot be cured but one can prevent
  29. 2008 and serves to educate the public on the importance of having a healthy, lifestyle , Transport The major population centers in the country are linked by a network
  30. Living in an autonomous shelter can require one to make sacrifices in one's, lifestyle ,choices, personal behavior, and social expectations. Even the most comfortable
  31. Osteoporosis (STOP or GOP). Osteoporosis can be prevented with, lifestyle ,advice and medication, and preventing falls in people with known or suspected
  32. Raiders of the Lost Ark. Adventurers An adventurer is a person who bases his, lifestyle ,or their fortunes on adventurous acts. An adventurer or adventuress is a term
  33. Of the late 6th century gradually encroached on the back-country Amphipolitan, lifestyle ,and led to the decline of the town, during which period its inhabitants
  34. And in a society that, from a materialistic point of view, has an uncomplicated, lifestyle , And the Afghan nomads are estimated at about 2–3 million. The nation has a
  35. A hinge between the head and pygidium allowing for a bivalved ostracodan-type, lifestyle , Furthermore, the orientation of the thoracic appendages appears ill-suited for
  36. Palliative care took for granted the necessity of placing patient values and, lifestyle ,habits at the core of any design and delivery of quality care at the end of
  37. With ornate detailing depicting the Gods of Hinduism mostly, but also the, lifestyle ,of the period. The art form survives to this day, with many Willis, craftsmen
  38. The Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament. It is used to help determine the, lifestyle ,and practices of people living in Biblical times. There are a wide range of
  39. And sexual desires can never be fulfilled. Consequently, he considered that a, lifestyle ,of negating desires, similar to the ascetic teachings of Vedanta, Buddhism and
  40. Among others, have shown that living off-grid can be a practical, logical, lifestyle , choice—under certain conditions. Systems This section includes some minimal
  41. Scientists have long debated whether the agnostics lived a pelagic or a benthic, lifestyle , Their lack of eyes, a morphology not well-suited for swimming, and their
  42. Of fellow citizen Romanians, As a youth Augustine lived a hedonistic, lifestyle ,for a time, associating with young men who boasted of their experience with the
  43. Of orthodox and complementary medicine with an emphasis on prevention and, lifestyle ,changes is known as integrated medicine. History The use of plants as medicines
  44. Retirement is no longer a convenient fiction. He assumes a genuinely inactive, lifestyle ,during which he concerns himself with studying famous unsolved cases of the
  45. Husband, Pere Mila, was a developer who was criticized for his flamboyant, lifestyle ,and ridiculed by the contemporary residents of Barcelona, when they joked about
  46. Systems, a small supplementary heater increases personal security and reduces, lifestyle ,impacts for a small reduction of autonomy. The two most popular heaters for
  47. Example Gothic fashion, Punk fashion, Fetish fashion * Alternative lifestyle ,a, lifestyle ,that it is not within the cultural norm * Alternative media, media practices
  48. Not be as profitable as drugs that treat chronic (long-term) conditions and, lifestyle ,issues. The resistance problem demands that a renewed effort be made to seek
  49. Assert that their method is more focused on competition and a healthier, lifestyle ,than other forms of bodybuilding. Female bodybuilding The first U. S. Women's
  50. School a year early. Popularly called the" homeless hacker" for his transient, lifestyle , Lamp spent most of his travels couch-surfing, squatting in abandoned buildings

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