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  1. At the same time have caused widespread ecological damage and negative human, health ,effects. Selective breeding and modern practices in animal husbandry such as
  2. And education Before the Spur Revolution in 1978,the nation had an improving, health ,care system. In Sing Hospital and Ali Bad Hospital in Kabul were two of the
  3. 1980s. Health risks of space travel Astronauts are susceptible to a variety of, health ,risks including decompression sickness, barotrauma, immunodeficiencies, loss of
  4. Her husband and sons, and Robert Lincoln committed her temporarily to a mental, health ,asylum in 1875. Abraham Lincoln suffered from" melancholy ", a condition which
  5. Care system per-capita in Canada. Every hour more than $1.5 million is spent on, health ,care in the province. A highly educated population and burgeoning economy have
  6. Conflict. Once this was over, a massive development cooperation in the field of, health ,and education brought in numerous civil personnel from Cuba. However, only a
  7. Was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer, and in the years that followed, with his, health ,deteriorating, he wrote the Utopian novel Island, and gave lectures on" Human
  8. Approximately 36 % of all government spending),making it the best funded, health ,care system per-capita in Canada. Every hour more than $1.5 million is spent on
  9. At the Manned Spacecraft Center),the astronauts were given a clean bill of, health , On August 13, 1969,the astronauts exited quarantine to the cheers of the
  10. Shifting costs from publicly funded education programs to privately funded, health ,insurance. After childhood, key treatment issues include residential care, job
  11. And power may lie in medicines. " His hermetical views were that sickness and, health ,in the body relied on the harmony of man the microcosm and Nature the macrocosm
  12. And Health Surveys completed a survey in April 2009,detailing various, health ,statistics in Albania, including Male Circumcision, Abortion and more. The
  13. By 2015 ". Given Algeria's young population, policy favors preventive, health ,care and clinics over hospitals. In keeping with this policy, the government
  14. By private health insurance. Other residents and tourists require full private, health ,insurance. There are also 12 primary health care centers in various locations
  15. Of the black population was abolished, and the state apparatus in fields like, health , education, social work, and rural development was enlarged. This entailed a
  16. 10 % of adults. Economy The state has invested in aerospace, education, health , care,and banking, and various heavy industries, including automobile
  17. Be otherwise disabled; or to selectively reduce the number of fetuses to lessen, health ,risks associated with multiple pregnancy. A pregnancy that ends before 37 weeks
  18. world's population while preventing biosafety problems that may affect human, health ,and the environment. This requires promoting good management of natural
  19. The life of the pregnant woman; prevent harm to the woman's physical or mental, health ,; terminate a pregnancy where indications are that the child will have a
  20. Crop production and a nutritional quality concern, with potential economic and, health ,implications. Insect-resistant GMO crops Other GMO crops used by growers
  21. Orthotists and prosthetics, educators,and rehabilitation and, health ,professionals. Assistive technology products Personal Emergency Response
  22. Country, emerges as one of the world’s fastest movers since 1970 mainly due to, health ,and education achievements. Its present life expectancy is 25 years longer than
  23. And tourists require full private health insurance. There are also 12 primary, health ,care centers in various locations around the Principality. Bus services cover
  24. Population of Angola, including population density, ethnicity,education level, health ,of the populace, economic status, religious affiliations and other aspects of
  25. In Sing Hospital and Ali Bad Hospital in Kabul were two of the leading, health ,care institutions at the time. Health care was limited to urban areas only and
  26. Of Canada is a volunteer organization dedicated to bringing educational, health ,and other services to nations that need them the most. The regional divisions
  27. By lending assistive technology toys and expertise to families. In the US many, health ,professionals may be certified by RENA to serve assistive technology needs:
  28. Program in 1950,a precursor to the modern medicare system. Alberta's, health ,care budget is currently $13.2 billion during the 2008–2009 fiscal year (
  29. The yearsand some progress was made in key areas such as governance, economy, health , education, transport,and agriculture. NATO is training the Afghan armed
  30. Health Services Board. Prior to July 1,2008,Alberta was divided into nine, health ,regions: Aspen Regional Health Authority: Calgary Health Region, Capital Health
  31. Powerful" big food corporations has stopped reforms that would improve human, health ,and the environment. The" real, true issues are not being addressed by the
  32. According to Dr. Samuel Jute, director of FAO's animal production and, health ,division, lobbying by" powerful" big food corporations has stopped reforms
  33. 60 % of the population lives within two hours walking distance of the nearest, health ,facility, up from nine percent in 2002. Infant mortality has decreased by 22 %
  34. Population and burgeoning economy have made Alberta a national leader in, health ,education, research,and resources. Many notable facilities include the
  35. The title Sen ilia. Schopenhauer had a robust constitution, but in 1860 his, health ,began to deteriorate. He died of heart failure on 21 September 1860,while
  36. Wealth while maintaining a Canadian style quality of life, offering universal, health ,care benefits. The study found that GDP per capita in the corridor was 10 %
  37. Many of which have mercury as their core element. Its principles restored the, health ,of those who were ill beyond hope and gave back youth to fading old age. " One
  38. Measles, typhoid fever, cholera and dysentery. The poor generally receive, health ,care free of charge. * - http://lcweb2.loc.gov/frd/cs/profiles/Algeria.pdf
  39. 10 % of Alaska high school graduates, via the Alaska Scholars Program. Public, health ,and public safety The Alaska State Troopers are Alaska's statewide police
  40. Work-related accidents. The remainder of the costs may be covered by private, health ,insurance. Other residents and tourists require full private health insurance.
  41. Of leadership and set aside special food items, ostensibly for their personal, health , Napoleon takes the pups from the farm dogs and trains them privately. When Mr
  42. The output of meat, but have raised concerns about animal cruelty and the, health ,effects of the antibiotics, growth hormones, and other chemicals commonly used
  43. HDI attainment over the past 40 years, according to the report’s analysis of, health , education and income data. The People's Republic of China, the second highest
  44. Alberta provides for all citizens and residents through a publicly funded, health ,care system. Alberta became Canada's second province (after Saskatchewan) to
  45. With disabilities in the standing position while maintaining/improving their, health ,(standing frame, standing wheelchair, active stander). * Walking products to
  46. Will greatly affect parental employment. US states increasingly require private, health ,insurance to cover autism services, shifting costs from publicly funded
  47. Is the only country on the“ Top 10 Movers” list due to income rather than, health ,or education achievements. Its per capita income increased a stunning 21-fold
  48. Trained to see yellows where crops are infested, shades of red indicating crop, health , black where flooding occurs, and brown where unwanted pesticides land on
  49. Azerbaijan has also become a popular destination for religious, spa,and, health ,care tourism. The Government of Azerbaijan has set the development of
  50. Industry that would have provided incentives for improving standards for, health , and environmental regulations, such as the number of animals an area of land

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