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  1. Enjoying little things like food, the company of friends, etc. As an ethical, guideline , Epicurus emphasized minimizing harm and maximizing happiness of oneself and
  2. Its relatively recent approval by the Food and Drug Administration and the, guideline ,recommendations, digoxin use is decreasing in patients with heart failure. This
  3. Are a measure of the volume of pure alcohol in alcoholic beverages, used as a, guideline ,in some countries. One unit of alcohol is defined as 10 milliliters in the
  4. Issue, Henk Rogers stated in an interview that infinite spin was part of the, guideline , giving a rationale: The details of the licensing issues were uncertain by this
  5. First written constitution was promulgated, expected to be the most important, guideline ,of the kingdom. However, when political disputes took place among the elites
  6. PEN can usually be initiated in this manner, so this is only a very broad, guideline , Additionally, several compounds, such as nitrogen trioxide, are so sensitive
  7. Of jurists appointed by the League of Nations finally established a working, guideline ,for the appointment of judges, and the Committee was then authorized to draft a
  8. Material to meet the Entertainment Software Rating Board's Teen content rating, guideline , defines noncommercial use differently, and does not address extensions of
  9. Medicine),also known as BCD, a mnemonic for steps in resuscitation * BCD, guideline , a heuristic for detecting melanomas * BCD² score, a score for determining the
  10. That it will use, to realize its vision and long-term objectives. It is a, guideline ,to managers, stipulating how they ought to allocate and utilize the factors of
  11. Assessment, and classification of mental disorders, although standard, guideline ,criteria are widely accepted. A few mental disorders are diagnosed based on the
  12. Meeting in February 2005. Based on the recommendations the ICC issued a new, guideline ,(which was effective from 2005) allowing for extensions or hyperextensions of
  13. Activity or enterprise. Furthermore, this concept aims to be a practical, guideline ,towards sustainable development following the principle of conservation and
  14. There are guideline s of netiquette regarding their size. The most common, guideline , called the McQuay limit, is a size of no more than four lines of less than
  15. Patients were considered to be possible carriers of blood-borne pathogens. The, guideline ,recommended wearing gloves when collecting or handling blood and body fluids
  16. Greece, however,pacifism seems not to have existed except as a broad moral, guideline ,against violence between individuals. No philosophical program of rejecting
  17. The General Secretary Films and Media Council. The Senate lays down the general, guideline ,for the functions of the executives and their associated councils. The Senators
  18. Are four volumes of" sourcebooks" intended to be APA's documentation of the, guideline ,development process and supporting evidence, including literature reviews, data
  19. This plan can be amended in future years, however provides the major, guideline ,for ESA for several years. The last major conference was held at the end of
  20. Of bladder inflammation and interstitial cystitis 53 * 2009 Release of Japanese, guideline ,for diagnosis and treatment of interstitial cystitis * 2011 The American
  21. Discovered the 12th and 13th Chambers. Unfortunately, he got separated from his, guideline ,and the other two divers in Chamber 11,ending up spending three hours trapped
  22. With the W3C's - Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WAG) 1.0 (, guideline ,7.5). HTTP message headers Meta elements of the form http-equiv" foo "
  23. Throwers may benefit from the glide, but many throwers do not follow this, guideline , Types of shots The shot put ball is made of different kinds of materials
  24. Between two boulders' in Nepal's geopolitical context, formed the principal, guideline ,of the country's foreign policy for future centuries. The War with British -
  25. Therefore labels are only under the control of the manufacturers. A general, guideline ,is as follows: Extra light (or 'lite' ): 12–12.5 % fat. Light (or 'lite' ):
  26. Against misuse Marx himself took care to indicate that he was only proposing a, guideline ,to historical research (Laden or Auffassung),and was not providing any
  27. Face is never shown properly in the strip. This custom began as an unofficial, guideline , but soon became a rule which artists were required to follow. As John Wagner
  28. For an active player, the scribes did not always comply with the informal, guideline ,; Joe DiMaggio received a vote in 1945,for example. From the 1946 election
  29. To criteria outlined in ANSI/JAMI/ISO 14937 may be used as a validation, guideline , San yo was the first manufacturer to use the process in situ in a cell culture
  30. Students begin to learn kanji from their first year at elementary school. A, guideline ,created by the Japanese Ministry of Education, the list of (" education kanji
  31. And compliance frameworks. " An extensive program of legislative, rule and, guideline ,development has introduced an increasingly effective system of regulation, both
  32. 11 are" non-overlapping" is limited to spacing or product density, the 1–6–11, guideline , has merit. If transmitters are closer together than channels 1,6,and 11 (for
  33. The IRA, formed in 1895,preceded the NCAA by at least ten years and provided a, guideline ,for the rules of eligibility and sportsmanship later adopted by the NCAA when
  34. Place it. This feature has been implemented into The Tetris Company's official, guideline , This new type of play differs from traditional Tetris because it takes away
  35. Methadone withdrawal symptoms can last for several weeks or more. A general, guideline ,is a 1:1 ratio for trouble free detox. Being on a constant dose of say 100 mg.
  36. Many guideline s and requirements are stated in detail, but there is no final, guideline ,about the process or standards by which membership might be finally approved or
  37. Themselves as Confucian, and instead see Confucian ethics as a complementary, guideline ,for other ideologies and beliefs, including Christianity, democracy,Marxism
  38. Of the radioactive sources. Each new food is approved separately with a, guideline ,specifying a maximum dosage; in case of quarantine applications the minimum
  39. Major religious texts such as the Holy Bible or the Qur'an. The Red is only a, guideline ,which the individual must interpret to fit each particular situation and unlike
  40. Between all of these topics, the given order can be considered as a, guideline ,for further reading. * The functor category DC has as objects the functors from
  41. Have some legal guideline s for determining what behavior is illegal. Often that, guideline ,is something like impairment in driving to any degree that can be shown to be
  42. M'Heighten test or the irresistible impulse test. The test has much more lenient, guideline ,for the insanity defense, but it addressed the issue of convicting mentally ill
  43. The application of KOH is needed to increase the pH to this range. A general, guideline ,is about 600 SL 0.1M KOH per 250 ml GM. This entire mixture can be sterilized
  44. Age demographics. As with the other categories, this description is more of a, guideline ,than a rule. Serious games are games generally made for reasons beyond simple
  45. Linearized, pragmatic scheme of the four points above is sometimes offered as a, guideline ,for proceeding: # Define a question # Gather information and resources (
  46. Or above the Upper fence can be considered such a case. The fences provide a, guideline ,by which to define an outlier, which may be defined in other ways. The fences
  47. The NHS and currently being trialed in North Wales (UK). The more recent NICE, guideline ,(2009) has recognized that there are likely to be a number of computerized
  48. That one in 15 homes in the U. S. has radon levels above the recommended, guideline ,of 4 picocuries per liter (PCI/L) (148 By/m³). Further, it has been
  49. Infrastructure whenever necessary. The committee recommended that a regulatory, guideline ,be established and be managed by CASA to guarantee that strategic issues like
  50. And the American Psychiatric Association includes CBT in its schizophrenia, guideline ,as an evidence-based treatment. There is also some limited evidence of

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