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  1. Money. In effect, arbitrage traders synthesize a put option on their ability to, finance ,themselves. Prices may diverge during a financial crisis, often termed a "
  2. Recalled his troops from Sicily and ordered a large issue of new coins to, finance ,operations against the Huns. Believing he could defeat the Huns, he refused the
  3. Shortly after independence. Based on the twin pillars of tourism and offshore, finance , the Bahamian economy has prospered since the 1950s. However, there remain
  4. Debts: * 2006 total: 109.9 million Euros debts (64.639 million the, finance ,department and 48.508 million the city-operated enterprises and fund assets
  5. A center for services, business,higher education, information technology, and, finance , Atlanta contains the country's third-largest concentration of Fortune 500
  6. It does not have a policy of blanket opposition to all laws on campaign, finance , While the ACLU does oppose the use of crosses in public monuments, there have
  7. The countries growing energy needs, specifically Hydro-power projects * Micro, finance ,support for private enterprises, in conjunction with governments, including
  8. Resources Augustus commanded. When he failed to encourage enough senators to, finance ,the building and maintenance of networks of roads in Italy, he undertook direct
  9. About 800,000 people a year to about 550,000. The 1996 United States campaign, finance ,controversy was an alleged effort by the People's Republic of China (PRC) to
  10. Evolve as an alternative. From the late 17th century, states learned how to, finance ,wars through long term low interest loans from national banking institutions.
  11. Holding of Cis- and Transleithania under the control of the Imperial & Royal, finance ,ministry, rather than attaching it to either territorial government. This
  12. He subsequently officially rejoined the Republican Party in 1994. Taxes To, finance ,state government operations, Alaska depends primarily on petroleum revenues and
  13. Tender Act of 1862. The Revenue Act of 1861 introduced the income tax to help, finance ,the war. The Confederacy Seven Deep South cotton states seceded by February
  14. State passed the Blaine Amendment, to prohibit public money from being used to, finance ,Catholic schools. 1900–1960 The new 1901 Constitution of Alabama effectively
  15. English town in the Americas. Bermuda has an affluent economy, with offshore, finance ,as its largest sector followed by tourism. In 2005,Bermuda was once even
  16. University of Aruba (UA) which offers bachelors and masters programs in law, finance ,and economics and hospitality and tourism management. Since the choice for
  17. Government with a 32 % stake in ArmRosGazprom. The transaction will also help, finance ,ArmRosGazprom's acquisition of the Radar electricity generating plant’s
  18. But granted to the Congress—the only federal institution—little power to, finance ,itself or to ensure that its resolutions were enforced. There was no president
  19. Used a French loan in 1782 to set up the private Bank of North America to, finance ,the war. Seeking greater efficiency, Morris reduced the civil list, saved money
  20. From the proposed sale of the sign to a collector of Nazi memorabilia, to, finance , a series of terror attacks aimed at influencing voters in upcoming Swedish
  21. II made enough money internationally that Dino De Laurentiis was willing to, finance ,a sequel. Promotional drawings were created and published in Variety during the
  22. Slave-worked sugar plantations. At first, Dutch traders supplied the equipment, finance ,and slaves and carried most of the sugar to Europe. In 1644 there were about
  23. Incentives to encourage foreign financial business, and further banking and, finance ,reforms are in progress. The government plans to merge the regulatory functions
  24. Their total national debt was £187 million, which they could not easily, finance ,; over half the French national revenue went to debt service in the 1780s. The
  25. Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) as a proxy network to recruit, finance ,and arm the multinational Mujahideen fighters inside Pakistan, which was aimed
  26. Such as federal Treasurer Ted Theodore; and believers in orthodox, finance ,such as Prime Minister James Sculling and a senior minister in his government
  27. Radio operations into two separate divisions, with an overhaul of management, finance , property and engineering undertaken. On a single site in the inner-city suburb
  28. 1980s it has diversified into the manufacturing and tourism sectors. Offshore, finance ,and information services have become important foreign exchange earners, and
  29. In Doylestown, Pennsylvania. After graduating with a degree in economics and, finance ,from Bentley College in 1993,she studied cooking in Europe. With a grant from
  30. And poet (d. 1916) *1887 – Lutz Graph Schwerin von Erosion, German minister of, finance ,(d. 1977) *1891 – Jacques Lipschitz, Lithuanian/American sculptor (d. 1973)
  31. 15 to 30 percent). They help Armenia sustain double-digit economic growth and, finance ,its massive trade deficit. According to the Central Bank of Armenia, during the
  32. Betrayed the Gaulish warrior to the modern-day Romans - the men of industry and, finance ,”. Anne Skinny also gave her agreement to the continuation of the series and
  33. And training centers, mostly of modest proportions, in 12 countries. Social, finance ,Around the world today are a number of banks, companies,charities, and schools
  34. Budgets. Too, concerned about this development, suggested that he might help, finance ,his own works, therefore making the studio's potential losses smaller, while
  35. To Rule the Night that the astronauts had agreed to the deal as a way to help, finance ,their children's college tuition. One final controversial event happened after
  36. Fund assets) * 2007 total: 114.5 million Euros debts (69.448 million the, finance ,department and 45.052 million the city-operated enterprises and fund assets
  37. Developments in trade. During that time, the city was the leading center for, finance ,and diamonds. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the city expanded, and many new
  38. Bolivia's government remains heavily dependent on foreign assistance to, finance ,development projects. At the end of 2002,the government owed $4.5 billion to
  39. In Bermuda, primarily engaged in specialized professions such as accounting, finance , and insurance. Others are employed in various trades, such as hotels
  40. Bishop of Pecs (d. 1472) *1619 – Jean-Baptiste Colbert, French minister of, finance ,(d. 1683) *1628 – John Granville,1st Earl of Bath, English royalist
  41. In the area. In addition, there is some doubt whether Albania would be able to, finance ,a project of such a scale with a total national budget of less than $5 billion
  42. Finance * Alternative investment, investment other than stocks, bond (, finance ,), money funds, and cash Education * Alternative school, a school geared
  43. American playwright (d. 2001) * 1939 – Theodor Wiesel, German politician and, finance ,minister * 1943 – Louise Luck, American poet and 12th US Poet Laureate *1944 –
  44. And subscription were not the answer, but that the government had a duty to, finance ,humane treatment of the convicts. His findings were published in 1893 and 1894
  45. For private schools, such as the International School of Aruba (ISA),which, finance ,their own activities. The percentage of money earmarked for education is higher
  46. Plane over any alternative division ring is a Coughing plane. In economics and, finance , arbitrage () is the practice of taking advantage of a price difference
  47. Idea of selling the computer. The Apple I was Apple's first product, and to, finance ,its creation, Jobs sold his only means of transportation, a VW van. It was
  48. Equilibrium. The assumption that there is no arbitrage is used in quantitative, finance ,to calculate a unique risk neutral price for derivatives. Conditions for
  49. Chose to sell off sizeable numbers of his manuscripts at paltry prices to, finance ,his migration to Vienna. The reasons for Vivaldi's departure from Venice are
  50. Constitutionally permissible regulations. " The ACLU has opposed some campaign, finance ,reform laws such as the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, which it considers an

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