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  1. Pastiche of Sherlock Holmes, whose creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, he admired, greatly , These included one published novel as well (Mr. Fairlie's Final Journey).
  2. Has dubbed Official Aramaic or Imperial Aramaic, can be assumed to have, greatly ,contributed to the astonishing success of the Achaemenid in holding their
  3. Discipline of the British troops, unfamiliar guerrilla warfare and skirmishing, greatly ,hindered their gains early on. The British had sufficient troops to defeat the
  4. Care practitioner, which can be used in conjunction with behavioral therapy to, greatly ,reduce the disabling symptoms of GAD. Trait anxiety can be either a
  5. The Agnostic partly because juveniles of one genus have been found with legs, greatly ,different from those of adult trilobites, suggesting they are not members of
  6. As solidly in sociology. Other countries Anthropology in Greece and Portugal is, greatly ,influenced by British anthropology. In Greece, there was since the 19th century
  7. Were mixed. There was a positive review in The New York Times that Rand, greatly ,appreciated. The reviewer called Rand" a writer of great power" who wrote "
  8. The Emancipation Proclamation name "/IN"> mcpherson69"/>, greatly ,reduced the Confederacy's hope of getting aid from Britain or France. Lincoln
  9. And realism steadily grew in the art of Catholic Europe. Renaissance art had a, greatly ,increased emphasis on the realistic depiction of the material world, and the
  10. To report central tendencies, it is not a robust statistic, meaning that it is, greatly ,influenced by outliers. Notably, for skewed distributions, the arithmetic mean
  11. Success of Nintendo's multi-billion dollar Pokémon franchise was helped, greatly ,by the spin-off anime series that, first broadcast in the late 1990s,is still
  12. By fifty fold the quantity of cotton that could be processed in a day and, greatly ,increased the demand for slave labor in the South. Name "/IN"> trader"/> There
  13. Following the September 11 terrorist attacks. Popularity of the song increased, greatly ,following the September 11, 2001 attacks; at some sporting events it was sung
  14. To which letters of an alphabet correspond to phonemes of a language varies, greatly ,from one language to another and even within a single language. Languages may
  15. Much more natural. (In fact, Tatsuya Akamai agreed that the multiple cameras, greatly ,helped his performances with the director. ) But these changes had a powerful
  16. Ten colonial bishops for the Church of England; but even this small beginning, greatly ,facilitated the growth of Anglicanism around the world. In 1841 a" Colonial
  17. 1990 the Albanian population has faced new phenomena like migration, which, greatly , affected the distribution by districts and prefectures. Districts in the North
  18. Or by the appellant's legal representative. The nature of this form can vary, greatly ,from country to country and from court to court within a country. The specific
  19. To persuade Too to sign Minute, during an audition in which the young man, greatly ,impressed Kurosawa, but managed to alienate most of the other judges. Drunken
  20. Whether there is a right of appeal from a particular type of decision, can vary, greatly ,from country to country. The nature of an appeal can vary greatly depending on
  21. Not have the necessary knowledge, Henry replied," Get it! " That declaration, greatly ,encouraged Bell to keep trying, even though he did not have the equipment
  22. Le Myth, this dualism becomes a paradox: We value our lives and existence so, greatly , but at the same time we know we will eventually die, and ultimately our
  23. Population) fled, migrated or died during the disruption of the war. This, greatly ,disrupted plantation production during and after the war. When they withdrew
  24. Blue suit, rather than the brown uniform seen on Nazi Party posters, and was, greatly ,impressed, not only with Hitler's proposals, but also with the man himself.
  25. Back thousands of years, and its development has been driven and defined by, greatly ,different climates, cultures,and technologies. However, all farming generally
  26. This epoch; to be followed by the man who is quite unworthy even of them, and, greatly , their inferior in point of talent --- I mean the stupid and clumsy charlatan
  27. City audiences who had just viewed pro-Willkie newsreels, an experience she, greatly ,enjoyed. This activity also brought her into contact with other intellectuals
  28. Surgical procedures. During the 1960s the use of manual sign language grew, greatly , but it was not until the 1980s that AAC began to emerge as an area in its own
  29. University of Berlin where he studied under Heinrich Essence, whom Speer, greatly ,admired. After passing his exams in 1927,Speer became Tessenow's assistant, a
  30. American societies. Cultural anthropology in the United States was influenced, greatly ,by the ready availability of Native American societies as ethnographic subjects
  31. Monographs and more than 75 papers. His neuropsychological studies contributed, greatly ,to the delineation of several diseases, including multiple sclerosis and
  32. Systems provides such functionality but adds more steps to the process, greatly ,increasing the interruption to a user's workflow that a given correction
  33. That slavery was threatened with rapid extinction in this area. Such fears, greatly ,increased Southern efforts to make Kansas a slave state. By 1860,the number of
  34. Qualmish, in which he writes that Alp-Arslan wept for the latter's death and, greatly ,mourned the loss of his kinsman. Death The dominion of Alp Asian after
  35. Southern influence in the US federal government, previously considerable, was, greatly , diminished until the latter half of the 20th century.
  36. Factory was left to the care of the second son, Ludvig Nobel (1831–1888),who, greatly ,improved the business. Alfred, returning to Sweden with his father after the
  37. Can vary greatly from country to country. The nature of an appeal can vary, greatly ,depending on the type of case and the rules of the court in the jurisdiction
  38. Who were recruited to form Egypt's first navy. Greek influence expanded, greatly ,as the city of Narrates became the home of Greeks in the delta. The Site
  39. British detective named Solar Pons, of Preyed Street in London. The series was, greatly ,admired by such notable writers and critics of mystery and detective fiction as
  40. Macedonians to the various parts of his empire depleted Macedonian power, greatly ,weakening it in the years after his death, ultimately leading to its defeat and
  41. Poetry, calligraphy,music, painting,drama, fiction,etc. Chinese styles vary, greatly ,from era to era and each one is traditionally named after the ruling dynasty.
  42. The invention of a three-field system of crop rotation and the moldboard plow, greatly ,improved agricultural efficiency. In the European medieval period, agriculture
  43. Most types nowadays are monoplanes, having one wing each side. Wings also vary, greatly ,in their shape viewed from above. Control surfaces Flight control surfaces
  44. That ASD is associated with higher probability that child care problems will, greatly ,affect parental employment. US states increasingly require private health
  45. Is kept lit during the cold nights. The construction of the chimney can also, greatly ,influence the construction of the roof supports, creating an extra need for
  46. In 1937: a critical and box-office flop. However, Rashomons commercial run, greatly ,helped by strong reviews from critics and even the columnist Ed Sullivan, was
  47. Table. Production Lithium Since the end of World War II, lithium production has, greatly ,increased. The metal is separated from other elements in igneous minerals such
  48. Of AHIMA. In 1938 Huxley befriended J. Krishnamurti, whose teachings he, greatly ,admired. He also became a Medalist in the circle of Hindu Swami Prabhavananda
  49. Nitrogen, along with mined rock phosphate, pesticides and mechanization, have, greatly , increased crop yields in the early 20th century. Increased supply of grains has
  50. Popular anti-slavery novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1852) by Harriet Beecher Stowe, greatly ,increased Northern opposition to the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850. Name "

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