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  1. Of the Dutch and Danish squadrons as they came forward into position. But, hardly ,had the retreating Swiss rejoined their comrades in that village when the Dutch
  2. Name spelled in a variant) became Car finds a whore, with the letters E, hardly ,counted, and the victim Thomas Overbuy, as 'Thomas Overture ', was written as
  3. To make a detour to Burka, which is now reduced to loneliness so that one can, hardly ,find vestiges of the city; therefore impossible to come upon the tomb of the
  4. In The Clouds have been interpreted as evidence that he can have been, hardly ,more than 18 years old when his first play The Banqueters was produced. The
  5. Conversely, the equilibrium position is said to be" far to the left" if, hardly ,any product is formed from the reactants. Goldberg and Wage (1865),building
  6. By several Japanese critics that Kurosawa was an elitist ... Kurosawa was, hardly ,a progressive director, they argued, since his peasants could not discover
  7. At the present day as a highly brittle and crystalline metal, which could, hardly ,be fashioned into a useful vase, and therefore this remarkable 'find' must
  8. As a leader, and the mere 2,000 legionaries sent by Octavian to Antony were, hardly ,enough to replenish his forces. On the other hand, Cleopatra could restore his
  9. Neutrality using cross-cultural comparisons. However, others argue that he can, hardly ,be considered an anthropologist in the conventional sense. He wrote detailed
  10. some early steps towards Bosnian independence. However, the republic, hardly ,escaped the increasingly nationalistic climate of the time unscathed. With the
  11. Colorado, and the University of New Mexico also found that antidepressant drugs, hardly ,have better effects than a placebo in those cases of mild or moderate
  12. Of likes and dislikes. Mention should also be made of a third method that has, hardly ,yet been tried, namely,that of endeavoring to isolate one of the three
  13. Latter with depths of 430 fathoms (790 m). Others, however,are shallow, and, hardly , reach the steep sides of the valleys in the dry season. Such are Lake Runway, in
  14. World Championship in. However, the team's history during that period was, hardly ,one of futility, but was rather punctuated with some of the most memorable
  15. Difficult to pin down. They simply desired a reunion with something that could, hardly ,be named but which seemed to them to be the most desirable thing on Earth. Some
  16. In certain specialties a Ph.D. is notably more common than in others, it is, hardly ,ever the majority (except in academia). In fact, the perceived need for some
  17. Bourbaki (of which he was a Founding Father). His work on sheaf theory, hardly ,appears in his published papers, but correspondence with Henri Tartan in the
  18. From subject states. Religious and political issues were topics that could, hardly ,be ignored in such a setting and the plays often treat them quite seriously.
  19. Capped at 15 percent and being heavily taxed. As of 2006,bank loans to SMEs, hardly ,reached 15 percent of total outstanding loans. Less than 5 percent of
  20. Even John Golding, a proponent of the late date, admits " the Greek words, hardly ,necessitate a very late date. " There are also nineteen Persian loan-words in
  21. Gods. Much of it sounds like the Apocalypse, by which Sorry, a Christian, can, hardly , fail to have been influenced. It will begin with three winters of snow, with no
  22. Tenant of Wild fell Hall. In 1850,Charlotte wrote daringly" Wild fell Hall it, hardly ,appears to me desirable to preserve. The choice of subject in that work is a
  23. It into the underground cold-source. Unfortunately, such systems are as yet, hardly ,developed. One factor is that some of the world's leading manufacturers of air
  24. 1885,II, p. 84) noted:" Clement may be referring to some known, but, hardly , accessible land, lying without the pillars of Hercules. But more probably he
  25. c. AD 375) was a Sanskrit grammarian and poet, of whose personal history, hardly ,anything is known. He is said to have been" one of the nine gems that adorned
  26. Lasted until the Duke became eighteen years old, in September 1838. Cauchy did, hardly ,any research during those five years, while the Duke acquired a life-long
  27. Place Bruno's diocese; such localization of the Bruno's burial place is, hardly ,probable because Przemyśl then belonged to Orthodox Kiev an Ru's through 1018).
  28. But John of sufficient importance to record. " And, without John," we should, hardly ,have known that it was necessary for one to be born again. " This suggests that
  29. Have no legal obligations to others wrongly supposes that property rights, hardly ,ever conflict with other legally protected interests. Singer continues implying
  30. Of Italy via the Adriatic coast. Although he was aware that the Pasternak were, hardly ,likely to achieve the same success as Hannibal some 40 years earlier, and would
  31. That sold for $3,600. While frequently derided as a failure, the Apple III was, hardly ,that. At the end of July 1983,Apple had sold over 50,000,making it the
  32. Here is how Captain Arthur Hastings first describes Poirot::" He was, hardly ,more than five feet four inches but carried himself with great dignity. His
  33. That's not bad. I've got six years to live. " Always modest, Chekhov could, hardly ,have imagined the extent of his posthumous reputation. The ovations for The
  34. On the other hand, is the outcome of such arrangements. Artificial scarcity can, hardly ,serve as a justification for the legal framework that causes that scarcity.
  35. Ran out they shut it down on the day the Apple IIC was introduced. Wall Street, hardly ,noticed. Apple's stock price remained constant and the full transition to the
  36. Is also visible in legal history. In the early 7th century Cactus Alamannorum, hardly ,ever mentions the special privileges of the church, while Lantfrid's Led
  37. And considered fascism part of an era of" absolute evil ", something which was, hardly ,acceptable to the few remaining hardliners of the party. As a result
  38. Just didn't have the extra energy to be happy. Near the end, I could, hardly ,breathe. I thought I was about to have a stroke. " The stunt work was mostly
  39. That Leonidas was taken prisoner in battle, but the language of Demosthenes, hardly ,supports such an inference. The The bans sent a large army into Thessaly to
  40. Los Angeles Times disclaiming the label of Huxley as a" poor fellow who can, hardly ,see" by Walter C. Alvarez, she tempers this:" Although I feel it was an
  41. His few remaining masses (the story of his having composed two hundreds is, hardly ,credible) and church music in general are comparatively unimportant, except
  42. Language, administration and religion. With such ideas and aspirations he could, hardly ,remain permanently in cordial agreement with his father, who,though a good
  43. In the West for decades to come. In a Cold War setting his descriptions could, hardly ,fail to evoke comparison to Soviet communism and the seeming willingness of
  44. Speeches). Songs and addresses to the audience by the Chorus gave the actors, hardly ,enough time off-stage to draw breath and to prepare for changes in scene.
  45. They read the CPC press, as it is not described in the user manual and was, hardly ,ever mentioned in marketing literature. It is, however,documented in the
  46. Acculturated in a way that would have been impossible during slavery, and it is, hardly ,surprising that their secular music reflected this as much as their religious
  47. The painters and the physicists have treated matter pretty well. The poets have, hardly ,touched it. In March 1958,when I was living at the Beat Hotel, I proposed to
  48. The matter with you? " Thereupon, Abu Bakr submitted," Ya RasulAllah, there is, hardly ,anyone among us who can claim to have done nothing bad in one's life. Now if
  49. Ganges from the Bay of Bengal and waters the northern part of Rajasthan, but, hardly , penetrates farther west than the longitude of Ajmer. On the varying strength of
  50. A free fantasy an improvised cadenza which absolutely astounded me, for it is, hardly ,possible that anyone has ever played, or ever will play, in such a fashion. "

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