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  1. Of choice for sets because it also applies to proper classes. And the axiom of, global ,choice follows from the axiom of limitation of size. Equivalents There are
  2. The eastand the Americas to the west. As one component of the interconnected, global ,ocean, it is connected in the north to the Arctic Ocean (which is sometimes
  3. Management Institute lay down a six-point plan of action for addressing the, global ,challenge of producing sufficient food for the world with dwindling water
  4. Increased supply of grains has led to cheaper livestock as well. Further, global ,yield increases were experienced later in the 20th century when high-yield
  5. Many to be among the finest films dealing with the psychological effects of the, global ,nuclear stalemate. Kurosawa's next project, Throne of Blood, a lavishly
  6. Of Great Britain and thirteen British colonies in North America, and ended in a, global ,war between several European great powers. The war was the result of the
  7. Of petroleum shortages In the event of a petroleum shortage (see peak oil for, global ,concerns),organic agriculture can be more attractive than conventional
  8. CO2. It produces 65 % of human-related nitrous oxide (which has 296 times the, global ,warming potential of CO2,) and 37 % of all human-induced methane (which is 23
  9. For example, water resources per capita in China are only a quarter of the, global ,average, but water consumption is more than five times this amount. As a result
  10. ING Group, Ahold, TomTom,Delta Lloyd Group and Philips. KPMG International's, global ,headquarters is located in nearby Amstelveen, where many non-Dutch companies
  11. Society. About the scope of an anarchist society, some anarchists advocate a, global ,one, while others do so by local ones. The diversity in anarchism has led to
  12. Issues also coincide with food safety and food labeling concerns. Currently, a, global ,treaty, the BioSafety Protocol, regulates the trade of GMOs. The EU currently
  13. Heard. It is possible to view all human cultures as part of one large, evolving, global , culture. These dynamic relationships, between what can be observed on the
  14. As well as a series of agreements in other countries eventually consolidated a, global ,telephone operation. The strain put on Bell by his constant appearances in
  15. Tons of crude oil annually and carries oil from the Caspian Sea oilfields to, global ,markets. The South Caucasus Pipeline, also stretching through the territory of
  16. New (late 20th century) interdisciplinary fields such as cognitive science, global ,studies, and various ethnic studies. Basic trends There are several
  17. The IDEA in Ankara is one of the largest international expositions of the, global ,arms industry. A large percentage of the employment in Ankara is provided by
  18. Union (IUCN) is spearheading efforts to implement a comprehensive, global ,strategy for amphibian conservation. Amphibian Ark is an organization that was
  19. Ethics among organizations * Social ethics, or ethics among nations and as one, global ,unit Modern approach Much of applied ethics is concerned with just three
  20. And Morse–Kelley set theory, there is a possible axiom called the axiom of, global ,choice which is stronger than the axiom of choice for sets because it also
  21. And adding language subtitles to the Japanese language track. Using a similar, global ,distribution pattern as Hollywood, the world is divided into five regions. Some
  22. To the International Resource Panel's Metal Stocks in Society report,the, global ,per capita stock of aluminum in use in society (i.e. in cars, buildings
  23. Becoming a numerically small but disproportionately influential feature of, global ,Anglicanism. Anglican religious life at one time boasted hundreds of orders and
  24. Practices such as crop rotation. Agriculture can both mitigate or worsen, global ,warming. Some increase in CO2 in the atmosphere comes from the
  25. For the event. *1990 – Gulf War: the United Nations Security Council orders a, global ,trade embargo against Iraq in response to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. *1991 –
  26. Economy grew 18 % in 2005.26 % in 2006 and 17.6 % in 2007. However, due to the, global ,recession the economy contracted an estimated -0.3 % in 2009. The security
  27. Declines are still poorly understood, and are a topic of ongoing discussion. A, global ,strategy to stem the crisis has been released in the form of the Amphibian
  28. Blurred and some argue it is now more appropriate to think in terms of a, global ,culture, rather than regional cultures. Characteristics Art tends to facilitate
  29. First World War. Sound recording and the telephone played important roles in a, global ,transformation of society. Sound measurement and analysis reached new levels of
  30. Threat away if he possessed such a tool. Finally, the philosophical idea of a, global ,representation of the world simply for the sake of knowledge was reason enough
  31. 200 years. Certain activist groups have become increasingly concerned about the, global ,peak oil and climate change problem in recent years due to by-products that are
  32. Known for his research which explores an Aldo Leopold ethic as a response to, global ,climate change. Ellicott supports a holistic, non-anthropocentric
  33. Amphibian declines are thus perceived as one of the most critical threats to, global ,biodiversity. A number of causes are believed to be involved, including habitat
  34. Patented product. Currently, ten seed companies control over two-thirds of the, global ,seed sales. Bandana Shiva argues that these companies are guilty of biopiracy
  35. Other facilities in the Almeida, Çubuk and Salazar districts. A number of the, global ,automotive companies have production facilities in Ankara, such as the German
  36. Homes in the 12th and 13th centuries. Factors examined and discussed include, global ,or regional climate change (cf. Little Ice Age),prolonged periods of drought
  37. a billion. The electronics industry in Adelaide employs over 14,000 people. The, global ,media conglomerate News Corporation was founded in and until 2004 incorporated
  38. Cannot be maintained very much beyond the time of their invention. Increasing, global ,interaction during this time saw an equivalent influence of other cultures into
  39. In 1996,and marked the debut of the Afro Celt Sound System, an energetic, global ,fusion the likes of which the music world had not yet seen. " Prior to that
  40. With the H-4 time piece. The voyage became the basis for the invention of the, global ,system of Longitude. *In 1858,Cyrus West Field laid the first transatlantic
  41. And brown where unwanted pesticides land on chemical-free crops. After 1492,a, global ,exchange of previously local crops and livestock breeds occurred. Key crops
  42. The 1998 laureate in Economics, Amartya Sen. Sen's work has centered on, global ,issues including famine, welfare,and third-world development. Martha Sen was
  43. Currently under strong international opposition and face continual efforts of, global ,bans. Another controversial issue is the patent protection given to companies
  44. Within Western societies, and other social scientists increasingly take a, global ,view of their fields. 20th century In the 20th century, academic disciplines
  45. India, China,Thailand and Korea all have water resources per capita below the, global ,average, while accessible supplies are being depleted. For example, water
  46. With Bat and Ball,1899),used the term as if it were well known. The true and, global ,revitalization of interest in the concept dates from 1903,when Pelham Warner
  47. Becoming available from emerging market traders as part of the current massive, global ,cost-cutting exercise. Albania, Cyprus and Poland are the only countries in
  48. The one hand, the growing independence and strength of Anglican churches in the, global ,south brought new emphasis to issues of global poverty, the inequitable
  49. Six domains to help improve organizations and social issues at the national and, global ,level: * Decision ethics, or ethical theories and ethical decision processes *
  50. Cars compete within their respective classes on closed circuits. The main, global ,championship series for GT car racing is the FIA GT1 World Championship. There

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