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  1. February 2,1929,at the Dumdum aerodrome. Air Orient (now merged in to Air, france , ) began scheduled stops at Calcutta, as part of their Paris to Saigon (now Ho
  2. In France to play Australian Rules Football, they are also the first club in, france , to have a dedicated home oval. Montpellier Fire Sharks Formed in 2008,the
  3. Each became an overseas collectivity of France in 2007. Angelo is the king of, france , South America From 1555 to 1567,French Huguenots, under the leadership of
  4. To deny that he is clumsy (or at least that he isn't a" Clouseau-like, france ,"),but in the process, he trips over a chair which causes him to fall out of
  5. Homeland, people,king, husband and children. Paris is the city in, france , Helen falls in love with. He is one of the many princes of Troy. He is
  6. Five stars. For example: the insignia for the French OF-10 rank marshal de, france , contains 7 stars; the insignia for the Portuguese marshal contains four gold
  7. 1986 saw a mixture of happiness and sadness when Joe returned permanently from, france , Annie became a grandmother for the 3rd time in April following the birth of
  8. During Lily's convalescence. He attempts to steal Lily and take her back to, france , He does this by using Captain Harcourt as a hostage making Lily do whatever he
  9. Bakery chain in France. Aside from Solar Hands (which all top bakers in, france , must have),they also have extreme nimble fingers of goddess hands (which
  10. DEBS Music 1. Tout bag ail parer 2. A couscous pas Fe for 3. Adieu fort de, france , et Mon pays 4. Chic check choc 5. Pas Tahoma 6. Rory deg 7. Cadence pom
  11. Three million men within France. The constitution of 1791 reduced the women of, france , to passive citizens. Active Citizens numbered around four
  12. But the leaves are all linear, with rolled under Edges. It is found in western, france , on dunes near the sea References/citations John II of Enjoy (Nancy, August 2
  13. Paris Fire Brigade closing the motorized parade Air Force Image: Patrolled de, france , diamant. JPG|The Patrolled de France's Alphabets Image: AWAITING 1410. JPG|A
  14. And respectful global citizens of tomorrow. It is one of the best schools in, france , known for its great scores" AU BAC (Baccalaureate) " (which is a test
  15. B-17 took a direct 88 mm flak hit while on a" milk run" ( easy mission) over, france , The shell blew a large hole in the radio compartment and the radio operator
  16. Engraved for the Encyclopedia and two more for the monumental Description de la, france , of the 1780s. His reputation abroad grew through engravings of his works; he
  17. JPG|Place de la mission, Statue of Colon Image: Vi trail get revel 31250 revel, france , JPG|Window Get 27 on the walls of the old liqueur factory The Hokum Clones was
  18. Indirectly referring to the 'Manson' a French hard stone found in the south of, france , It may have been a name for counterweight artillery (trebuchets),possibly
  19. Of Toulouse. It is generally considered to be the first of the bast ides of SW, france , Bast ides were" new towns" originally conceived to resettle and pacify people
  20. The communication of the team is recognized as one of the best in, france , basketball league. Brian Joubert, the figure skating champion, practices at
  21. L'history Du 43eme regiment d'infantries" 1890,p. 14 ET 15. *" Gazette de, france ," DES 28 November 1639,16 About 1641,19 September 1643,ET 9 October 1643. *
  22. In 1939 and attached to the 52nd (Lowland) Infantry Division, they moved to, france , as a part of the 'Second B. E. F' in June 1940. After being evacuated from
  23. Arab) *http://www.sudanfootball.sd/en/about-sfa WWW. Sudanfootball. Sd (en, france , Arab) " Three Hundred Words" for some, is probably a minor, insubstantial
  24. 1991 for To Dance with the White Dog. He has books translated in Japan, china,France, Hong Kong, and Greece Kay lives in Athens, Georgia with his wife.
  25. http://faluchesudiste.free.fr/ Site" general" de la gauche days LE SUD de la, france , ( oral / forum) Gauche codes *
  26. Proper" appear by the mid 14th century. Several 14th-century attestations from, france , gloss the term as route" knife ". Depictions of mid 14th century examples are
  27. The French colonial troops. File: Beret de parachutists DES troupe de marine (, france , ). JPG|red beret (Amaranth) parachutes of marine troops (France). File:
  28. In 1968,Alone was President of the Union national DES students de, france , ( UNEF),the French National Students' Union, which brought France to a
  29. Refugees from Mitotic Kosovo like they said in 1999 for staying here in, france , but they came from Bosnia! They lived in Grade Bosnia and suburbs! Some of
  30. Waffle House prank call begins. This is a subtle reference to the song" (, france , ) ", which involves going to 7-11. We Kill Everything is an album by WAR
  31. Four tries in each half, and won 44-6 after leading 24-0 at half-time. In 2002,France, lost to Lebanon 36–6 in front of 9,713 spectators at Tripoli in the
  32. Base de Briande, St. Trope, France pictures from, france , photos on ... * http://www.webshots.com/explains/travel/st-tropez.html st
  33. The Department for Culture, Media and Sport have responsibility for sport in, france , The role of sport in the formation of an English identity England, like the
  34. Two years later, after the election of Jacques Chirac as President of, france , he became Secretary of State for European Affairs. He held this function until
  35. In place of injured Jean Crest, his dashing runs were seen as instrumental in, france , 's win over Australia in the first Test. Also, during this tour in a match
  36. In which the stamps form a part of the larger image. File: Miniature sheet, france , JPG|A miniature sheet from France, in which each stamp is featured twice, once
  37. The educated and the government. Urdu,Pakistan's national language and lingual, france , draws heavy influences from the Persian language (see Persian and Urdu).
  38. Runs on an infrequent basis. Media Image: Before Halle detail revel 31250,France, JPG|Belfry detail Image: Elise Notre Dame 31250 revel. JPG|Church Notre-Dame
  39. In France and many now think that the live event might be held at the State de, france , ( France's biggest stadium),where NTM was supposed to do a concert in 1999
  40. With: * Larousse, Département Value, Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, france , since 1985,* Reach district Weißeritzkreis, Sachsen, Germany since 1990 *
  41. Revel. JPG|Church Notre-Dame Image: Place mission statue photon revel 31250,France, JPG|Place de la mission, Statue of Colon Image: Vi trail get revel 31250 revel
  42. Politics, included the arts-he was active in the ex-pat art world of post-war, france , ; as an attorney in private practice he later represented many of his close
  43. Trickshoth" - 2:23 #"Too Many Guys" - 2:43 #"Mario Twins" - 4:34 #" (, france , ) " - 2:35 #"Jonny Poopoopants" - 1:46 #"Seventeen Year-es" - 3:07 #"Down't
  44. Of a dole office ". Home front -" Three Irish soldiers stuck in a trench in, france , in WW1 at Easter 1916 fighting for the British during the Easter rising in
  45. House, Martha Peters House, Haratian House, Sookiaas House, Haghighi House, france , school and Ayyubid and Metal House. The university offers degrees in painting
  46. Were held in Baden-Baden in 1987,Center d'art contemporary de Saint-Priest in, france , in 1989 and in Munich in 1999. WORM (95.3 FM) is a radio station
  47. The Laundries gap. They are frequent across the Acute region in south-western, france , Exceptionally red sunsets and lenticular clouds are usually heralding the
  48. Norwegian assembly. Some other renowned persons of this village are Main Akhtar, france , Ch. Ahmed Khan, Haji nadir (Nazi),Dr. Vassar Ali, Ch. Sahib dad ex
  49. To throw for great distance. Anglo-Saxons The Anglo-Saxon term for javelin was, france , In Anglo-Saxon warfare soldiers usually formed a shield wall and used heavy
  50. Colonilisation people of Britain were so poor that they had to beg money from, france , to sustain themselves. In fact some Queens ornament are taken from India

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