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  1. Space based observatories, much of which is available over the Internet. In the, past ,and present, amateur astronomers have played a major role in discovering new
  2. And developed as the study of" other cultures ", both in terms of time (, past ,societies) and space (non-European/non-Western societies). For example, the
  3. I drank "," I said "," I spoke ", where the subpattern used to signal the, past ,tense may change, but the suffix is always used). From a single root, numerous
  4. Northern Greece, plus the Albanian diaspora in the rest of Europe. RTSH has a, past ,of being heavily influenced by the ruling party in its reporting, that being
  5. Pleads not guilty, a date is set for a preliminary hearing or a trial. In the, past , a defendant who refused to plead (or" stood mute" ) was subject to pane
  6. Into the country. The city of Kabul has been home to many musicians in the, past , who were masters of both traditional and modern Afghan music, especially
  7. Variations among different groups of humans? "," How has the evolutionary, past ,of Homo sapiens influenced its social organization and culture? " And so forth.
  8. Complying with domestic law. This editing process was far more prevalent in the, past ,(e.g. Vol tron),but its use has declined because of the demand for anime in
  9. Revolution. A remarkable shift in agricultural practices has occurred over the, past ,century in response to new technologies, and the development of world markets.
  10. Of the Academy Awards announced that winners' acceptance speeches must not run, past ,45 seconds. This, according to organizer Bill Mechanic, was to ensure the
  11. 1 ampere ". Conversely, a current of one ampere is one coulomb of charge going, past ,a given point per second:: \rm 1\ A=1\track C s That is, in general, charge Q
  12. Different sets of affixes for indicating person, number and gender: In the, past , the person, number and gender are fused into a single suffix morpheme, while
  13. Viewed non-European societies as windows onto the pre-industrial human, past , As academic disciplines began to differentiate over the course of the 19th
  14. All the rules for formal short pronunciation apply, except as follows. *The, past ,tense singular endings written formally as -TU -ta -ti are pronounced -t -t -ti
  15. A phoneme in a spoken language, either as it exists now or as it was in the, past , There are other systems, such as topographies, in which each character
  16. A continuation and extension of the old and has a distinct discontinuity with, past ,martial and philosophical concepts. " That is, that aikido practitioners who
  17. With Andes as backup Command Module Pilot in case Apollo 11 was delayed, past ,its intended July launch (at which point Andes would be unavailable if needed
  18. A 15-page speech detailing his criticisms. Personal popularity, atonement for, past ,mistakes, or presented as a" career honor" to recognize a distinguished
  19. Foundation for plant breeding that led to its explosive impact over the, past ,150 years. With the rapid rise of mechanization in the late 19th century and
  20. Military effort, consulted with governors, and selected generals based on their, past ,success (as well as their state and party). In January 1862,after many
  21. To foreign countries from these defense firms have steadily increased in the, past ,decades. The IDEA in Ankara is one of the largest international expositions of
  22. Showcases the badlands' terrain, desert flora, and remnants from Alberta's, past ,when dinosaurs roamed the then lush landscape. Climate Alberta has a dry
  23. Elbow. Common in knife and other weapon takeaways. * The hand is folded back, past ,the shoulder, locking the shoulder joint. * a ruminating wristlock-throw that
  24. Population crashes and mass localized extinction, have been noted in the, past ,two decades from locations all over the world, and amphibian declines are thus
  25. Equivalent to elementary charges per second, such as electrons, moving, past , a boundary in one second. The proposed change would define 1 A as being the
  26. Firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (and its predecessor Price Waterhouse) for the, past ,73 annual awards ceremonies. All AMPS members must be invited to join by the
  27. Framework, without any formal method of funding. It is only within about the, past ,century, however,that amateur astronomy has become an activity clearly
  28. Participles (active and passive) and a verbal noun, but no infinitive. The, past ,and non- past paradigms are sometimes also termed effective and imperfection
  29. Breakthrough and allowed crop yields to overcome previous constraints. In the, past ,century agriculture has been characterized by enhanced productivity, the
  30. And pesticides were developed long ago, but have made great strides in the, past ,century. The history of agriculture has played a major role in human history
  31. Onto the non- past . The past and non- past differ in the form of the stem (e.g., past ,vs. non- past ),and also use completely different sets of affixes for
  32. Unstudied languages; historical linguistics, including the reconstruction of, past ,languages, from which our current languages have descended; ethnolinguistics
  33. Extent in Fairbanks, where the cost of living has dropped somewhat in the, past ,five years. Federal government employees, particularly United States Postal
  34. Belt belong to dynamical families each thought to have a common origin in a, past ,collision between asteroids. A family has also been associated with the Pluto
  35. And the future tense is signaled by prefixing or onto the non- past . The, past ,and non- past differ in the form of the stem (e.g. past vs. non- past ),and
  36. Thing is to be in contact with a few fine Jews—a few millennia of a civilized, past ,do mean something after all. " In another letter he writes," In my whole life
  37. Have also experienced very high rates of growth in recent history. Over the, past ,century,Alberta's population rose from 73,022 in 1901 to 2,974,807 in 2001
  38. Or third),gender, and number. They are conjugated in two major paradigms (, past ,and non- past ); two voices (active and passive); and five moods (indicative
  39. Between Natal, Brazil and Monrovia, Liberia. The use of this term illustrates a, past ,trend towards referring to the whole continent of Africa by the name Ethiopia.
  40. From the catastrophic break-up of a large parent asteroid sometime in the, past , Families have only been recognized within the asteroid belt. They were first
  41. Of these terms can sometimes overlap. Only 30 to 50 % of conceptions progress, past ,the first trimester. The vast majority of those that do not progress are lost
  42. To explore the unknown ... Personally, in reflecting on the events of the, past ,several days, a verse from Psalms comes to mind. 'When I consider the heavens
  43. Been noted as protectionist, inefficient,and environmentally damaging. In the, past ,century agriculture has been characterized by enhanced productivity, the use of
  44. Since 2003 have made it more than profitable to extract this oil, which in the, past ,would give little profit or even a loss. With concerted effort and support from
  45. The sacrifices she and her loved ones made. In 2009,Irene Vicar revealed her, past ,abuse and addiction to abortion in Impossible Motherhood, where she aborted 15
  46. The daughter of King Elias and later convinced the Fates to let Admetus live, past ,his time, if another took his place. But when it came time for Admetus to die
  47. And the character animators' work has remained essentially the same over the, past ,70 years. Some animation producers have used the term" traditional" to
  48. And other anthropologists in understanding major trends in the human, past , Anthropologists and geographers share approaches to Culture regions as well
  49. Scientific research and robust investment in modern agriculture during the, past ,50 years has helped farmers double food production. Safety The agriculture
  50. Of any region in the world, nearly doubling average HDI attainment over the, past ,40 years, according to the report’s analysis of health, education and income

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