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  1. For this were, among others, that in late autumn, plant gathering, salmon, fishing , and other activities of securing food came to an end, and hunters readily found
  2. Andy river basin. Every year, on the last Sunday in April, there is an ice, fishing ,competition in the frozen estuaries waters of the Andy River's mouth. This
  3. Are tourism, offshore incorporation and management, offshore banking, and, fishing , Many insurance and financial businesses are headquartered in Anguilla. The
  4. He loses the will to fight, and resigns himself to a quiet life of books and, fishing , *Ken Manager owns Manager Coal in Pennsylvania. He helps Hank Rear den
  5. With which American Samoa conducts the great bulk of its foreign trade. Tuna, fishing ,and processing plants are the backbone of the private sector, with canned tuna
  6. Another popular activity is deep sea fishing . The major attraction is sail, fishing , Fish caught here have weighed between 89 and 200 pounds. Sailfish are so
  7. That is still in use today. Economy Traditionally, Aberdeen was home to, fishing , textile mills, shipbuilding and paper making. These industries have been
  8. Species include the manatee, seals,sea lions, turtles,and whales. Drift net, fishing ,can kill dolphins, albatrosses and other seabirds (petrels, auks ), hastening
  9. Rocks of the continental shelves. The Atlantic hosts the world's richest, fishing ,resources, especially in the waters covering the shelves. The major fish are
  10. Landed five to six times more than the regulated fishery, and allegedly illegal, fishing ,in Antarctic waters in 1998 resulted in the seizure (by France and Australia)
  11. it's potential for agriculture is limited largely to sheep farming. In the past, fishing ,was a significant activity, but this aspect of the economy is small now. At one
  12. And Spain, as Britain sought to expand its influence beyond coastal logging and, fishing ,communities in present-day Belize, Honduras,and Nicaragua. Expeditions against
  13. Around the year 1200 Their economy was based on farming as well as hunting, fishing ,and gathering. Full-blooded Ainu are lighter skinned than their Japanese
  14. Fine sand. It was invented by Robert Stevenson, for use by an 82 ton converted, fishing ,boat, Pharos, which was used as a light vessel between 1807 and 1810 near to
  15. Products, and wine and spirits are also important farm products. The Caspian, fishing ,industry is concentrated on the dwindling stocks of sturgeon and beluga. In
  16. Ashoka was perhaps the first emperor in human history to ban slavery, hunting, fishing , and deforestation. Ashoka also banned the death sentence and asked the same for
  17. Volumes of essential protein. Collectively, these new methods of farming and, fishing ,inaugurated a human population boom that dwarfed all previous expansions and
  18. Products, livestock Industries: tuna canneries (largely dependent on foreign, fishing ,vessels),handicrafts Industrial production growth rate: NA % Electricity -
  19. Ten. In the early modern times, the Ainu people were forced to labor at the, fishing ,grounds of the Japanese. Ainu koan were also forced to move near fishing
  20. Use of the harbor by oil support vessels, and so although still an important, fishing ,port it is now eclipsed by the more northerly ports of Peter head and
  21. Is known as" catting and fishing " the anchor. Before dropping the anchor,the, fishing ,process is reversed, and the anchor is dropped from the end of the fathead.
  22. In Catalan A leading caviar producer and exporter in the past,Azerbaijan's, fishing ,industry today is concentrated on the dwindling stocks of sturgeon and beluga
  23. Atomic bombing),and one particular incident in March had exposed a Japanese, fishing ,boat to nuclear fallout, with disastrous results. It is in this anxious
  24. Corinthian tyrant Cyprus, at which time its economy was based on farmlands, fishing , timber for shipbuilding, and the exportation of the produce of Virus.
  25. Communities have often worked on issues related to land use development, fishing , tourism, and individual rights. Alaska Natives, while organized in and around
  26. Indicative of the city's origin: a dam in the river Hostel. Settled as a small, fishing ,village in the late 12th century, Amsterdam became one of the most important
  27. Territories There is no economic activity in Antarctica at present, except for, fishing ,off the coast and small-scale tourism, both based outside Antarctica. The
  28. That the Japanese could secure a labor force. When the Japanese moved to other, fishing ,grounds, Ainu koan were also forced to accompany them. As a result, the
  29. To enforcing traffic and criminal law, wildlife Troopers enforce hunting and, fishing ,regulations. Due to the varied terrain and wide scope of the Troopers' duties
  30. Achill's rich maritime heritage. Maritime archaeologists recorded 19th century, fishing ,station, ice house, and boat house ruins, a number of anchors which had been
  31. Near a lake. It is common for the villagers to walk down to the lake to go, fishing , In the early days of the community it's hard to get to the lake because of
  32. The educational center of the north-east. The traditional industries of, fishing , paper-making, shipbuilding,and textiles have been overtaken by the oil
  33. The fishing grounds of the Japanese. Ainu koan were also forced to move near, fishing ,grounds so that the Japanese could secure a labor force. When the Japanese
  34. Economic importance of Aberdeen and the development of the shipbuilding and, fishing ,industries led to the existing harbor with Victoria Dock, the South Breakwater
  35. Water resources. There are numerous rivers and lakes used for swimming, fishing ,and a range of water sports. There are three large lakes, Lake Claire () in
  36. And in the neighborhood, considered him to be lazy. Lincoln avoided hunting and, fishing ,out of an aversion to killing animals. Marriage and family Lincoln's first
  37. In 1998–1999 (July 1 - June 30) reported landing 119,898 tonnes. Unregulated, fishing ,landed five to six times more than the regulated fishery, and allegedly illegal
  38. California Sport harvesting of red abalone is permitted with a California, fishing ,license and an abalone stamp card. New in 2008,the abalone card also comes
  39. In the electronics design and development industry, research in agriculture and, fishing ,and the oil industry, which has been largely responsible for Aberdeen's
  40. Until one fluke can be hooked over the rail. This is known as" catting and, fishing ," the anchor. Before dropping the anchor, the fishing process is reversed, and
  41. Disappeared and large villages of several dozen families were formed around the, fishing ,grounds. Koan houses were made of colon grasses, bamboo grass, barks,etc. The
  42. Advantage of salmon seasons to harvest portions of their household diet while, fishing ,for subsistence, as well as sport. This includes fish taken by hook, net or
  43. Of the economy is small now. At one stage, the island was known for its shark, fishing , basking shark in particular was fished for its valuable liver oil. There was a
  44. In 1998 resulted in the seizure (by France and Australia) of at least eight, fishing ,ships. See Ocean fisheries#Southern Ocean. Tourism Small-scale tourism has
  45. Populations under controlled conditions, and can be contrasted with commercial, fishing , which is the harvesting of wild fish. Mari culture refers to aquaculture
  46. Internal security, prevention of drug smuggling, the protection and support of, fishing ,rights, prevention of marine pollution, search and rescue, ceremonial duties
  47. For food. A facility that releases juvenile fish into the wild for recreational, fishing ,or to supplement a species' natural numbers is generally referred to as a fish
  48. Sea mountains, and cave rock formations. Another popular activity is deep sea, fishing , The major attraction is sail fishing . Fish caught here have weighed between 89
  49. The Ainu were a society of hunter-gatherers, who lived mainly by hunting and, fishing , and the people followed a religion based on phenomena of nature. During the
  50. Azuki. To complement these new sources of carbohydrates, highly organized net, fishing ,of rivers, lakes and ocean shores in these areas brought in great volumes of

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