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  1. They argue that this semantic difference is important in defining inflation and, finding ,a cure for inflation. Austrian School economists maintain the most effective
  2. Which are associated with the high-latitude galactic infrared cirrus. The, finding ,is significant because they may represent the birthplaces for the Population I
  3. Miss Marple, such as needing a vacation after illness in A Caribbean Mystery or, finding ,in The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side that because of poor eyesight she can
  4. Him in Burbank district. A single Lucknow bench of Justice said there was no, finding ,that the actor" himself committed any fraud or manipulated any surreptitious
  5. The Co-Chairs are continuing to work with the two Presidents in the hope of, finding ,a lasting peace. The two countries are still technically at war. Caspian Sea
  6. To estimate the heat evolved per unit of carbon dioxide produced, eventually, finding , the same ratio for a flame and animals, indicating that animals produced energy
  7. To mug him. Travelling to China, Crowley soon fell down a forty-foot cliff;, finding ,himself unscathed, he believed that he was being protected for some prophetic
  8. Court for the District of Minnesota released its judgement on October 19, 1973, finding , in Honeywell v. Sperry Rand that the ENAC patent was a derivative of John
  9. Exuberant sense of release inherent in his worship It was more interested in, finding ,targets for satire than in any kind of advocacy. During the City Dionysian, a
  10. Is actually incorporated into biomolecules. Independent confirmation of this, finding ,has not yet been possible. Methylation of arsenic Inorganic arsenic and its
  11. Donated the statue and T. Stuart Burnett ARAS designed it. Archaeological, finding ,of the camp of Selkirk Around 2000,an expedition led by the Japanese Daisuke
  12. Buried at sea according to Islamic traditions. One U. S. official stated that ", finding ,a country willing to accept the remains of the world's most wanted terrorist
  13. Rubidium Robert Bunsen and Gustav Kirchhoff were the first to suggest, finding ,new elements by spectrum analysis. Rubidium was discovered in 1861 by Bunsen
  14. In Jeddah in 1999. Hanjour's brother later explained that, frustrated at not, finding ,a job, Hanjour" increasingly turned his attention toward religious texts and
  15. By Albert Camus, published in 1947,that tells the story of medical workers, finding ,solidarity in their labor as the Algerian city of Oran is swept by a plague.
  16. And use of abacus in India. Around the 5th century, Indian clerks were already, finding ,new ways of recording the contents of the Abacus. Hindu texts used the term
  17. Ordinary" search methods to yield results *Quantum annealing, a method for, finding ,solutions to combinatorial optimization problems and ground states of glassy
  18. His fall, sparing him a broken back. ) He read from the Bible frequently, finding ,it is a comfort to him in his condition and a mainstay for his English. When
  19. By the resulting reduced algorithm's. For example, one selection algorithm for, finding ,the median in an unsorted list involves first sorting the list (the expensive
  20. At age 17,Alcott passed the exam for a teaching certificate but had trouble, finding ,work as a teacher. At first, he thought it is an acceptable occupation but soon
  21. Electrons in an atom. This function can be used to calculate the probability of, finding ,any electron of an atom in any specific region around the atom's nucleus. The
  22. It may also be possible to appeal on the basis of court misconduct, or that a, finding ,of fact was entirely unreasonable to make on the evidence. The appellant in the
  23. Were cultured in an environment high in arsenic but low in phosphorus. This, finding ,has faced strong criticism from the scientific community, many scientists have
  24. Warns against disturbing him, Shrewsbury opens Alhazred's sarcophagus anyway, finding ,that only rags, bones,and dust remain of Shared. However, the sarcophagus
  25. It works, it will be the fastest method. The most popular greedy algorithm is, finding ,the minimal spanning tree as given by Huffman Tree, Kruskal, Prim,Collin. *
  26. 2005 despite several consecutive years of double-digit economic growth. The, finding ,sharply contrasts with government's official unemployment rate of about 10
  27. Icebergs, investigations on how to separate salt from seawater, and work on, finding ,alternative fuels. Bell worked extensively in medical research and invented
  28. Taliban, who regarded them as idolatrous. Despite that archaeologists are still, finding ,Buddhist relics in different parts of the country, some of them date back to
  29. At the eastern empire. He marched to the neighborhood of Constantinople but, finding ,himself unable to undertake a siege, retraced his steps westward and then
  30. Henry Newman – looked back to the writings of 17th century Anglican divines, finding ,in these texts the idea of the English church as a via media between the
  31. Paper on the computational complexity of economic equilibrium notes that if, finding ,a true economic equilibrium is not just hard but impossible for a central
  32. To determine this value, Ptolemy started by measuring the Moon's parallax, finding ,what amounted to a horizontal lunar parallax of 1° 26′, which was much too
  33. Working Group (HOW),was formed with the intent to reduce this number by, finding ,or creating a programming language generally suitable for the department's
  34. 850 which might have marked the trade center upon which the city is built. The, finding ,of six rune stones in and around Aarhus indicates the city had some significance
  35. Entitled Finding the Direction of Bible by Calculation, in which he discussed, finding ,the Bible, where Salah prayers are directed towards, mathematically. His
  36. I of Castile. He went to France to obtain the assistance of Louis XI, but, finding , himself deceived by the French monarch, he returned to Portugal in 1477 in very
  37. System, sensory abnormalities are not necessarily absent, with some patients, finding ,altered sensation to touch and heat, found in around 10 % of patients. Patients
  38. Of Antiquities now approves and oversees all excavations, which are aimed at, finding ,information rather than treasure. The council also supervises museums and
  39. More minor legal disputes once and for all. If a party is dissatisfied with the, finding ,of such a tribunal, one generally has the power to request a trial de Nova by a
  40. Gold standard, or less frequently, free banking. Money could only be created by, finding ,and putting into circulation more gold under a gold standard. At the beginning
  41. The Co-Chairs are continuing to work with the two Presidents in the hope of, finding ,a lasting peace. The two countries are still technically at war. Notable
  42. In producing text based art with its huge variety of characters. However, finding ,a suitable fixed-width font is likely to be difficult if a significant subset
  43. Needed to be described by a probability distribution which was connected with, finding ,the electron at some point in the wave-function which described its associated
  44. In fact, by the end of the 1930s,Christie confided to her diary that she was, finding ,Poirot“ insufferable," and by the 1960s she felt that he was" an egocentric
  45. And making equal angles with the normal at that point. This is equivalent to, finding ,the point on the edge of a circular billiard table at which a cue ball at a
  46. Of death is dead" ) and went on to say," Dr. Alfred Nobel, who became rich by, finding ,ways to kill more people faster than ever before, died yesterday. " Alfred was
  47. Because of its simplicity, star hopping is a very common method for, finding ,objects that are close to naked-eye stars. More advanced methods of locating
  48. Is sure though, Indian alchemy like every other Indian science is focused on, finding ,Marsha: perfection, immortality,liberation. As such it focuses its efforts on
  49. Early foundations of parapsychology as a laboratory science, was committed to, finding ,scientific evidence for the spiritual existence of humans. Scientists who have
  50. Power, these anchors (mostly proprietary inventions still under patent) are, finding ,homes with users of small to medium-sized vessels. * The German designed bow

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