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  1. Spacesuit worn by Frank Borman. Jim Lovell's Apollo 8 spacesuit is on public, display ,in the Visitor Center at NASA's Glenn Research Center. Bill Andes' spacesuit
  2. That contain the same number of valence electrons can be grouped together and, display ,similar chemical properties. Relativistic effects For elements with high atomic
  3. Divine wrath upon the Pharaoh and his subjects (Exodus 9:23,10:13,22). The, display ,of potency from Aaron's rod had already been demonstrated in the presence of
  4. Model A model aircraft is a small unmanned type made to fly for fun, for static, display , for aerodynamic research or for other purposes. A scale model is a replica of
  5. Machine. These function together without a separate PC. * Refreshable Braille, display , An electronic tactile device which is placed below the computer keyboard. A
  6. Was for the 2006/7 Ashes series. The urn arrived on 17 October 2006,going on, display ,at the Museum of Sydney. It then toured to other states, with the final
  7. Early in life, Turing showed signs of the genius he was too later prominently, display , His parents enrolled him at St Michael's, a day school at 20 Charles Road, St
  8. Close examination of the spectral lines reveals that some, display ,a fine structure splitting. This occurs because of spin-orbit coupling, which
  9. This animation moves at 10 frames per second. Animation is the rapid, display ,of a sequence of images of 2-D or 3-D artwork or model positions in order to
  10. Handwriting recognition still works properly with the display rotated, although, display , calibration is needed when rotation in any direction is used for the first time
  11. Of the tail — were then prepared for what was to be the first ever mounted, display ,of a sauropod skeleton, at Yale's Peabody Museum of Natural History in 1905.
  12. Internet Explorer (and other browsers that support the plugin) * 3D modeling, display ,applets, used to rotate and zoom a model * Browser games can be applet-based
  13. Setting circle" ( DSC). Although digital setting circles can be used to, display ,a telescope's RA and Dec coordinates, they are not simply a digital read-out
  14. Influential games of the Golden Age of Arcade Games. Asteroid uses a vector, display ,and a two-dimensional view that wraps around in both screen axes. The player
  15. Is currently open to the public, with a selection of masterpieces on, display , The full museum will re-open in 2012 or 2013. Van Gogh lived in Amsterdam for
  16. Have been influenced by the cultures of those neighboring nations. Afghans, display ,pride in their culture, nation,ancestry, and above all, their religion and
  17. Themselves, such as the deficiency to point at things. Most autistic children, display ,moderately less attachment security than non-autistic children, although this
  18. Vertically (" portrait" ). A change of a setting rotates the contents of the, display ,by 90,180 or 270 degrees. Handwriting recognition still works properly with
  19. To express a cluster, such as Devanagari: क्ल LA. (Note that on some fonts, display ,this as क् followed by ल, rather than forming a conjunct. This expedient is
  20. Power supply transformers, power switch, ASCII keyboard, and composite video, display , An optional board providing a cassette interface for storage was later
  21. The historian R. Shaw-Smith points to letters of Augustus to Tiberius which, display ,affection towards Tiberius and high regard for his military merits. Copies of
  22. Which he eventually managed. According to Plutarch, Philip,overjoyed at this, display ,of courage and ambition, kissed him tearfully, declaring:" My boy, you must
  23. Up the principles of the revolution. His skull being put on revered public, display ,also recalls Lenin, whose embalmed body was put on display . An allegory of
  24. Computer at a cost of $350,000. The replica ABC is now on permanent, display ,in the first floor lobby of the Durham Center for Computation and Communication
  25. Visitor Center at NASA's Glenn Research Center. Bill Andes' spacesuit is on, display ,at the Science Museum in London, England. In film Apollo 8's historic mission
  26. Dispersed in the rest of the brain have less restricted movement and therefore, display ,more isotropy. This difference in fractional anisotropy is exploited to create
  27. And could also show strokes as they were being written as input was done on the, display ,itself, rather than on a silkscreen area. For editing text, Newton had a very
  28. Compound sodium chloride and other chemical ionic salts. However, many elements, display ,multiple valences, or tendencies to share differing numbers of electrons in
  29. To the powers and titles originally granted to Augustus, though often, to, display , humility,newly appointed Emperors would decline one or more of the honorifics
  30. Rather, the object is chosen from the database and arrow markers appear in the, display ,which indicate the direction to move the telescope. The telescope is moved
  31. Low in Photovoltaic (Starting et al. 2003:135). For simplicity of input and, display ,every syllable is symbolized as" a" here: ¹" Proto-Mongolian has lost all
  32. Their properties. The Spectrogram produced by such an instrument is a graphical, display ,of the time varying pressure level and frequency profiles which give a specific
  33. Also, a Hungarian MiG-21,a Pakistani MiG-19,and a Bulgarian MiG-17 are on, display ,in the museum. * MET Science and Technology Museum (DTU Film ve Teknoloji
  34. 90,180 or 270 degrees. Handwriting recognition still works properly with the, display ,rotated, although display calibration is needed when rotation in any direction
  35. The" stock" vehicle for which they are named after. A number of Modified cars, display ,a" manufacturers" logo and" vehicle name ", yet use components produced by
  36. Standard IBM 80 column punched cards and output was decimal, via a front panel, display , Comparison with other early computers Function The ABC was designed for a
  37. Serving as the backdrop for New York Department Store Brownie Teller's window, display , This was the same stage his Pop Art contemporaries Jasper Johns, James
  38. Examples of Web-based Applets include: * Windows Media Player applets, used to, display ,embedded video files in Internet Explorer (and other browsers that support the
  39. Their birth in Alberta, notably patents related to interactive liquid crystal, display ,systems. With a growing economy, Alberta has several financial institutions
  40. Or QWERTY keyboard and synthetic speech. Some models have an integrated Braille, display , * Braille embosser. Embosses Braille output from a computer by punching dots
  41. Chemical elements are often display ed in a periodic table that is laid out to, display ,recurring chemical properties, and elements with the same number of valence
  42. Carrying Selfridge) in the period from 1907 to 1912. Some of Bell's kites are on, display ,at the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site. Bell was a supporter of
  43. Apps such as Google Maps and Weather. The iPhone features a touch screen, display , 4,8,or 16 GB of memory, Bluetooth,and Wi-Fi (both" b" and" g" ). On
  44. On revered public display also recalls Lenin, whose embalmed body was put on, display , An allegory of Joseph Stalin, although another translation has him as.;
  45. Recorded in various photographs and items presently on exhibition. In another, display , wax figures of former presidents of the Republic of Turkey are on exhibit. *
  46. Since the original iPhone. The phone includes an all-new design,960x640, display , Apple's A4 processor used in the iPad, a gyroscope for enhanced gaming,5MP
  47. To the pleasing and" natural" properties that the trigonometric functions, display ,when their arguments are in radians. The radian is the (derived) unit of
  48. Traits or capabilities that researchers would like an intelligent system to, display , The traits described below have received the most attention. Or an art critic
  49. In addition, the researchers also mention that the shifting robot can even, display ,an individual's hairstyle and skin color if a photo of their face is
  50. JPG|The flag of the Vatican City taken to the Moon by Apollo 11. It is on, display ,in the Vatican Museums along with Moon rocks. Apollo 8,the second manned

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