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  1. Divestitures Military Bombardier was, until recently, a major Canadian defense, contractor , With the latest restructuring, the company sold off nearly all of its
  2. Building many structures that still stand today. He began working as a general, contractor , earning a reputation for being a hardworking, honest man as well as having a
  3. In 1881,British railway entrepreneur Sir William Watkins and French Suez Canal, contractor ,Alexandre Lav alley were in the Anglo-French Submarine Railway Company that
  4. Of attack, or the route to the target can be changed while in flight. The prime, contractor , responsible for overall system design, integration and support, is Northrop
  5. Stated in its recommendations:" Notwithstanding that in NASA's judgement the, contractor ,later made significant progress in overcoming the problems, the committee
  6. Defense contractor Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and the American defense, contractor ,Raytheon, designed to intercept medium- to long-range rockets and slower-flying
  7. Preparation and construction review) or less inclusive (such as allowing a, contractor ,to exercise considerable design-build functions). With very large, complex
  8. Custody. Further investigations revealed that he was working with the CIA as a, contractor ,in Pakistan. U. S. State Department declared him a diplomat and repeatedly
  9. Infield (previously called Cal lander Station). Duncan McIntyre and his, contractor ,James Worthington piloted the CPR expansion. Worthington continued on as the
  10. January 1997. Depot maintenance for the B-2 is accomplished by U. S. Air Force, contractor ,support and managed at Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center at Tinker Air Force
  11. Alexandrina of Russia (d. 1849) *1848 – Andrew Underdone, Canadian railway, contractor ,(d. 1905) *1850 – Marcelo H. del Polar, Filipino writer, journalist and
  12. This may be due to the fact that they have been ruled to have" government, contractor ,immunity" by the US courts. CAC say:" We remain proud of our work in Iraq
  13. Which shares much of its resources with ITV through their shared news, contractor ,ITN. At the same time, Channel 4 also believe that such an additional public
  14. Co. (65 Hun,573; affirmed in this court without opinion,146 N. Y. 363) to a, contractor ,who furnished a defective rope with knowledge of the purpose for which the rope
  15. Industry, in the case of a dispute between a homeowner and his general, contractor ,), and an experienced arbitrator. Umpire The umpire is a third party chosen
  16. Alexander Mackenzie, PC (January 28, 1822 – April 17, 1892),a building, contractor ,and newspaper editor, was the second Prime Minister of Canada from November 7
  17. Defense Forces military system being jointly developed by the Israeli defense, contractor ,Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and the American defense contractor Raytheon
  18. Airborne warning and control system (AWACS) developed by Boeing as the prime, contractor , Derived from the Boeing 707,it provides all-weather surveillance, command
  19. On behalf of their clients, advise on the award of the project to a general, contractor , and review the progress of the work during construction. They typically review
  20. Later on October 22,California-based ticket vendor Pakistan, Inc., the sole, contractor ,authorized by the Colorado Rockies to distribute tickets, was forced to suspend
  21. From the venture; however, the British firm Hawker-Siddeley stayed on as a, contractor , developing the wings for the A300,which were pivotal in later versions '
  22. Related music jobs, such as working as a bass repairer (luthier); acting as a, contractor ,who hires musicians for orchestras or big bands. Composing music (e.g., Dave
  23. Spend much of the show ranting about various topics, from his time working as a, contractor ,to incessant radio weather and traffic reports (" How many traffic reports
  24. Damage. Take for example a factory which was burnt down by the negligence of a, contractor , The claimant would be entitled to the direct costs required to rebuild the
  25. Is a leading Egyptian EPC (engineering, procurement and construction), contractor , based in Cairo, Egypt and active in more than 20 countries. OCI was
  26. The winter after Edward Elmer was born, where Mr. Smith was working as a, contractor ,in 1900. Near the Pend Oreille River, in Kootenai County, Idaho. He had four
  27. End of his tether, and sold the team to a syndicate headed by Chicago railroad, contractor ,James C." Jack" Dunn. All three would ultimately become key players in
  28. From passing laws that restrain freedom of trade. *Ben Nearly is a railroad, contractor ,whom Deign Haggard hires to replace the track on the Rio North Line with
  29. In the Louvre, an ancient and much desired privilege of great artists. When the, contractor ,of the King's buildings’M. Seoul, was arranging with David, he asked the
  30. National d'Études Spatiales (CNES). Atrium, an EADS company, is the prime, contractor ,for the vehicles, leading a consortium of sub contractor s. Ariane 5 is operated
  31. Construction contract administration and Certificates for Payment to the, contractor ,(see also Design-bid-build). In many jurisdictions, mandatory certification
  32. The mass of the craft: 486.3 kg (1072 lb 2 oz) (with fuel) * prime, contractor ,: Spectrum Castro, later acquired by General Dynamics * maximum power: 2,500 W (
  33. The World Atlas of Architecture: :"The design, originally drawn up for building, contractor ,William H. Reynolds, was finally sold to Walter P. Chrysler, who wanted a
  34. Corolla and Kevin Hench, was a single-camera endeavor that starred Corolla as a, contractor ,and father who attempts to rebuild his life after his wife leaves him. Corolla
  35. However, the design proved to be too advanced and costly for building, contractor ,William H. Reynolds, who disapproved of Van Alen's original plan. The design
  36. Then designated the Space Division, became Marshall Space Flight Center’s prime, contractor ,for the first stage of the Saturn I and Saturn IB versions. The design was
  37. Is a beautiful actress and the wife of Reign Danneskjöld. *Dick McNamara is a, contractor ,who finished the San Sebastián Line. Deign Haggard plans to hire him to lay the
  38. And admired by all the astronauts, including Shirr. But since the Apollo, contractor ,had been changed from McDonnell to North American Rockwell, Wendt had not been
  39. In British Columbia even before the private CPR took over from the government, contractor , ships were used to bring supplies to the construction sites. Similarly, too
  40. Chrysler established the Missile Division to serve as the Redstone prime, contractor , setting up an engineering operation in Huntsville and for production obtaining
  41. An employee of a private club or resort. He is classified as an" independent, contractor ," meaning that he is basically self-employed and does not receive any benefits
  42. Concrete pour was completed 18 October 2010,in New Orleans, Louisiana by, contractor ,C. J. Mahan Construction Company, LLC of Grove City, Ohio. The placement
  43. Tweed's response was that $60,000 for the aldermen would close the deal, and, contractor , William C. Kingsley put up the cash, which was delivered in a carpetbag. Tweed
  44. From Congress, and questioned NASA's selection of North American as prime, contractor , Webb eventually provided a controlled copy of Phillips' memo to Congress.
  45. In charge of the investigation criticized the National Science Foundation and, contractor ,Raytheon for failing to co-operate with the investigation. South Africa South
  46. Was attributed to natural causes by the National Science Foundation and the, contractor ,administering the base. However, an autopsy in New Zealand revealed that Dr.
  47. Around 1,000 people until surface conditions were survivable. Built by military, contractor ,Vaulted, the Vaults were ostensibly intended simply as shelters to preserve
  48. Which are expected to increase the use of London's transport network. The main, contractor ,selected to carry out the expansion and alteration works on the DLR network was
  49. Asked the U. S. Government to train a battalion, and as a result, a private, contractor , Protection Strategies Incorporated, started training a FA RDC battalion at Camp
  50. District heating Vancouver) *Colt Canada (Military equipments and Defense, contractor ,) *Chorus Entertainment - a Canadian entertainment company D *Digital Extremes (

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