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  1. The caricatures of him continued up to and even beyond his death. In the, absence ,of clear biographical facts about Aristophanes, scholars make educated guesses
  2. Worked slightly revised English Craft rituals in America, but despite the, absence ,of a central Grand Lodge, he met with objections from masonic authorities. He
  3. Of the Crown was withdrawn owing to the occupation of an enemy, because the, absence ,of the Crown's protection was temporary and involuntary (de Eager v
  4. A sabbatical year. While he was at Cambridge, the Pilot ACE was built in his, absence , It executed its first program on 10 May 1950. In 1948,he was appointed Reader
  5. He slaughtered),(he slaughters),and (slaughterhouse). In each case,the, absence ,of full glyphs for vowels makes the common root clearer, improving word
  6. But no quantitative understanding of them, which was partly due to the, absence ,of basic experimental devices, like clocks and thermometers. His writings
  7. Below to look after the people (Exodus 24:9-14). It was during the prolonged, absence ,of Moses that Aaron yielded to the clamors of the people, and made a Golden
  8. For complete combustion is:: CnH2n+2 + (1.5n+0.5)O2 → (n+1)H2O + nCO2 In the, absence ,of sufficient oxygen, carbon monoxide or even soot can be formed, as shown
  9. Of the Peripatetic school after the middle of the third century, and for the, absence ,of widespread knowledge of the specialized treatises of Aristotle throughout
  10. To water and NO2 The combustion of ammonia in air is very difficult in the, absence ,of a catalyst (such as platinum gauze),as the temperature of the flame is
  11. Is passed. Some jurisdictions hold this as an absolute right, and in its, absence , a sentence may potentially be overturned, with the result that a new
  12. In that play as follows.:: Textual corruption is probably the reason for the, absence ,of the antistrophe in the second para basis. However, there are several
  13. Without having the rampant media speculating about his health. Despite Jobs ', absence , Apple recorded its best non-holiday quarter (Q1 FY 2009) during the
  14. Spectra. Alkanes are notable for having no other groups, and therefore for the, absence ,of other characteristic spectroscopic features. Infrared spectroscopy The
  15. Without unacceptable delay. The advantage of the two-pass assembler is that the, absence ,of a need for errata makes the linker (or the loader if the assembler directly
  16. Ground, that Persians paid to their social superiors. Macedon in Alexander's, absence ,When Alexander set out for Asia, he left his general Antimatter, an experienced
  17. The case of new evidence, there must be a high probability that its presence or, absence ,would have made a material difference in the trial. Another issue suitable for
  18. Of the surface, although careful attention must be paid to the presence or, absence ,of landmine warning markers by the side of the road. The Angolan government has
  19. Of the Law. He informed the Israelites that Aaron would be their leader in his, absence , However, the moment Moses left, an evil man, Samiri, fashioned an idol calf
  20. Manifest the unity of the church in their episcopal collegiality despite the, absence ,of universal legal ties. Some bishops were initially reluctant to attend
  21. In the case of the proposed Altaic family everything remains to be done. In the, absence ,of written records, there are several ways to study the (pre)history of a
  22. Of the surface, although careful attention must be paid to the presence or, absence ,of landmine warning markers by the side of the road. The Angolan government has
  23. Continually produced and annihilated. The presence of remaining matter, and, absence , of detectable remaining antimatter, also called baryon asymmetry, is attributed
  24. Records were set in this period. The 1934 Ashes series began with the notable, absence ,of Hardwood, Voce and Sardine. The MCC had made it clear, in light of the
  25. By five species of the genus Caiman, which differs from the alligator by the, absence ,of a bony septum between the nostrils, and the ventral armor is composed of
  26. On the 'Amsterdam dialect' adding a large Yiddish local vocabulary. Despite an, absence ,of an official Jewish ghetto, most Jews preferred to live in the eastern part
  27. That many of his satraps and military governors had misbehaved in his, absence , Alexander executed a number of them as examples, on his way to Susan. After
  28. Include a" retreat" from the world, which would explain the current, absence ,of such phenomena. When the magical version of our world's history is set in
  29. In which he deals sternly with Edgar Allan Poe and Wilkie Collins. In the, absence ,of a more appropriate puzzle, he solves such inconsequential domestic problems
  30. Through December, a decrease in the late winter and spring months, and a near, absence ,of rainfall during the summer months. Algeria also has ergs, or sand dunes
  31. Of human rights that are sometimes used as justification for the existence or, absence ,of laws controlling abortion. In jurisdictions where abortion is legal, certain
  32. Strong advocate of the Gold Standard as a protector of economic liberty: In the, absence ,of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation
  33. An inflamed knee, and was away from the office for three months. During his, absence , his political rivals (mainly Göring, and Martin Bormann),attempted to have
  34. 2008,bacteria were discovered that employ a version of photosynthesis in the, absence ,of oxygen with arsenide as electron donors, producing arsenals (just as
  35. Apple memo from Jobs announced that he would be taking a six-month leave of, absence , until the end of June 2009,to allow him to better focus on his health and to
  36. Announced in an internal Apple memo that he would take another medical leave of, absence , for an indefinite period, to allow him to focus on his health. Chief operating
  37. Used commercially, is often called anhydrous ammonia. This term emphasizes the, absence ,of water in the material. Because NH3 boils at -33.34 °C (-28.012 °F) at a
  38. That the same thing can be the cause of contrary effects; its presence and, absence ,may result in different outcomes. Simply it is the goal or purpose that brings
  39. Amplitude-shift keying by which binary data is represented as the presence or, absence ,of a carrier wave. This is commonly used at radio frequencies to transmit Morse
  40. Directed towards the opening of the tube, suggesting that they reversed in; the, absence ,of any mounted carapaces suggests that mounting was not their primary reason
  41. Of the Homestead Act and the Pacific Railway Acts was made possible by the, absence ,of Southern congressmen and senators who had opposed the measures in the 1850s.
  42. He considered himself an atheist, Camus later came to tout the idea that the, absence ,of religious belief can simultaneously be accompanied by a longing for "
  43. Was no president, no executive agencies, no judiciary and no tax base. The, absence ,of tax base meant that there was no way to pay off state and national debts
  44. Windmill, whereupon Napoleon has his dogs chase Snowball away. In Snowball's, absence , Napoleon declares himself leader and makes changes. Meetings will no longer be
  45. And Protection of Human Rights in. " The lack of basic security connotes the, absence ,of one or more factors enabling individuals and families to assume basic
  46. Area was deemed hopelessly inadequate. His failings were largely due to the, absence ,of concepts like mass, velocity,force and temperature. He had a conception of
  47. On this side in later monasteries we invariably find the chapter house,the, absence ,of which in this plan is somewhat surprising. It appears, however,from the
  48. Are not toxic; Jared Diamond argues that a common genetic mutation causes an, absence ,of glucoside amygdala, and this mutant was grown by early farmers," at first
  49. Secure speech devices. He returned to Bletchley Park in March 1943. During his, absence , Hugh Alexander had officially assumed the position of head of Hut 8,although
  50. High cost of land is compensated with public subsidies, the latter compensates, absence ,of subsidies with economics of scale and low cost of land. In the Peoples

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