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  1. Effects may be either beneficial or detrimental, the location of the area is, crucial ,in determining the extent of the impact that abiotic stress will have. The
  2. John P. Mickey, CEO of Whole Foods, among others, have said they consider Rand, crucial ,to their success. Rand and her works have been referred to in a variety of
  3. And why that attack is successful. The myxopyronin binds to and inhibits the, crucial ,bacterial enzyme, RNA polymerase. The myxopyronin changes the structure of the
  4. The Union the central goal of the war, though he increasingly saw slavery as a, crucial ,issue and made ending it an additional goal. Lincoln's decision to issue the
  5. Has played a major role in human history, as agricultural progress has been a, crucial ,factor in worldwide socio-economic change. Division of labor in agricultural
  6. To cultural, technological,and artistic pursuits. Land management was, crucial ,in Ancient Egypt because taxes were assessed based on the amount of land a
  7. Yuri (then known as Alexandros). During World War II, Azerbaijan played a, crucial ,role in the strategic energy policy of Soviet Union, with most of the Soviet
  8. Has its origins in Asian Anthropology, dividing the discipline in the four, crucial ,and interrelated fields of sociocultural, biological,linguistic, and archaic
  9. Organisms—their environments and their evolutionary pathways—is considered a, crucial ,component to understanding how life might evolve elsewhere in the universe.
  10. Is so horrible and cannot easily be explained, it forces people into a, crucial ,test of faith: either we must believe everything or we must deny everything
  11. Reestablished at Nicaea some discipline among the crusaders, fought a, crucial ,role at the Battle of Propylaeum and was largely responsible for sustaining
  12. That the error he had made was a very fundamental one. According to Wiles,the, crucial ,idea for circumventing, rather than closing this gap, came to him on 19
  13. A prominent position in the bank; it received the presidency and some other, crucial ," reserve positions" such as the director of the administration department. By
  14. Reject Wollstonecraft’s ideas. Both Edgeworth and Austen argue that women are, crucial ,to the development of the nation; moreover, they portray women as rational
  15. To exist outside the body during surgery. The advance is said to have been a, crucial ,step in the development of open-heart surgery and organ transplants, and to
  16. Crew of Apollo 7 NASA's Distinguished Service Medal, in recognition of their, crucial ,contribution to the Apollo program. They had been the only Apollo and Skylab
  17. Synods began to pass ecclesiastical legislation independent of England. A, crucial ,step in the development of the modern communion was the idea of the Lambert
  18. Province. Hostilities along Armenian-Azerbaijan border disrupted, crucial ,supply routes which Armenia was greatly dependent on. The winters of 1991-92
  19. The confirmation of his estimated stellar diameters by Michelson in 1920 proved, crucial ,in convincing astronomers unused to Eddington's intuitive, exploratory style.
  20. Use of the ram or the torpedo, which a number of naval designers considered the, crucial ,weapons of naval combat. There is no clear end to the ironclad period, but
  21. Of yes or no. Though there might be blocs of opinion, sometimes enduring, on, crucial , issues,there were no political parties and likewise no government or
  22. Particularly in classes on Arabic grammar these vowels are used since they are, crucial ,to the grammar. An Arabic sentence can have a completely different meaning by a
  23. On high demand flights can help reduce this figure. This is especially, crucial ,during tough economic times as airlines undertake massive cuts to ticket prices
  24. And activists consider epidemic diseases (AIDS, malaria,tuberculosis) as, crucial ,factors in and consequences of extreme poverty. Extreme poverty is most common
  25. Gold (in which they believed elemental mercury, or 'quicksilver ', played a, crucial ,role). These men were viewed as magicians and sorcerers by many, and were
  26. Credited with increasing black turnout on the bill which has been seen as the, crucial ,difference in its passing. Blacks also hold far more conservative opinions on
  27. And the 28 poems composed in prison, forced-labor camp, and exile also provide, crucial ,material for understanding Solzhenitsyn's intellectual and spiritual odyssey
  28. Weighed the reactants and products in a chemical reaction, which was a, crucial ,step in the advancement of chemistry. He showed that, although matter can
  29. They did not choose the cowardly route, take the stupid action, fumble the, crucial ,activity, etc.; few writers focus on this idea, although it has been explored
  30. Virginia in 1756. The influence of Thoroughbreds like Janus contributed genes, crucial ,to the development of the colonial" Quarter Horse. " The breed is sometimes
  31. Augustine's arguments against magic, differentiating it from miracle, were, crucial , in the early Church's fight against paganism and became a central thesis in
  32. President de Klerk on 2 February 1990. These initial meetings were the first, crucial ,steps towards resolution. The next official step towards rebuilding South
  33. Helpless (see" Cycles of violence" below). Nature and weather Nature is a, crucial ,element in Kurosawa’s films. According to Stephen Prince," Kurosawa’s
  34. For the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb the conquest of Qutbshahi ruled Golconda was, crucial ,to the legitimacy of his reign throughout the realm. Although the Qutbshahi's
  35. Through two Jewish commanders in her military. This support was particularly, crucial ,during the war with Ptolemy Lathers (discussed later). Ultimately, conflict
  36. It follows that the decision of counsel as to what evidence will be called is a, crucial ,tactic in any case in the adversarial system and hence it might be said that it
  37. Still used in many developing countries. Storm drains Drainage systems are a, crucial ,compromise between human habitability and a secure, sustainable watershed.
  38. In the mid 1960s,Warhol adopted the band the Velvet Underground, making them a, crucial ,element of the Exploding Plastic Inevitable multimedia performance art show.
  39. Judgment in selecting Brig. Gens. Lloyd Tillman and John B. Floyd for those, crucial ,positions and for not supervising adequate construction of the forts. Union
  40. And evaluated generals. He also arranged for soldiers to be home to vote in, crucial ,elections, knowing they would be 75-85 % Republican. Stanton was one of many
  41. Maladaptive behaviors; claims that intervention by around age three years is, crucial ,are not substantiated. Available approaches include applied behavior analysis (
  42. Of astronomers to track the positions and movements of such celestial bodies is, crucial ,to the understanding of our Solar System and its interrelated past, present
  43. Shook him deeply, perhaps also because Laura had asked him to intervene at a, crucial ,point in the scandal, which he did not feel able or willing to do. Instead, he
  44. Atmospheres. In our solar system both Jupiter and Saturn were probably, crucial ,in perturbing comets into the inner solar system. Here the comets provided the
  45. Observer knows where his or her own culture ends and another begins, and other, crucial ,topics in writing anthropology were heard. It is possible to view all human
  46. Being the audio and noise control industries. Hearing is one of the most, crucial ,means of survival in the animal world, and speech is one of the most
  47. Adequate lubrication, relaxation,and communication between sexual partners are, crucial ,to avoid pain or damage to the anus. Ensuring that the anal area is clean and
  48. Beef, and oil and gas. The development of transportation in Alberta has been, crucial ,to its historical economic development. The North American fur trade relied on
  49. Work of administration throughout the whole citizen body, engaging them in the, crucial ,democratic experience of, to use Aristotle's words," ruling and being ruled
  50. Structures). The concept and theory of Kolmogorov Complexity is based on a, crucial ,theorem first discovered by Ray Solomon off who published it in 1960,describing

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