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  1. Soul upon my lips; for it rose, poor wretch, as though to cross over. A looser, translation ,reads:::: :Kissing Marathon, I found my soul at my lips. Poor thing! It went
  2. The Concept of Anxiety (also known as The Concept of Dread, depending on the, translation ,), Kierkegaard used the word Angst (in common Danish, angst,meaning" dread
  3. Found in some proteins produced by enzyme post translation al modifications after, translation ,and translocation to the endoplasmic reticulum, as in exotic sea-dwelling
  4. Body was put on display. An allegory of Joseph Stalin, although another, translation ,has him as.; Snowball: Napoleon's rival and original head of the farm after
  5. To some atoms as well as to the proposed light particles, and submitted his, translation ,of Bose's paper to the Zeitschrift fur Physic. Einstein also published his own
  6. British Library Sound Archive) * The Woman and the Ken ite (horror: an Italian, translation , allegedly transcribed from an Italian magazine of the 1920s,is available on
  7. Elohim (translated in English Bibles as" God" ). This goes back to early, translation ,work by Francis Xavier in the 16th century. The first dictionary of Dutch-Malay
  8. Will burn, which is why in Germanic languages the word for amber is a literal, translation ,of burn-Stone (NL. barns teen, de. Bernstein, the latter of which the Polish
  9. Subsequently requesting that she augment the notes she had added to the, translation , Lady Lovelace spent most of a year doing this. These notes, which are more
  10. Both languages and the letter" k" does not appear in the longhand of either, translation ," km" is a symbol as it is a substitution rather than a contraction. In the
  11. Sparked its migration from Alexandria to the Islamic world, facilitating the, translation ,and preservation of Greek alchemical texts in the 8th and 9th centuries. Much
  12. Advises against using Americans exclusively for U. S. nationals: English, translation ,: Canada Prior to Confederation in 1867,the word" Canadian" referred only to
  13. Technique that became the wholly new ABBA sound. Anderson arranged an English, translation ,of the lyrics by Neil Sedan and Phil Cody, and they thought this would be a
  14. While L-amino acids represent all the amino acids found in proteins during, translation ,in the ribosome, D-amino acids are found in some proteins produced by enzyme
  15. Unicode blocks for Imperial Aramaic is U+10840–U+1085F:" American shot" is a, translation ,of a phrase from French film criticism," plan American" and refers to a
  16. The earliest recorded use of this term in English is in Thomas Hacket's 1568, translation , of André Thévet's book on France Antarctic; Tevet himself had referred to
  17. To demonize Israel and its leaders. In Egypt, Dar al-Fadhilah published a, translation ,of Henry Ford's antisemitic treatise, The International Jew, complete with
  18. The former translation comes to a far too low 755,000 km whereas the second, translation ,comes to 148.7 to 152.8 million km (accurate within 2 %). Hipparchus also
  19. Material from a biography by his student Abu ‘ Band Al-Jazari. A more recent, translation ,of the Autobiography appears in D. Guts, Avicenna and the Aristotelian
  20. computer's machine code. The assembler performs a more or less isomorphic, translation ,(a one-to-one mapping) from mnemonic statements into machine instructions and
  21. 400 and 80000" ). This has been translated either as 4,080,000 Stadia (1903, translation , by Edwin Hamilton Gifford),or as 804,000,000 Stadia (edition of Édouard DES
  22. Recognition. Converts the printed word into text, via a scanner. * Braille, translation , Converts the printed word into Braille, which can then be embossed via a
  23. Intellectual interests and affinities Ideology Schopenhauer read the Latin, translation ,of the Upanishads which had been translated by French writer Aquatic du Person
  24. Which had been translated by French writer Aquatic du Person from the Persian, translation ,of Prince Data Shiloh entitled Sirre-Akbar (" The Great Secret" ). He was so
  25. Chapters as Chapter 7," The Piper at the Gates of Dawn ", could not survive, translation ,to the theater. A special introduction written by Milne is included in some
  26. Charcot's disease),although it may also be referred to by the direct, translation ,of ALS, sclerose lateral amyotrophic (SLA). To avoid confusion, the annual
  27. Must represent the lost art of rendering antimony malleable. " An English, translation ,of the" Cirrus Triumphalism" appeared in English in 1660,under the title The
  28. A common proverb in the Punjab reads jit key Jung, secunder jay hear, in, translation ," Alexander wins so many battles that he loses the war ". It is used to
  29. Delay). Mainstream Bible translation s in both languages use Allah as the, translation ,of Hebrew Elohim (translated in English Bibles as" God" ). This goes back to
  30. Which was used as an antiseptic and eyeliner. Bartholomew Theron in his 1543, translation , of John of Vigo introduces the word as a term used by" barbarous" ( Moorish)
  31. Common name alder is derived from an old Germanic root, also found to be the, translation ,of the Old French" Verne" for alder or copse of alders. The botanic name
  32. August was inscribed on the interior of the proteins in Latin, whereas a Greek, translation ,is also present on an exterior wall of the cell. The temple, on the ancient
  33. Home to the largest Jewish community in the world and the Septuagint, a Greek, translation ,of the Hebrew Bible, was produced there. Mane tho, an Egyptian priest and
  34. Got ". Run also translated Matthew in 1612 to Malay language (first Bible, translation ,to non-European language, only a year after King James Version was published)
  35. Society of Albania. The first full Albanian Bible to be printed was the Filial, translation ,which was printed in 1990. There are about 4,000 active Jehovah's witnesses in
  36. And to induce speech via imitation. The New Latin word autism us (English, translation ,autism) was coined by the Swiss psychiatrist Eugen Euler in 1910 as he was
  37. The ogre (lawful) (see" ghoul" ). The English name Demon Star is a direct, translation , In Hebrew folklore it was known as Rose ha Satan 'Satan's Head ', via Edmund
  38. To be where everyone::: Is as penniless as he is!: The pun here in English, translation ,(Penestes-penniless) is a weak version of the Greek pun, Penéstaisi-penéstĕs
  39. C. Run, Justus Hernias, and Caspar Wilt ens in 1650 recorded" Allah" as the, translation ,of the Dutch word" Got ". Run also translated Matthew in 1612 to Malay
  40. The Spirit, cannot be benefited. Therefore, it is not needful that it should be, translation , Amen. " The 91st Section of the Doctrine and Covenants is the reason that the
  41. His blood, according to the prophecy of Elijah. But the Septuagint (the Greek, translation ,of the Old Testament) adds that" pigs" also licked his blood. Israelites of
  42. To two neighboring amino acids. The process of making proteins is called, translation ,and involves the step-by-step addition of amino acids to a growing protein
  43. Meantime, following some earlier workshops, a full presentation of the English, translation ,of the musical in concert, now with the shortened name of" Kristina ", has
  44. Of asphalts (as distinguished from piss asphalt and naphtha): (1655 Goodyear, translation ,). The 'Judaicum Bitumen' is a famous deposit of native asphalt seeping
  45. Of the West. Schopenhauer was first introduced to the 1802 Latin Upanishads, translation ,through Friedrich Major. They met during the winter of 1813-1814 in Weimar at
  46. Connective tissues. Another example is the formation of housing in the, translation ,initiation factor EIF5A,through modification of a lysine residue. Such
  47. Are formed by post- translation al modification, which is modification after, translation ,during protein synthesis. These modifications are often essential for the
  48. To adopt the name Afghanistan for the entire Afghan Empire after its English, translation ,had already appeared in various treaties with Qatari Persia and British India.
  49. Dated 1974-1991). Using the Greek stadium of 185 to 190 meters, the former, translation ,comes to a far too low 755,000 km whereas the second translation comes to 148.7
  50. Enlarged German edition) (Breitkopf & Cartel, Leipzig 1908). (English, translation ,by Ernest Newman, with author's alterations and additions, London 1911. ) * J.

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