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  1. The whole, supported the Enlightenment ideals of the French Revolution. When a, chair ,of mathematics became vacant at the College de France in 1843,Cauchy applied
  2. Modern system of clinical instruction. Four years later he was appointed to the, chair ,of chemistry also. In 1728, he was elected into the French Academy of Sciences
  3. Successful, but also one of its most controversial coaches. He famously threw a, chair ,across the court during a game, was once arrested for assault, and regularly
  4. Among mathematicians and when Guglielmo Libra Caducei Dallas Command was made, chair ,in mathematics before him he, and many others, felt his views were the cause.
  5. The constellation Cepheus). * A smaller figure, next to the man, sitting on a, chair , As it is near the pole star, it can be seen by observers in the Northern
  6. For example, the Anglican Communion, parish churches may maintain a, chair ,for the use of the bishop when he visits; this is to signify the parish's
  7. Of Minnesota at Minneapolis and later at Indiana University, where he was, chair ,of the psychology department from 1946 to 1947,before returning to Harvard as a
  8. Of the Republican National Committee, and his wife Betsy DeVos served as, chair ,of the Michigan Republican Party from 1996 to 2000 and 2003 to 2005. In May
  9. Rather than daises Jar, Kasten (wardrobe) instead of Shrank, Sessel (, chair ,) instead of STIHL, Stiege (stairs) instead of Trippe, Rauchfang (chimney)
  10. With the words" Need a lift? " On the five-foot-five inch (165 cm) Wesson's, chair ,before a negotiating session in his office. Bob Mulholland also claimed Arnold
  11. Specific reforms. These reforms, known as the Madder Report (after the, chair ,of the committee),were then brought to the faculty for a vote. On May 7,1969
  12. Murderer William Keller becomes the first person to be executed by electric, chair , *1901 – Kiowa land in Oklahoma is opened for white settlement, effectively
  13. Alien, the Aga Khan University (Pakistan) named its Ophthalmology endowed, chair ,as" The Ibn-e-Haitham Associate Professor and Chief of Ophthalmology ".
  14. Party, the Greens (Die Green),one. Members of the opposition party can, chair ,a significant number of standing committees. These committees have either a
  15. Computer science department chair John Gut tag '71,MIT neuroscience department, chair ,Mark F. Bear (B. A. '78,Ph.D. '84),Penn psychologist, Lasker Award winner
  16. III (1981),depicts a female nude, hooded detainee strapped to a, chair , her legs open to reveal her sexual organs, surrounded by two tormentors
  17. 1779 he became professor of experimental physics at the University of Pa via,a, chair ,he occupied for almost 25 years. In 1794,Volta married Teresa Peregrine, with
  18. Bauhaus is in the field of modern furniture design. The ubiquitous Cantilever, chair ,and the Easily Chair designed by Marcel Breuer are two examples. (Breuer
  19. A seat strap attached to the base of the boot joint, which is laid across the, chair ,seat prior to sitting down, or 2) a neck strap or shoulder harness attached to
  20. Due to lobbying by Darwin and Huxley, by British government in 1881. *Asked, chair ,the International Congress of Spiritualists (which was meeting in London) in
  21. Elects one of their number as Mayor to serve as the town's civic leader and to, chair ,council meetings Situation and origin of the name Bodmin lies in the center of
  22. He was appointed rector of the university, he succeeded Covert Bid loo in the, chair ,of practical medicine, and in this capacity he introduced the modern system of
  23. That some expected. Boas had planned for Ruth Benedict to succeed him as, chair ,of Columbia's anthropology department, but she was sidelined by Ralph Linton
  24. Without informing Ward. " They didn't talk to me, they booted me from my, chair ,and I wasn't told about that. I knew they'd have to bring in a drummer to
  25. It was strange that the MRC had 'hidden' the documents. Jim Dobbin, MP and, chair ,of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Involuntary Tranquilizer Addiction
  26. Alex at first, before forcing him into the theater and what Alex calls the ", chair ,of torture. " *Dr. Trotsky: The scientist and co-founder of the" Ludovic
  27. Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox and Anglican cathedrals there is a special, chair ,set aside for the exclusive use of the bishop. This is the bishop's cathedral
  28. Is a serene woman who, after taking care of the housework, sits quietly in a, chair , She says that at her age there is nothing much left to fear. *Jean Narrow:
  29. A news release that upset the coach. 1980s *In February 1985,Knight threw a, chair ,across the court to protest a referee's call during a game against the rival
  30. Pathogenesis Stanley Fallow (PhD '59),MIT computer science department, chair ,John Gut tag '71,MIT neuroscience department chair Mark F. Bear (B. A. '78
  31. On March 23, 1973). As Governor, he oversaw four executions: one by electric, chair ,and three by lethal injection. Later, as president, Clinton was the first
  32. Daughter of artist Pablo Picasso * 1949 – Larry Walters, American " lawn, chair ," pilot (d. 1993) *1951 – Barry Brown, American actor and writer (d. 1978)
  33. She is unable to take an active role in the group, so The Elders place an empty, chair ,for her at their meetings. The Elders have consistently called for the release
  34. In June 2006,Gwyneth Dunwoody, the House of Commons Transport Committee, chair , called for an investigation into the companies. Transport commentator
  35. Говоря ('the man that I'm talking to' ) ***столът, на който седя ('the, chair ,that I'm sitting on' ) Definiteness (article) In modern Bulgarian
  36. Order. He had further become the first Franciscan to hold a University, chair , Alexander had died in Paris, France on August 21, 1245,but before passing he
  37. For the Council. Leading on from developments in the British-Irish Council,the, chair ,of the British-Irish Inter-Parliamentary, Niall Alana, has suggested that the
  38. Commonly-touched items, such as bed rails, over-the-bed tray tables, chair ,arms,nurse's call buttons, IV poles, etc. were retrofitted with antimicrobial
  39. Joseph Salerno: professor of economics at Pace University. He is also the, chair ,of the economics graduate program. He is also a senior faculty member of the
  40. Debuts as a publicly available service on the Internet. * 1991 – DOI Bamako, chair ,of the Social Democratic Party, becomes Japan's first female speaker of the
  41. In early 1913. Later that year, Robert Ball, holder of the theoretical Lowndes, chair ,also died, and Eddington was named the director of the entire Cambridge
  42. In Paris, France on August 21, 1245,but before passing he had resigned his, chair ,in favor of Jean de la Rochelle. In being the first Franciscan to hold a choir
  43. With Dutch architect/designer Mart Star over the rights to the cantilever, chair ,patent. Although Star had worked on the design of the Bauhaus's 1923 exhibit
  44. One of us is winning a title this year. " This prompted Knight to throw his, chair ,off the stage and walk out saying," I may not be retired. " Knight also made
  45. King of Sardinia (who ruled Turin and the surrounding Piedmont region) for a, chair ,of theoretical physics, which was created especially for him. He taught in
  46. Both comic and serious works; his subject could be a soup can or an electric, chair , Warhol used the same techniques – silkscreens, reproduced serially, and often
  47. Darwin, son of Charles Darwin, died suddenly and Eddington was promoted to his, chair ,as the Permian Professor of Astronomy and Experimental Philosophy in early
  48. Lawyer and White House Counsel * 1945 – Laura Spur, American Indian tribal, chair ,(d. 2010) *1947 – Ian Anderson, Scottish singer and flutist (Jethro Tull) *
  49. Position he ever had in the Senate. Goldwater retired in 1987,serving as, chair ,of the Senate Intelligence and Armed Services Committees in his final term.
  50. Created by switching letters around. The French chaise tongue (" long, chair ,") became the American" chaise lounge" by metathesis (transposition of

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