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  1. To drive propellers. Early airships used man power and steam-power. The more, practical ,internal combustion piston engine was the power source used for virtually all
  2. Intentions: it is thought that the considerations of the layout were purely, practical ,and defensive rather than ornamental. Construction started in 1613 and
  3. And then ask what morally significant features (including both theory and, practical ,considerations) ought to be considered for that particular case. In their
  4. Ethics is concerned with just three theories: # utilitarianism, where the, practical ,consequences of various policies are evaluated on the assumption that the right
  5. And is not categorized as art. Often, if the skill is being used in a common or, practical ,way, people will consider it a craft instead of art. Likewise, if the skill is
  6. May use either a deterministic or a random strategy. Such algorithms have, practical ,value for many hard problems. * Quantum algorithm: Quantum algorithm run on a
  7. Where k>0. The approximation improves as k increases. K=10 is good for many, practical ,purposes. An analog or analogue signal is any continuous signal for which the
  8. Father of electrodynamics. In practice, its name is often shortened to amp. In, practical ,terms, the ampere is a measure of the amount of electric charge passing a point
  9. Stone might be used to summon and communicate with angels. In the 17th century, practical ,alchemy started to evolve into modern chemistry, In the eighteen century,"
  10. By salvation caused by cosmic-ray protons. Aluminum isotopes have found, practical ,application in dating marine sediments, manganese nodules, glacial ice, quartz
  11. Section 34) where the essence," ideas ", of the world are shown. Art is the, practical ,consequence of this brief aesthetic contemplation as it attempts to depict one
  12. Term" scientific method ". For Aristotle," all science (Diana) is either, practical , poetical or theoretical" ( Metaphysics 1025b25). By practical science, he
  13. Of movement). Practical philosophy Ethics Aristotle considered ethics to be a, practical ,rather than theoretical study, i. e., one aimed at doing good rather than
  14. Can 'soar' - gain height from updrafts such as thermal currents. The first, practical , controllable example was designed and built by the British scientist and
  15. To output volumes of high-quality produce per land unit at what may be the, practical ,limit. The Haber-Bosch method for synthesizing ammonium nitrate represented a
  16. SR.53. *The ornithopter obtains thrust by flapping its wings. It has found, practical ,use in a model hawk used to freeze prey animals into stillness so that they can
  17. To do the best things. When the best people come to live life this way their, practical ,wisdom (process) and their intellect (nous) can develop with each other
  18. Believe in God),or as part of a high-minded moral code, like Narrow. He is a, practical ,man, doing what needs to be done without any fuss, even though he knows that
  19. An approximate solution where the time or resources are limited. They are not, practical ,to find perfect solutions. An example of this would be local search, tabu
  20. Recent applications of existentialism have much in common with many of Camus's, practical ,ideas (see: Resistance, Rebellion,and Death). But, his personal
  21. Is stable only below −50 °C. Acrylic acid, which is of historic and, practical ,interest, arises from the methylation of arsenic trioxide, a reaction that has
  22. That all treatments have exactly the same effect) is recommended as a, practical ,test, because of its robustness against many alternative distributions. The
  23. Of monumental pyramids, temples,and obelisks; a system of mathematics,a, practical ,and effective system of medicine, irrigation systems and agricultural
  24. Anarchist theory. Criticisms of anarchism include moral criticisms, practical ,criticisms which claim that anarchism is unworkable in practice, and the
  25. The landand the land is therefore his or his assigns’ in perpetuity. " As a, practical ,matter, in terms of the ownership of land, anarcho-capitalists recognize that
  26. Late period. Medical papyri show empirical knowledge of anatomy, injuries,and, practical ,treatments. Wounds were treated by bandaging with raw meat, white linen
  27. Foundry where she worked. Alvin became a millwright and welder. Their hands-on, practical ,labor experience got Löffler a position on a union-backed newspaper, a transfer
  28. Inventor, engineer and innovator who is credited with inventing the first, practical ,telephone. Bell's father, grandfather,and brother had all been associated
  29. Leader. Thus, rather than megalomania, such behavior may simply have been a, practical ,attempt at strengthening his rule and keeping his empire together. And Stature
  30. Of anthropological research, all branches of anthropology have widespread, practical ,application in diverse fields. This is known as applied anthropology. Thus
  31. Between self and other is part of the root cause of our suffering. In, practical ,terms, however,because of the spontaneous self-centeredness of most of us
  32. In cryolite; Charles Martin Hall and Paul Hérault might have developed the more, practical ,process after Seville. Before the Hall-Héroult process was developed in the
  33. The American Colonization Society program of making the abolition of slavery, practical ,by helping the freed slaves to settle in Liberia in Africa. Congressman Lincoln
  34. In the laboratory, but these are only laboratory curiosities without much, practical ,use. Under extremely high pressures and low temperatures, such as those found
  35. From others, but by each person's experience and practice from within. As in, practical ,arts, the presence and meaning of love becomes validated and grasped not by
  36. Script, it is unnecessary to determine the proper case of most words. ) The, practical ,result of this is that MSA is written in a strongly determined word order, and
  37. To confusion with the definition of a coulomb (i.e.,1 amp-second),but in, practical ,terms this means that measures of a constant current (e.g., the nominal flow
  38. To compose many types of inorganic acids and bases. During the 17th century, practical ,alchemy started to evolve into modern chemistry, as it was renamed by Robert
  39. Human-powered heavier-than-air flight has been achieved, but has not become a, practical ,means of transport. Unmanned aircraft and models have also used other power
  40. Discussions of alchemy are generally split into an examination of its exoteric, practical ,applications, and its esoteric aspects. The former is pursued by historians of
  41. Patents for the carbon microphone from Western Union. This made the telephone, practical ,for long distances, and it was no longer necessary to shout to be heard at the
  42. Union, which was nominally established in 1989 but which has carried little, practical ,weight. Provinces and districts Algeria is divided into 48 provinces (plays
  43. Truthfulness, non-stealing,celibacy and non-possessiveness with their current, practical ,limitations while the monks have to observe them very strictly. With consistent
  44. Interpreted in a spiritual sense, and it downplays the role of the alchemy as a, practical ,tradition or prescience. This interpretation further forwarded the view that
  45. 6.241 × 1018 electrons, or one coulomb per second constituting one ampere. The, practical ,definition may lead to confusion with the definition of a coulomb (i.e.,1
  46. 9th to 14th centuries, alchemical theories faced criticism from a variety of, practical ,Muslim chemists, including JA'far al-Sadiq, Alkindus, Abū Astrakhan al-Bīrūnī
  47. Of power, and a monarch as an impartial element able to practice justice (in a, practical ,and everyday sense, not a cosmological one). Schopenhauer, by his own
  48. Hence algorithms are not patentable (as in Gottschalk v. Benson). However, practical ,applications of algorithms are sometimes patentable. For example, in Diamond v.
  49. Of the emerging provinces of the Communion, but to" discuss matters of, practical ,interest, and pronounce what we deem expedient in resolutions which may serve
  50. Is either practical , poetical or theoretical" ( Metaphysics 1025b25). By, practical ,science, he means ethics and politics; by poetical science, he means the study

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