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  1. Moon walks, adding new seismic studies to the by now familiar Apollo experiment, package , and using the modular equipment transporter (MET),a pull cart for carrying
  2. Saw a release for PCs with Windows 3.1 as part of the original Microsoft Arcade, package , Also, a new version of Asteroids was developed for PlayStation, Nintendo 64
  3. Canada was offering a one-time ex gratia payment of $20,000 as the compensation, package ,for Agent Orange exposure at CFB Gage town. On July 12, 2005,Merchant Law Group
  4. Package, but pledged to work with whichever party was elected to make their tax, package ,better. They campaigned with the slogan" No GST on food ". In 1999,after
  5. The Professor, Emily Withering Heights, and Anne Agnes Grey. By July 1846,a, package ,with the three manuscripts was making the rounds of London publishers. After a
  6. July 2007. It was an A300F freighter for FedEx. Airbus has announced a support, package ,to keep A300s flying commercially until at least 2025. Variants A300B1 Only two
  7. Suite for various Unix flavors including Matrix, SunOS, *BSD and IRIS. This, package ,is no longer actively maintained. Ports Used
  8. In January 1999. Brazil received an International Monetary Fund rescue, package ,in mid-2002 of $30.4 billion, then a record sum. Brazil's central bank paid
  9. Package that also included 235 AGM-65G-2 Maverick missiles. Total value of the, package , including launchers, maintenance,spare parts, support and training rounds
  10. A socket (" Socket A" ) on the motherboard (it also shipped in the slot A, package ,). It was sold at speeds ranging from 600 MHz to 1.4 GHz (Athlon Classics
  11. The United Arab Emirates through Pakistan and Iran. Afghanistan's postal and, package ,services such as FedEx, DHL and others make deliveries to major cities and
  12. On the last three lunar missions, it also carried a scientific instrument, package , Because its configuration was chosen early before the selection of lunar orbit
  13. Software systems. Ada package s can be compiled separately, and furthermore, Ada, package , specifications (the package interface) can be compiled separately without the
  14. The country, then cleared the decks to make way for a new national broadcast, package ,that began in earnest with the 2007 postseason, and expanded to Sunday
  15. Stated that they liked neither the Liberal (GST) tax package or the Labor, package , but pledged to work with whichever party was elected to make their tax package
  16. Pins—13 instead of 16—and no external interrupts to fit into a smaller 28-pin, package , Smaller packaging was, and still is, an important factor in overall system
  17. Currently detect adware and spyware, or offer a separate spyware detection, package , The reluctance to add adware and spyware detection to commercial antivirus
  18. Now the Formula BMW series is the preferred option as it has introduced an aero, package ,and slicks, allowing the junior drivers to gain experience in a race car with
  19. Advertising has many hidden signs and meanings within brand names, logos, package , designs,print advertisements, and television advertisements. The purpose of
  20. Appeal was that desktop connectivity was not included in the basic retail, package , a problem that was later solved with 2. X Newton devices - these were bundled
  21. Version of Mexico, Hexic HD, was included with every new Xbox 360 Premium, package , He left Microsoft in 2005. On August 18, 2005 Wild Snake Software announced
  22. With its computers. An example of this is the consumer-oriented life software, package ,that bundles DVD, iMovie,photo, iTunes,GarageBand, and web. For
  23. The work suite of productivity software; Aperture, a professional photography, package ,; Final Cut Studio, a suite of professional audio and film-industry software
  24. At speeds ranging from 600 MHz to 1.4 GHz (Athlon Classics using the Slot A, package ,could clock up to 1 GHz). The major difference, however,was cache design.
  25. Xbox and PlayStation 2,using Digital Eclipse's emulation technology. (This, package ,was released for the PC a year earlier under the title Atari: 80 Classic Games
  26. 2010. This was owing to bad weather, a lack of a government stimulus, package , and the continuing effects of decreased agricultural subsidies by the Armenian
  27. Can be compiled separately, and furthermore, Ada package specifications (the, package ,interface) can be compiled separately without the implementation to check for
  28. Holy Trinity Church. Adware, or advertising-supported software, is any software, package ,which automatically plays, displays,or downloads advertisements to a computer.
  29. Of the hardware add-on corrected these problems. By adding a CRTC6845 to the, package , a full hardware solution was created that did not reduce CPU performance and
  30. Of a dog's head and the words" Dog Cookies. " The students looked at the, package , and were shocked. Two of them wanted to vomit, put their hands in front of
  31. Of SL-AMRAAM as part of a larger 7 billion dollar foreign military sales, package , The sale would include 288 AMRAAM C-7 missiles. The US Army has test fired the
  32. One of the Braves' current broadcasters, called play-by-play for the national, package , which includes the Division Series every season and alternating coverage of
  33. In an outdoor unit; the evaporator is mounted in the air handler unit. With a, package ,system, all components are located in a single outdoor unit that may be located
  34. Agreed to sell 218 AIM-120C-7 missiles to Taiwan as part of a large arms sales, package ,that also included 235 AGM-65G-2 Maverick missiles. Total value of the package
  35. Can nest to any depth and each can also be the logical outermost block. Each, package , procedure or function can have its own declarations of constants, types
  36. The Democrats publicly stated that they liked neither the Liberal (GST) tax, package ,or the Labor package , but pledged to work with whichever party was elected to
  37. By the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. * FRD CSA, an attempt to, package ,and integrate all FOSS AI systems for GNU+Linux-based systems. * I-X,a system
  38. People's Will" ) movement, Nikolai Yaakov, was carrying a small white, package ,wrapped in a handkerchief. " After a moment's hesitation I threw the bomb. I
  39. Often with the compressor and evaporator located in a separate external, package ,and the two units connected via two detachable refrigerant pipes, as is the
  40. And limited types can only be modified or copied within the scope of the, package ,that defines them. Ada 95 adds additional features for object-oriented
  41. Tags pinned to their ears. The heads were bundled together in a gruesome, package ,and sent to the Abbasid caliph who was on pilgrimage at Mecca. Upon receiving
  42. Interposer much like the Thunderbird instead of the organic pin grid array, package ,used on all later Palomino processors. The initial version (later known as A)
  43. A screen version, and the studio agreed as long as Laurent's was not part of the, package , It was not until then that Laurent's learned he officially had been blacklisted
  44. The Apollo 12 landing site. The Intrepid lunar module descent stage, experiment, package , ( ALSOP),Surveyor 3 spacecraft, and astronaut footpaths are all visible.
  45. Combat Shadow II special operations tankers outfitted with a" precision strike, package ," to give them an attack capability. The Air Force is requesting $1.6 billion
  46. Autodesk developed AutoCAD LT so that they would have an entry-level CAD, package ,to compete in the lower price level. As of the 2011 release the AutoCAD LT MSRP
  47. Dynamic exterior belied the low performance of its base engine, and its base, package ,was quite spartan (even the passenger-side mirror was an option. ) In 1987
  48. Arrest of Infant in New York after Customs men in July 2003 seized one of his, package ,from Oakland containing weapons’ parts addressed to his safe house in Zambian
  49. To be offered at a reasonable price, and Pacemaker, an early desktop publishing, package , The Mac was particularly powerful in this market due to its advanced graphics
  50. 1200. While there are hundreds of small differences between the full AutoCAD, package ,and AutoCAD LT, currently there are a few recognized major differences in the

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