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  1. Hereford, none was named to Worcester, and it appears that Alfred intended to, retain ,Worcester along with York, which several of his predecessors had done. In 1061
  2. E., or C. E.),and many schools, especially primary schools (up to age 11), retain , a church connection and are known as church schools, C. E. Schools or C. E. (
  3. Even more so than the controversial hiring of German mercenaries. The need to, retain ,Loyalist allegiance also meant that the British could not use the harsh methods
  4. The private reflections of Antaeus, ostensibly sung at dinner parties, still, retain , a public function. Critics often seek to understand Antaeus in comparison with
  5. As well as the name of a seaport. The municipality and the town have chosen to, retain ,the traditional spelling of the name as Aalborg, although the new spelling
  6. Or by fraud, endeavour to prostrate that law and constitution, though he may, retain ,his affection for its head, can boast but an imperfect and spurious species of
  7. Development to encourage businesses to relocate, expand,and more currently to, retain ,facilities in a community An amateur (French amateur" lover of ", from Old
  8. In common use today, such as Aldebaran, Altair,Betelgeuse, Rigel and Vega, retain ,the legacy of their language. Modern era Early in the 20th century, Carl Jung
  9. Popularity with females. Young women could not only compete in the contests but, retain ,and show off their" feminine forms" whilst doing so. Thus, archery came to act
  10. Text. On the other hand, homoiconic languages, such as Lisp, Prolog, and Forth, retain ,the power of assembly language macros because they are able to manipulate their
  11. Galvanic reactions with alloyed copper. Aluminum is one of the few metals that, retain ,full silvery reflectance in finely powdered form, making it an important
  12. But do not make up more than 1 - 2 % of the population. By now few Angolans, retain ,African Traditional Religions following different ethnic faiths. CIA World
  13. Simultaneous microsporogenesis, which the 'lower' Asparagus families, retain , However, the 'core' Asparagus (see #Phylogeny section) have reverted to
  14. Economic times as airlines undertake massive cuts to ticket prices in order to, retain ,demand. Operating costs Full-service airlines have a high level of fixed and
  15. The company had an elaborate scheme for rewarding employees who purported to, retain ,or" save" subscribers who had called to cancel their Internet service. In
  16. Area some older speakers do not possess the cot–caught merger and thus, retain ,the distinction between words such as cot and caught which reflects a
  17. In the state seat of Mitch am (now Waite) in 1982 saw Heather Southport, retain ,the seat for the Democrats from Robin Mill house since 1955 (Democrat since
  18. 300 °F). Sometimes diesel oil or kerosene are mixed in before shipping to, retain ,liquidity; upon delivery, these lighter materials are separated out of the
  19. Such as most people involved in libertarian political parties, would, retain , the state in some smaller and less invasive form, retain ing at the very least
  20. That the victorious team should be awarded the urn as a trophy and allowed to, retain ,it until the next series. As its condition is fragile and it is a prized
  21. Only a single electron changes states in response to the photon. The electrons, retain ,particle like-properties such as: each wave state has the same electrical
  22. The term is used to describe systems such as German and louche, which, retain , French syntax and apply transformations only to individual words (and often
  23. The juvenile water-breathing form throughout life. Mud puppies, for example, retain ,juvenile gills in adulthood. The three modern orders of amphibians are Aura (
  24. By a number of vessels, one passing through each of the gills. Amphibians also, retain ,the fifth connecting vessel, so that the aorta has two parallel arches.
  25. McDowell, third-base coach Brian Snicker, and bullpen coach Eddie Pérez would, retain ,their current positions, while former hitting coach Terry Pendleton would
  26. The morphologically similar seeds of Lilies have no phytomelan, and usually, retain ,a cellular structure in the inner portion of the seed coat. * Most monocots are
  27. Of the next four games to draw level, with Karol then winning the next game to, retain ,the title (+6 −5 21). Three years later Kirchner re-emerged as the Candidates
  28. Were to be raised in the Orthodox faith, Charlotte herself was allowed to, retain ,her Protestant faith (an agreement that did not sit well at all with Alexei's
  29. God's presence. In Bahá'í belief, souls in the afterlife will continue to, retain ,their individuality and consciousness and will be able to recognize and
  30. Sea-resin). However, while most Slavic languages, such as Russian and Czech, retain ,the old Slavic word, in the Polish language, despite still being correct
  31. S first eleven seasons at the club, although on no occasion were they able to, retain ,the title. Arsenal had never progressed beyond the quarter-finals of the
  32. During the 9-year reign of his son, Rimush (2278-2270 BC),who fought hard to, retain ,the empire—and in the fifteen-year reign of Rimush's elder brother
  33. In a hard-fought match, Karpov had to win the final game to draw the match and, retain ,his title, but wound up losing, thus surrendering the title to his opponent.
  34. Of the realm met in council to hammer out a compromise. Æthelbald would, retain ,the western shires (i.e., traditional Wessex),and Æthelwulf would rule in
  35. Teachers recommend more than three times or more as many lessons than 8 to, retain ,educational benefits. ) In 1973 Nikolas Bergen referenced scientific
  36. Of these groups contain some members that are no longer photosynthetic. Some, retain ,plastids, but not chloroplasts, while others have lost plastids entirely. The
  37. Also popular with large Afrikaans-speaking expatriate communities seeking to, retain ,the language in family context. After years of inactivity, the Afrikaans
  38. Groin protectors),and they are wearing shoes instead of combat boots (they, retain ,the black bowler hats). Stage After Kubrick's film was released, Burgess
  39. Form to an adult air-breathing form, but some are mesomorphs that, retain ,the juvenile water-breathing form throughout life. Mud puppies, for example
  40. Alabama's 67 County Sheriffs are elected in partisan races and Democrats still, retain ,the majority of those posts. The current split is 42 Democrats,24 Republicans
  41. Peptide drugs, such as Bortezomib and MG132,are artificially synthesized and, retain ,their protecting groups, which have specific codes. Bortezomib is
  42. Muslims in 'Palestine, Chechnya,Kashmir and Iraq' and that Muslims should, retain ,the 'right to attack in reprisal '. He also claimed the 9/11 attacks were not
  43. Be the first to ten wins (draws not counting),but that the champion would, retain ,the crown if the score was tied 9–9. FIDE, the International Chess Federation
  44. Order to make it easier for them to join the movement. However, the Council did, retain ,the prohibitions against eating meat containing blood, or meat of animals not
  45. Because when the House of Hanover ascended the British throne they would, retain ,the territories that became the Kingdom of Hanover (situated in modern-day
  46. 10 % of pupils by aptitude. Moreover, in the UK 36 Local Education Authorities, retain ,selection by ability at 11. They maintain Grammar Schools (State funded
  47. Is informed of the pending legal charges and is informed of his or her right to, retain ,counsel. The presiding judge also decides at what amount, if any, to set bail.
  48. Home by five wickets inside three days in a low-scoring match at Heading to, retain ,the urn. In the timeless Fifth Test at The Oval, the highlight was Len Hutton
  49. Member of the Volunteer Force since 1900). The captain of the club, wishing to, retain ,Fleming in the team suggested that he join the research department at St Mary
  50. Of the nineteenth-century believed it must continually be in use to, retain ,title. Lysander Spooner was an exception from those who believed in the "

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