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  1. It is quite possible that Claudius died of natural causes, a more likely cause, considering ,that he was 63 years old. Towards 57,Agrippina was expelled from the palace
  2. Buchanan and the incoming administration rejected the legality of secession, considering ,its rebellion. The other eight slave states rejected calls for secession at this
  3. Ill-begotten children. Concerning this, he stated," ... the vice we are, considering ,appears to work directly against the aims and ends of nature, and that in a
  4. Others. Amdahl's law does represent the law of diminishing returns if you are, considering ,what sort of return you get by adding more processors to a machine, if you are
  5. Exemplified by Ludwig on Miles, seeks a different formalism for economics, considering ,the neoclassical methodology to be irredeemably flawed. Later reputation
  6. Church in choices of lay-commissioned religious art during this period and, considering ,as well the importance of Aaron in the Christian tradition, that " Aaron, Holy
  7. Observe. Therefore, this so-called secular aberration is usually ignored when, considering ,the positions of stars. In other words, star maps show the observed apparent
  8. A new steel market. 1901: U. S. Steel In 1901,Carnegie was 66 years of age and, considering ,retirement. He reformed his enterprises into conventional joint stock
  9. Two Terminator films. On July 11, 2011 it was announced that Schwarzenegger is, considering ,a comeback film despite his continuing legal problems. He has reportedly signed
  10. South Australian senator Natasha Stott Despot denied rumors that she was, considering ,quitting the party. In early July, Richard Pasco, national and South
  11. Of per capita income growth, development economist Harpoon Chang writes that, considering ,the record of the last two decades the argument for continuing neoliberal
  12. The parties used in filing the appeal and dismisses the appeal without, considering ,its merits, which has the same effect as affirming the judgment below. (This
  13. A small effect,0.0588 a medium effect and 0.1379 a large effect. Though, considering ,that η2 are comparable to r2 when DF of the numerator equals 1 (both measures
  14. Against unjustifiable asceticism by quoting advice contained therein—that, considering ,the transistorizes of human life (ErvIn 54a),one should not despise the
  15. Why they were the bravest after Achilles to their Trojan prisoners, who after, considering ,both men came to a consensus in favor of Odysseus. Furious, Ajax cursed
  16. Preferred election winner. A voter can balance the risk-benefit trade-offs by, considering ,the voter's cardinal utilities, particularly via the von Neumann–Jorgensen
  17. The Roman people. Some early sources call him their father or grandfather, but, considering , the commonly accepted dates of the fall of Troy (1184 BC) and the founding of
  18. And allocated for local purposes. The colonists believed, especially, considering , the economic restraints the British were keen to enforce in the colonies, that
  19. Use of black troops. Nevertheless, Lincoln was concerned that Grant might be, considering ,a candidacy for President in 1864,as McClellan was. Lincoln arranged for an
  20. Such fields describe charged bosons. Feynman–Stueckelberg interpretation By, considering ,the propagation of the negative energy modes of the electron field backward in
  21. Of extra-marital sex (including his previous relationship with his mistress), considering , them unlawful and unbiblical. In the Confessions, Augustine describes his
  22. Live? And the answer was clearly, on the whole the best fitted live ... and, considering ,the amount of individual variation that my experience as a collector had shown
  23. Committee of this French Missionary Society was not ready to accept his offer, considering ,his Lutheran theology to be" incorrect ". He could easily have obtained a
  24. Of the Fenced in ", or " Servant of the Great Lord" which would make sense, considering ,his role, even if it is not a proper Arabic name. Similarly, an article (
  25. Building and the other three stands were close to residential properties. After, considering ,various options, in 2000 Arsenal proposed building a new 60,355-capacity
  26. Risk of violent assaults. " Jews no longer feel at home in the city. Many are, considering ,aliyah to Israel. " United Kingdom In 2005,a group of British Members of
  27. The" amount of rotation" that separates the two rays, and can be measured by, considering ,the length of circular arc swept out when one ray is rotated about the vertex
  28. Being Apollo 11—not to include the names of the crew. (This was fortunate, considering ,that original crew member Ken Mat tingly was replaced two days before the
  29. To begin the Los Angeles-Shanghai route on April 5,2011. The airline is also, considering ,on flying to Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Dispute with Expedia and Orbit Since
  30. The Japanese segment would now be no longer than 90 minutes—a major problem, considering ,that Kurosawa's script ran over four hours. After numerous revisions, a more
  31. As the aquatic ape hypothesis. These pre-Darwinian concepts may seem strange, considering ,modern knowledge and scientific methods, because they present complete
  32. Of a historian in a world where the Confederacy had won the American Civil War, considering ,what would have happened if the North had been victorious (in other words, a
  33. N_a-n_b) must be equal for the two kinds of glass employed. This follows by, considering ,equation (4) for the two pairs of colors ac and bc. Until recently no glasses
  34. Shows no concern for the evaluation of competing theories, and is selective in, considering ,confirmations and dis-confirmations. Etymology The word p.911. Historically
  35. Darius had named him his successor to the Achaemenid throne. Alexander, now, considering , himself the legitimate successor to Darius, viewed Bess us as a usurper to the
  36. Go as far as postulating a Proto-Graeco-Armenian stage, but he concludes that, considering ,both the lexicon and morphology, Greek is clearly the dialect most closely
  37. Until they could come out in open air and lose their scales. He thought that, considering ,humans' extended infancy, we could not have survived in the primeval world in
  38. Before the law was passed. The ACLU initially opposed the bill in its entirety, considering ,it" misguided political posturing that would do nothing to reduce sex crimes "
  39. From Albuquerque's former officers with the support of Diego Lopes de Sequeira, considering ,him unfit for governance, he was sent in custody in an old ship to St. Angelo
  40. Priority rule, the configuration of the axial chirality can be determined by, considering ,the top, then the bottom. For the bottom, only the group of higher priority
  41. And facilitating regional gatherings for seasonal ceremonies. Furthermore, considering ,that some of these roads seem to go nowhere, experts suggest that they can be
  42. Agrees with the standard Euclidean distance they inherit as a result of, considering ,them as the one and two-dimensional Euclidean spaces respectively. The
  43. By reading from its internal cache — a very unusual situation, especially, considering , that such data are usually already buffered by the operating system. As of
  44. Admiral Vladimir Mason officially stated on June 23, 2007,that the Navy was, considering ,the specifications of a new nuclear aircraft carrier design for the class that
  45. Threat to Jesus, their sanctified Messiah. It may be significant to note, in, considering , the possible influence of the Roman Catholic Church in choices of
  46. These shapes The shapes of atomic orbitals can be understood qualitatively by, considering ,the analogous case of standing waves on a circular drum. The many modes of the
  47. Can be accommodated by introducing nil potent elements in structure rings;, considering ,spaces of loops and arcs, constructing quotients by group actions and
  48. That he might be able to reproduce the statistics of a Bose–Einstein gas by, considering ,a box. Then to each possible quantum motion of a particle in a box associate an
  49. Subarctic climate farther north. The temperature is somewhat moderate, considering ,how far north the area is. This region has a tremendous amount of variety in
  50. For Maria to stay on the palace grounds, and it was thought that Alexios was, considering ,marrying the erstwhile empress. However, his mother consolidated the Donkeys

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