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  1. Taxes. Since Alabama's tax structure largely depends on consumer spending, it ,is subject to high variable budget structure. For example, in 2003 Alabama had
  2. Represents a major component of the religion of the Mississippian peoples;, it ,is one of the primary means by which their religion is understood. Among the
  3. He derived it from the Greek word autos (αὐτός, meaning self),and used, it ,to mean morbid self-admiration, referring to" autistic w it hdrawal of the
  4. Culture. Although genetic screening for autism is generally still impractical, it ,can be considered in some cases, such as children w it h neurological symptoms
  5. As a separate syndrome by demonstrating that it is lifelong, distinguishing, it , from mental retardation and schizophrenia and from other developmental
  6. Impairment, and a specific language impairment The presence of autism can make, it ,harder to diagnose coexisting psychiatric disorders such as depression.
  7. The spear had inflicted the wound; therefore, the spear must be able to heal, it , Pieces of the spear were scraped off onto the wound and Telefax was healed.
  8. Which was ratified in 1901. At almost 800 amendments and 310,000 words, it ,is the world's the longest const it ution and is roughly forty times the length of
  9. Albedo depends on the frequency of the radiation. When quoted unqualified, it ,usually refers to some appropriate average across the spectrum of visible light
  10. Water, making Alabama twenty-third in the amount of surface water, also giving, it ,the second-largest inland waterway system in the Un it ed States. About
  11. Investigating an ASD now known as Asperger syndrome, though for various reasons, it ,was not widely recognized as a separate diagnosis until 1981. Almost all the
  12. Claimed by the Province of Georgia after 1763. Following the Revolutionary War, it ,remained a part of the state of Georgia — although heavily disputed.
  13. i.e. collectivist-, communist-, mutualist- and individualist-anarchism), it , sought to emphasize the anti-author it arian beliefs common to all anarchist
  14. Achilles asks Priam for Polyxena's hand in marriage. Priam is willing because, it ,would mean the end of the war and an alliance w it h the world's greatest
  15. Of these organizations was the Federation Opera Regional Argentina ..., it ,grew quickly to a membership of nearly a quarter of a million, which dwarfed
  16. For individual rights, and especially for those deprived of their rights. Thus, it ,came about that she was the first and only woman, indeed the first and only
  17. Practice and increased availabil it y of effective early intervention make, it ,unclear whether these findings can be generalized to recently diagnosed
  18. And individual reclamation Social anarchism rejects private property, seeing, it , as a source of social inequal it y, and emphases cooperation and mutual aid.
  19. Occurs in about three-quarters of children w it h ASD, to the extent that, it ,was formerly a diagnostic indicator. Selectiv it y is the most common problem
  20. Immune system have been found in specific subgroups of autistic individuals, it ,is not known whether these abnormal it ies are relevant to or secondary to autism
  21. And consequently refrain from comm it ting to any particular method of achieving, it , The Spanish Workers Federation in 1881 was the first major anarcho-syndicalist
  22. Not exclude the possibil it y that autism can be in it iated or affected later, it ,is strong evidence that autism arises very early in development. Although
  23. As the ratio of reflected radiation from the surface to incident radiation upon, it , Being a dimensionless fraction, it may also be expressed as a percentage, and
  24. Revolution the Mexican Liberal Party was established and during the early 1910s, it , lead a series of mil it ary offensives leading to the conquest and occupation of
  25. As the mid-1970s there was l it tle evidence of a genetic role in autism; now, it ,is thought to be one of the most her it able of all psychiatric cond it ions.
  26. Road,I-22,is currently under construction. When completed around 2012, it , will connect Birmingham w it h Memphis, Tennessee. Several U. S. Highways also
  27. Previous fiscal year. While Alabama's public education system has improved, it ,lags behind in achievement compared to other states. According to U. S. Census
  28. His statue, an archaic work. This island is not inhab it ed, and goats graze on, it , not many, which the people who happen to arrive here w it h their ships
  29. Of memorializing workers killed as a result of the Haymarket affair. Although, it ,had in it ially been conceived as a once-off event, by the following year the
  30. Some organic compounds. The overall albedo of the Moon is around 0.12,but, it ,is strongly directional and non-Lambertian, displaying also a strong oppos it ion
  31. Sea, wet their wings w it h water, and return quickly to the temple and sprinkle, it , And after they finish the sprinkling, they clean the hearth of the temple w it h
  32. But to treat his body w it h respect after killing him. Achilles told Hector, it ,was hopeless to expect that of him, declaring that" my rage, my fury would
  33. And this seems to reference Achilles' fight w it h Penthesilea but gives, it ,an extra twist of Achilles' being" played" by a woman. Birth Achilles was
  34. Between Odysseus and Melatonin Ajax (Ajax the greater). They competed for, it ,by giving speeches on why they were the bravest after Achilles to their Trojan
  35. Moral leg it imacy w it hout accepting the imperative of revolution to eliminate, it , A component especially of individualist anarchism philosophical anarchism may
  36. 15 to 30 months of age. The valid it y of this distinction remains controversial;, it ,is possible that regressive autism is a specific subtype, Research into causes
  37. Is sometimes used as a synonym for socialist anarchism, to distinguish, it ,from" individualist libertarianism" ( individualist anarchism). On the other
  38. From the surface to incident radiation upon it . Being a dimensionless fraction, it ,may also be expressed as a percentage, and is measured on a scale from zero for
  39. To describe himself as" libertarian ". Unlike Proudhon, he argued that,", it ,is not the product of his or her labor that the worker has a right to, but to
  40. Not mention the spear, which he would indeed have touched w it h exc it ement. But, it ,was being shown in the time of Ananias in the 2nd century AD. Achilles and
  41. Luigi Fabric, was one of the first cr it ical theorists of fascism, describing, it , as " the preventive counter-revolution. "
  42. For work in new industrial jobs. It experienced such rapid growth that, it ,was nicknamed" The Magic C it y ". By the 1920s,Birmingham was the 19th largest
  43. Late 1960s autism was established as a separate syndrome by demonstrating that, it ,is lifelong, distinguishing it from mental retardation and schizophrenia and
  44. Subject of dispute in both the classical period and modern times. In the Iliad, it ,appears to be generally portrayed as a model of deep and loyal friendship, but
  45. Work of Peter Kropotkin and Enrico Latest took importance later than, it ,expanded and developed pro-organizationalist and insurrectionary
  46. Effect is best known in colder regions on Earth, because more snow falls there, it ,is actually much stronger in tropical regions which receive consistently more
  47. In the Iliads' description of the death of Patrols and Achilles' reaction to, it , The episode then formed the basis of the cyclic epic Ethiopia, which was
  48. Eugen Euler in 1910 as he was defining symptoms of schizophrenia. He derived, it ,from the Greek word autos (αὐτός, meaning self),and used it to mean morbid
  49. Chapters in Alabama that attacked freedmen and other Republicans. After, it ,was suppressed, insurgent wh it es organized paramil it ary groups, such as the Red
  50. Was to be found in the Un it ed States at least as early as 1848 and that, it ,was not conscious of it s affin it y to the Individualist Anarchism of Josiah

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