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  1. Account for less than 5 % of cases. Several studies have tested this hypothesis, by ,demonstrating structural abnormalities in MNS regions of individuals with ASD
  2. Birth, the brains of autistic children tend to grow faster than usual, followed, by , normal or relatively slower growth in childhood. It is not known whether early
  3. By indigenous, feminist,ecological and cultural-critical ideas ", and who, by ,the turn of the 21st century formed" by far the majority" of anarchists.
  4. S. President McKinley's assassin Leon Czolgosz claimed to have been influenced, by ,anarchist and feminist Emma Goldman. Bombings were associated in the media with
  5. In the 1970s this was associated with the punk rock movement, as exemplified, by ,bands such as Crass and the Sex Pistols. The housing and employment crisis in
  6. Has been found in functional neuroimaging studies on autistic individuals and, by ,a brainwave study that suggested that adults with ASD have local
  7. In others. On a tactical level, while propaganda of the deed was a tactic used, by ,anarchists in the 19th century (e.g. the Nihilist movement),some
  8. Margaret Anderson were prominent among them. Discussion groups organized, by ,the Villagers were frequented by Emma Goldman, among others. Magnus Hirschfeld
  9. Are radically libertarian, they differ in principle from those of Ferret, by ,not advocating an overtly political class struggle-approach. In addition to
  10. And acts. Numerous heads of state were assassinated between 1881 and 1914, by , members of the anarchist movement. For example, U. S. President McKinley's
  11. Anarchists staged a rally at Chicago's Haymarket Square. A bomb was thrown, by ,an unknown party near the conclusion of the rally, killing an officer. In the
  12. Starting with a small cohesive group through acts of violence, or " propaganda, by ,the deed ", which would inspire the workers as a whole to revolt and forcibly
  13. Conditions of a social revolution, while Latest did not consider syndicalism, by ,itself sufficient. He thought that the trade-union movement was reformist and
  14. During early gestation. * Unbalanced excitatory–inhibitory networks. Or, by ,poorly regulated synthesis of synaptic proteins. Disrupted synaptic development
  15. Was" anarchism without adjectives ", a call for toleration first adopted, by ,Fernando Derrida del Marmot in 1889 in response to the" bitter debates" of
  16. Haymarket affair. Although it had initially been conceived as a once-off event, by ,the following year the celebration of International Workers' Day on May Day
  17. Necessary evil" that would become increasingly irrelevant and powerless, by ,the gradual spread of knowledge. Godwin advocated individualism, proposing that
  18. Capitalism and the state with a new society, democratically self-managed, by ,the workers. It is often combined with other branches of anarchism, and
  19. Macdonald, Allen Ginsberg, Julian Beck and the French Surrealist group led, by ,André Breton which now openly embraced anarchism and collaborated in the
  20. And foresaw unions of egoists, non-systematic associations continually renewed, by ,all parties' support through an act of will, which Sterner proposed as a form
  21. And violent confrontations with police. These actions were precipitated, by ,ad hoc, leaderless,anonymous cadres known as black blocs; other organizational
  22. Not be maintained. Autism is a disorder of neural development characterized, by ,impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive
  23. An anarchist society, some anarchists advocate a global one, while others do so, by ,local ones. The diversity in anarchism has led to widely different use of
  24. And cultural-critical ideas ", and who by the turn of the 21st century formed ", by ,far the majority" of anarchists. Around the turn of the 21st century
  25. FOLK) of the United States and Canada unanimously set 1 May 1886,as the date, by ,which the eight-hour work day would become standard. The next day,4 May
  26. Individualist anarchism, called " egoism," or egoist anarchism, was expounded, by ,one of the earliest and best-known proponents of individualist anarchism, the
  27. Regressive autism is a specific subtype, Research into causes has been hampered, by ,the inability to identify biologically meaningful subpopulations and by the
  28. The concept of schooling per se. The term schooling was popularized, by ,Ivan Tillich, who argued that the school as an institution is dysfunctional for
  29. Dynamite. This image remains to this day. Propaganda of the deed was abandoned, by ,the vast majority of the anarchist movement after World War I (1914–1918) and
  30. Development characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and, by , restricted and repetitive behavior. These signs all begin before a child is
  31. Language in 1642,during the English Civil War, as a term of abuse, used, by , Royalists against their Round head opponents. In opposition to Jacobin
  32. Libertarian anarchism ". History Origins The earliest and in later centuries, by ,Huangdi and Bad Jinan. Huangdi, specifically,was called by economist
  33. Evidence for other environmental causes is anecdotal and has not been confirmed, by ,reliable studies, Environmental factors that have been claimed to contribute to
  34. Later centuries by Huangdi and Bad Jinan. Huangdi, specifically,was called, by ,economist Ludwig on Miles as" the first anarchist in the history of human
  35. Interpretations of Stirner's philosophy. It was re-discovered and promoted, by ,German philosophical anarchist and LGBT activist John Henry Mackay. Josiah
  36. ASD. The under connectivity theory of autism hypothesizes that autism is marked, by ,under functioning high-level neural connections and synchronization, along with
  37. Such as Marxism, communism and capitalism. Anarchists may be motivated, by ,humanism, divine authority, enlightened self-interest, veganism or any number
  38. Of the five pervasive developmental disorders (PDD),which are characterized, by ,widespread abnormalities of social interactions and communication, and severely
  39. Are found in over 90 % of those with autism, and are considered core features, by ,some, although there is no good evidence that sensory symptoms differentiate
  40. Rebellion, an anarchist-inspired movement of peasants and workers, supported, by , armed militias, took control of Barcelona and of large areas of rural Spain
  41. By the inability to identify biologically meaningful subpopulations and, by ,the traditional boundaries between the disciplines of psychiatry, psychology
  42. As a fundamental manifestation of compulsory government. It was inspired, by ,the late 19th century writings of early feminist anarchists such as Lucy
  43. Communism such as insurrectionary anarchism are egoist and strongly influenced, by ,radical individualism, believing anarcho-communist is the best social system
  44. To handle events inside the brain—but are less effective at empathizing, by ,handling events generated by other agents. An extension, the extreme male brain
  45. The Bolsheviks as part of the Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine led, by ,Nestor Making, who established an anarchist society in the region for a number
  46. Among them. Discussion groups organized by the Villagers were frequented, by ,Emma Goldman, among others. Magnus Hirschfeld noted in 1923 that Goldman" has
  47. Central tendency of anarchism as a mass social movement has been represented, by ,anarcho-communist and anarcho-syndicalism, with individualist anarchism being
  48. States,Tolstoy's educational experiments were short-lived due to harassment, by ,the Tsarist secret police. Tolstoy established a conceptual difference between
  49. Initially refused to join a popular front electoral alliance, and abstention, by ,CNT supporters led to a right wing election victory. But in 1936,the CNT
  50. With the younger activists who are" much more informed, among other elements, by ,indigenous, feminist,ecological and cultural-critical ideas ", and who by the

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