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  1. Asperger syndrome, HFA, and non-syndromal autism is unclear. Some studies, have ,reported diagnoses of autism in children due to a loss of language or social
  2. Of some forms of ASD. Although some abnormalities in the immune system, have ,been found in specific subgroups of autistic individuals, it is not known
  3. Various schools of thought, certain topics of interest and internal disputes, have ,proven perennial within anarchist theory. Free love An important current within
  4. And usually temporary," necessary evil" but argue that citizens do not, have ,a moral obligation to obey the state when its laws conflict with individual
  5. Language and face processing, and information storage; several studies, have ,found a preference for non-social stimuli. For example, magnetoencephalography
  6. Flame retardants, alcohol,smoking, illicit drugs, vaccines,although no links, have ,been found, and some have been completely disproven. Parents may first become
  7. Linkages between brain structures and behaviors. The behaviors appear to, have ,multiple pathophysiologies. Autism appears to result from developmental factors
  8. With autism but probably account for less than 5 % of cases. Several studies, have ,tested this hypothesis by demonstrating structural abnormalities in MNS regions
  9. Emphasise positive liberty to achieve one's potential and argue that humans, have ,needs that society ought to fulfill," recognizing equality of entitlement ".
  10. For the role of serotonin and of genetic differences in its transport. Others, have ,pointed to a role for group I metabolomic glutamate receptors (glue) in the
  11. Norms; for example, they have less eye contact and turn taking, and do not, have ,the ability to use simple movements to express themselves, such as the
  12. Addition to organizing schools according to libertarian principles, anarchists, have , also questioned the concept of schooling per se. The term schooling was
  13. Compensation for labor (through sharing of profits or payment) but would, have ,free access to the resources and surplus of the commune. Anarchist communism
  14. Anarchist anthropologist David Grabber and anarchist historian Andrej Gracie, have ,posited a rupture between generations of anarchism, with those" who often
  15. A rupture between generations of anarchism, with those" who often still, have ,not shaken the sectarian habits" of the 19th century contrasted with the
  16. Anarchism being primarily a literary phenomenon which nevertheless did, have ,an impact on the bigger currents and individualists also participated in large
  17. To medications, the medications can have adverse effects, Experiments in mice, have ,reversed or reduced some symptoms related to autism by replacing or modulating
  18. Not appear to result in malnutrition. Although some children with autism also, have ,gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms, there is a lack of published rigorous data to
  19. Are available, few are supported by scientific studies. Treatment approaches, have ,little empirical support in quality-of-life contexts, and many programs focus
  20. Address autism's rigid and repetitive behaviors, while the nonsocial theories, have ,difficulty explaining social impairment and communication difficulties. A
  21. Preference for non-social stimuli. For example, magnetoencephalography studies, have ,found evidence in autistic children of delayed responses in the brain's
  22. Child at risk. A 2008 study found that compared to their peers, autistic boys, have ,significantly thinner bones if on casein-free diets; in 2005,botched ch elation
  23. A person with ASD may respond atypically to medications, the medications can, have ,adverse effects, Experiments in mice have reversed or reduced some symptoms
  24. Of the syndrome in children with ASD. However, individuals with autism also, have ,abnormal brain activation in many circuits outside the MNS and the MNS theory
  25. Main historical traditions, individualist anarchism and social anarchism, which, have , some different origins, values and evolution. The individualist wing of
  26. The relationship of neurochemicals to autism is not well understood; several, have ,been investigated, with the most evidence for the role of serotonin and of
  27. With the caregiver. In the second and third years, autistic children, have ,less frequent and less diverse babbling, consonants,words, and word
  28. Individuals and by a brainwave study that suggested that adults with ASD, have ,local over connectivity in the cortex and weak functional connections between
  29. And has not been confirmed by reliable studies, Environmental factors that, have ,been claimed to contribute to or exacerbate autism, or may be important in
  30. Are inconclusive. Neuropsychology Two major categories of cognitive theories, have ,been proposed about the links between autistic brains and behavior. The first
  31. The resources and surplus of the commune. Anarchist communism does not always, have ,a communitarian philosophy. Some forms of anarchist communism such as
  32. For example, rhythmic movements). An estimated 60%–80 % of autistic people, have ,motor signs that include poor muscle tone, poor motor planning, and toe walking
  33. Tailored to the child's needs. Although many psychosocial interventions, have ,some positive evidence, suggesting that some form of treatment is preferable to
  34. Aims were in perpetuating syndicalism itself, whereas anarchists must always, have ,anarchy as their end and consequently refrain from committing to any particular
  35. A lack of published rigorous data to support the theory that autistic children, have ,more or different GI symptoms than usual; studies report conflicting results
  36. Late 20th century drew much of its strength from the labor movement, and both, have ,incorporated animal rights activism. Anarchist anthropologist David Grabber and
  37. Labor movements following the few successful bombings and assassinations may, have ,contributed to the abandonment of these kinds of tactics, although reciprocally
  38. That executive function is hard to measure and that executive function deficits, have ,not been found in young autistic children. A related theory—enhanced perceptual
  39. Children or those with Down syndrome; siblings of individuals with ASD, have ,greater risk of negative well-being and poorer sibling relationships as adults.
  40. In the brain's processing of auditory signals. In the genetic area, relations, have , been found between autism and schizophrenia based on duplications and deletions
  41. Smoking, illicit drugs, vaccines,although no links have been found, and some, have ,been completely disproven. Parents may first become aware of autistic symptoms
  42. Between GI problems and ASD is unclear. Parents of children with ASD, have ,higher levels of stress. Siblings of children with ASD report greater
  43. Highly repetitive behavior. Unlike with autism, people with Asperger syndrome, have ,no substantial delay in language development. Whereas autism itself is often
  44. Locked into hand flapping and rocking—to high functioning individuals who may, have ,active but distinctly odd social approaches, narrowly focused interests, and
  45. Supporting self-defense or non-violence (anarcho-pacifism),while others, have ,supported the use of some coercive measures, including violent revolution and
  46. Of new movements and schools of thought emerged. Although feminist tendencies, have ,always been a part of the anarchist movement in the form of anarcha-feminism
  47. Of tactics, although reciprocally state repression, in the first place, may, have , played a role in these isolated acts. The dismemberment of the French socialist
  48. For example, U. S. President McKinley's assassin Leon Czolgosz claimed to, have ,been influenced by anarchist and feminist Emma Goldman. Bombings were
  49. Autistic toddlers differ more strikingly from social norms; for example, they, have , less eye contact and turn taking, and do not have the ability to use simple
  50. Picking, hand biting, and head banging. Other symptoms Autistic individuals may, have ,symptoms that are independent of the diagnosis, but that can affect the

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