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  1. All directi on s according to a cosine functi on , so their albedo does not depend, on ,the incident distributi on . In practice, a bidirecti on al reflectance
  2. To make the individual politically and spiritually free to decide for himself, on ,religious matters. A number of c on tributors to Liberty (anarchist publicati on
  3. Biologically relevant phenotypes (observable traits) that can be viewed, on ,brain scans, to help further neurogenetic studies of autism; on e example is
  4. The path to an anarchist society. Etymology and terminology The term," Ideas, on ,Liberty," May 1955. Its use as a syn on ym is still comm on outside the United
  5. Being primarily a literary phenomen on which nevertheless did have an impact, on ,the bigger currents and individualists also participated in large anarchist
  6. Black surface, to 1 for perfect reflecti on of a white surface. Albedo depends, on ,the frequency of the radiati on . When quoted unqualified, it usually refers to
  7. Arose as a distinct school of thought within anarchism. With greater focus, on ,the labor movement than previous forms of anarchism, syndicalism posits
  8. Which receive c on sistently more sunlight. Small-scale effects Albedo works, on ,a smaller scale, too. People who wear dark clothes in the summer put
  9. Peter Kropotkin thus wrote that year in Le Revolt that" a structure based, on ,centuries of history cannot be destroyed with a few kilos of dynamite ". A
  10. That compared to their peers, autistic boys have significantly thinner b on es if, on ,casein-free diets; in 2005,botched ch elati on therapy killed a five-year-old
  11. Of the rally, killing an officer. In the ensuing panic, police opened fire, on ,the crowd and each other. Seven police officers and at least four workers were
  12. Particles/droplets in the atmosphere) have both direct and indirect effects, on ,the Earth’s radiative balance. The direct (albedo) effect is generally to
  13. Single scattering albedo is used to define scattering of electromagnetic waves, on ,small particles. It depends on properties of the material (refractive index);
  14. Autistic symptoms are closely related to later developmental steps that depend, on ,activity in synapses and on activity-dependent changes. All known teratogens (
  15. School (Estela Moderna),a project which exercised a c on siderable influence, on ,Catalan educati on and on experimental techniques of teaching generally. " La
  16. Eco-anarchism) is a school of thought within anarchism which puts an emphasis, on ,envir on mental issues, with an important precedent in anarcho-naturism and whose
  17. Coercive measures, including violent revoluti on and propaganda of the deed, on ,the path to an anarchist society. Etymology and terminology The term," Ideas
  18. A project which exercised a c on siderable influence on Catalan educati on and, on ,experimental techniques of teaching generally. " La Estela Moderna, and Ferret
  19. Evidence for this theory has been found in functi on al neuroimaging studies, on ,autistic individuals and by a brainwave study that suggested that adults with
  20. The visually impaired, partly because some of its diagnostic criteria depend, on ,visi on , and partly because autistic symptoms overlap with those of comm on
  21. Average across the spectrum of visible light. In general, the albedo depends, on ,the directi on al distributi on of incoming radiati on . Excepti on s are Lamberts on
  22. During the embry on ic stage of life, and successful neurodevelopmental depends, on ,a balanced immune resp on se. It is possible that aberrant immune activity during
  23. And that autism is a disorder of the associati on cortex. From studies based, on ,event-related potentials, transient changes to the brain's electrical activity
  24. Children. A related theory—enhanced perceptual functi on ing—focuses more, on ,the superiority of locally oriented and perceptual operati on s in autistic
  25. In Pathophysiology maps well to the hypothesis. The sec on d category focuses, on ,n on social or general processing. Executive dysfuncti on hypothesizes that
  26. Uni on ism). Latest and M on te were in particular disagreement themselves, on ,this issue, as the latter thought that syndicalism was revoluti on ary and would
  27. The links between autistic brains and behavior. The first category focuses, on ,deficits in social cogniti on . The empathizing–systemizing theory postulates
  28. And the MNS theory does not explain the normal performance of autistic children, on ,imitati on tasks that involve a goal or object. ASD-related patterns of low
  29. Advocated individualism, proposing that all cooperati on in labor be eliminated, on ,the premise that this would be most c on ducive with the general good. An
  30. Tropics Although the albedo-temperature effect is best known in colder regi on s, on ,Earth, because more snow falls there, it is actually much str on ger in tropical
  31. Fracti on , it may also be expressed as a percentage, and is measured, on ,a scale from zero for no reflecting power of a perfectly black surface, to 1
  32. Genetic area, relati on s have been found between autism and schizophrenia based, on ,duplicati on s and deleti on s of chromosomes; research showed that schizophrenia
  33. The covering by clouds, but varies widely locally across the surface, depending, on , the geological and envir on mental features. The term is derived from Latin
  34. Or less severe ASD. Older children and adults with ASD perform worse, on ,tests of face and emoti on recogniti on . Children with high-functi on ing autism
  35. Patterns of low functi on and aberrant activati on in the brain differ depending, on ,whether the brain is doing social or n on social tasks. In autism there is
  36. Argued in 1895 for renewed anarchist involvement in the labor movement, on ,the basis that anarchism could do very well without" the individual dynamiter.
  37. And suggested that he be suffocated, although a later critic has cast doubt, on ,the veracity of this report. The earliest well-documented case of autism is
  38. Is used widely in clinical envir on ments to assess severity of autism based, on ,observati on of children. A differential diagnosis for ASD at this stage might
  39. Terminology like infantile schizophrenia, and child psychiatry's focus, on ,maternal deprivati on led to misc on cepti on s of autism as an infant's resp on se
  40. Until 1981. Almost all the characteristics described in Kanner's first paper, on ,the subject, notably " autistic al on eness" and" insistence on sameness ", are
  41. Neurological symptoms and dysmorphic features. Diagnosis is based, on ,behavior, not cause or mechanism. Autism is defined in the DSM-IV-TR as
  42. From the under c on nectivity theory of autism. Neither category is satisfactory, on ,its own; social cogniti on theories poorly address autism's rigid and
  43. Boundaries between diagnostic categories are necessarily somewhat arbitrary. Or, on ,how much support the individual requires in daily life; these subdivisi on s are
  44. More comm on in combinati on with 1q21.1 deleti on syndrome. Research, on ,autism/schizophrenia relati on s for chromosome 15 (15q13.3),chromosome 16 (
  45. Related to later developmental steps that depend on activity in synapses and, on ,activity-dependent changes. All known teratogens (agents that cause birth
  46. Social impairment and communicati on difficulties. A combined theory based, on ,multiple deficits may prove to be more useful. Screening About half of parents
  47. Amman Tenancy. Anarcho-pacifism became a" basis for a critique of militarism, on ,both sides of the Cold War. " The resurgence of anarchist ideas during this
  48. S first paper on the subject, notably " autistic al on eness" and" insistence, on ,sameness ", are still regarded as typical of the autistic spectrum of disorders
  49. Little empirical support in quality-of-life c on texts, and many programs focus, on ,success measures that lack predictive validity and real-world relevance. Some
  50. Event, by the following year the celebrati on of Internati on al Workers' Day, on ,May Day had become firmly established as an internati on al worker's holiday. In

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