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  1. Formal ceremony at which the award s are presented is one of the most prominent, award ,ceremonies in the world, and is televised live in more than 200 countries
  2. Peter Nobel (b. 1931),asked the Bank of Sweden to differentiate its, award ,to economists given" in Alfred Nobel's memory" from the five other award s.
  3. Is televised live in more than 200 countries annually. It is also the oldest, award ,ceremony in the media; its equivalents, the Grammy Awards (for music),Emmy
  4. Awards are even televised). The Academy has for several years claimed that the, award ,show has up to a billion viewers internationally, but this has so far not been
  5. Of the first verse of" Fernando" as they accepted their Ivor Novella, award ,in London in 2002. Gangsta performed and recorded an a cappella version of "
  6. Midas agreed with the judgment. He dissented, and questioned the justice of the, award , Apollo would not suffer such a depraved pair of ears any longer, and caused
  7. 2005: John More (Art Direction); Gretchen Ran (Set Decoration; posthumous, award ,) – Memoirs of a Geisha ** Jim Bissell (Art Direction); Jan Pascal (Set
  8. Into two separate categories (black-and-white films and color films). Another, award , entitled the Academy Award for Best Original Musical, is still in the Academy
  9. Gave an interview onstage; the two wanted to express gratitude for the honorary, award ,and to thank their fans. On 25 November 2009,PRS for Music announced that the
  10. Role: 1936 to present In the first year of the award s, the Best Director, award ,was split into two separate categories (Drama and Comedy). At times, the Best
  11. B. Willis, Hugh Hunt - Rain tree County * 1958 William A. Morning (posthumous, award ,), E. Preston Ames, Henry Grace, F. Keogh Gleason - Gigi ** Lyle R. Wheeler
  12. Universally implemented. Lectures at OOPS LA 1997 conference and his ACM Turing, award ,talk, entitled " The Computer Revolution Hasn't Happened Yet" were informed
  13. Science museum in the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. A major factor in the, award ,was the concept that visitors would use a Newton device to access additional
  14. Recently valued in the millions of dollars, rather than to travel abroad as the, award ,intended. ). Derleth's true avocation, however,was hiking the terrain of his
  15. Two separate categories (Drama and Comedy). At times, the Best Original Score, award ,has also been split into separate categories (Drama and Comedy/Musical). From
  16. In Philadelphia on April 27, 2002,Walter Day of Twin Galaxies presented an, award ,to the surviving members of Safran's family, commemorating the Asteroid
  17. Simon - Suddenly, Last Summer * 1959 Color William A. Morning (posthumous, award ,), Edward Cardano, Hugh Hunt - Ben-Hur ** Lyle R. Wheeler, Franz Bachelor
  18. S works. In 2005,the PKD android won a first place artificial intelligence, award ,from AAA. United Kingdom In 2001,Steve Grand OBE, creator of the computer
  19. Is that the Academy's Executive Secretary, Margaret Herrick, first saw the, award ,in 1931 and made reference to the statuette's reminding her of her" Uncle
  20. The War of 1812. The United States gained more than it expected, thanks to the, award ,of western territory. The other Allies had mixed-to-poor results. France did
  21. A trophy in the form of a larger replica of the urn in Waterford Crystal to, award ,to the winning team of each series from 1998 to 99. This did little to diminish
  22. Novak, Samuel M. Comer, Ray Mayer - The Ten Commandments For 1957 films this, award ,became a single award . ** Hal Pereira, George Davis, Samuel M. Comer, Ray Mayer
  23. Pebbles For 1967 the two award s in this category were recombined into a single, award , * 1967 John Prescott, Edward Carrier, John W. Brown - Camelot ** Mario Chiara
  24. Awarded the three astronauts a Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civilian, award ,in the United States. The bill was sponsored by Florida Sen. Bill Nelson and
  25. After Rudyard Kipling, and the first African-born writer to receive the, award , He is the shortest-lived of any Nobel literature laureate to date, having died
  26. Over how late in van Vogt’s lifetime the FWA left it to bestow their highest, award , Writing an obituary of van Vogt a fellow Canadian writer of science fiction
  27. Visited the writer at his home on 12 June 2007 to present him with the, award , Like his father, Yermolai Solzhenitsyn has translated some of his father's
  28. Having died in an automobile accident just over two years after receiving the, award , Although often cited as a proponent of existentialism, the philosophy with
  29. Sidney Poitier becomes the first African-American male to win the Best Actor, award ,for the 1963 film Lilies of the Field. *1970 – An oxygen tank aboard Apollo 13
  30. Gibbons, William A. Morning - The Wizard of Oz With the award s for 1940 the, award ,was divided into separate award s for black-and-white and color films. 1940s *
  31. Gibbons, one of the original Academy members, supervised the design of the, award ,trophy by printing the design on a scroll. In need of a model for his statuette
  32. Status),number 6 in Germany, and number 12 in the UK, winning a silver, award , and achieving gold status in Finland. The single" If I Thought You'd Ever
  33. Ray Mayer - The Ten Commandments For 1957 films this award became a single, award , ** Hal Pereira, George Davis, Samuel M. Comer, Ray Mayer - Funny Face **
  34. Membership as a whole, but the individual selected to receive the special, award ,may decline the offer. They are not always presented on a consistent annual
  35. Nomination for Best Director that year (Sydney Pollack ultimately won the, award ,for directing Out of Africa). Ran's costume designer, Emi WADA, won the movie
  36. And professional careers. Prizes, award s,and titles The most lucrative, award ,an architect can receive is the Pritzker Prize, sometimes termed the" Nobel
  37. Federation upon completion of their missions, often accompanied by the, award ,of Hero of the Russian Federation. This follows the practice established in the
  38. Typically put projects to tender on behalf of their clients, advise on the, award ,of the project to a general contractor, and review the progress of the work
  39. To a Small Planet * 1960 Color Alexander Golden, Eric Orb om (posthumous, award ,), Russell A. Gasman, Julia Heron - Spartacus ** George Davis, Addison Her
  40. I don't want any part of it. " The third winner, Marlon Brando, refused his, award ,(Best Actor in 1972 for The Godfather),citing the film industry's
  41. Las Vegas' young people. Agassi was award ed the ATP Arthur Ashe Humanitarian, award ,in 1995 for his efforts to help disadvantaged youth. He regularly is cited as
  42. 2009,Fatso and Gangsta showed up together to receive the Swedish music, award ," Rockbjörnen" ( for" lifetime achievement" ) and gave an interview onstage;
  43. Year is shown first, followed by the other nominees. Superlatives 1920s This, award ,was originally for Interior Decoration * 1927/1928 William Cameron Menzies -
  44. Art direction went to a film from 1999. In the lists below, the winner of the, award ,for each year is shown first, followed by the other nominees. Superlatives
  45. Of the Dog ", was published in 1959 and won the Scholastic Magazine short story, award ,for the year. The series was collected and republished in Country Matters in
  46. Center. In 2002,Hollywood's Kodak Theatre became the permanent home of the, award ,ceremonies. Academy Awards of merit Current award s * Best Actress in a
  47. Edwin B. Willis - The Yearling Beginning with 1947 films the name of the, award ,was changed to Art Direction - Set Decoration. * 1947 Black-and-White John
  48. And the Writer's Guild. George C. Scott became the second person to refuse his, award ,(Best Actor in 1970 for Patton) at the 43rd Academy Awards ceremony. Scott
  49. Labor disputes. The Oscar itself was later initiated by the Academy as an, award ," of merit for distinctive achievement" in the industry. The first Academy
  50. Of the Garments, was the first man of provincial origin to receive this, award , as well as the last. Ensuring that his status of mails imperium proconsular

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