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  1. And daughter of Darius III of Persia, as a matter of political interest. He, apparently ,had two sons, Alexander IV of Macedon of Roxana and, possibly,Heracles of
  2. Period, more than 70 million years ago. The type species, A. Sarcophagus, was, apparently , restricted in range to the modern-day Canadian province of Alberta, after which
  3. The signal is copied and re-copied, or transmitted over long distances, these, apparently , random variations become dominant. Electrically, these losses can be diminished
  4. Outer surface of an agate, freed from its matrix, is often pitted and rough, apparently ,in consequence of the removal of the original coating. The first layer spread
  5. They see the kingdom of God" ( Luke 9:27). ) Schweitzer notes that St. Paul, apparently ,believed in the immediacy of the" Second Coming of Jesus ":" Then we which
  6. They carried paired spines, creating a wide and deep profile for the neck. The, apparently ,massive neck was, however,filled with an extensive system of weight-saving air
  7. In the early 16th century, the Venetian Arsenal employed some 16,000 people who, apparently ,were able to produce nearly one ship each day, and could fit out, arm,and
  8. By Cassius Did describing the campaign of Caracalla in 213. At that time they, apparently ,dwelt in the basin of the Main, to the south of the Chatty. Cassius Did (
  9. School student he informed Bunyakovsky, Korkin and Regor Solitary about an, apparently ,new method to solve linear ordinary differential equations and was invited to
  10. BCE and made a great impression as a forthright, outspoken " barbarian ", apparently ,a forerunner of the Cynics, though none of his works have survived. Life
  11. Of Thorismund (d. aft. 400),King of the Ostrogoths ca 400. Her husband died, apparently ,in the early years of her marriage, leaving her with two children, Athalaric
  12. Against the person's will ** Alien abduction, memories of being taken by, apparently ,nonhuman entities ** Bride kidnapping, a practice in which a man abducts the
  13. Called Delta, and in early art a helmet, the model before the Greek mind having, apparently ,been the goddess Athena. In later art they approach the model of Artemis
  14. Are actually descended from a single patriarch, Aaron,was found to be, apparently ,consistent with genetic testing. The majority of Jewish men with the tradition
  15. Of the nations of Eastern Europe. Solzhenitsyn claimed the Western democracies, apparently ,cared little about how many died in the East, as long as they could end the war
  16. Instead, the irrigated agriculture project was headed for completion with, apparently ,no prospects for extension beyond 2011. During the first 11 months of 2006,net
  17. Credibility is questionable; a few years later, he shot his wife to death, apparently ,because of mental illness, and he was committed to an institution for the
  18. An account of the peasants who lived in Kabylie in poor conditions, which, apparently , cost him his job. From 1939 to 1940,he briefly wrote for a similar paper
  19. Of the human brain as a totally new factor in the history of life. Wallace was, apparently ,the first evolutionist to recognize clearly that ... with the emergence of that
  20. 11 December 1918 – 3 August 2008) was a Russian and Soviet Her father had, apparently ,risen from humble beginnings, as something of a self-made man. Eventually, he
  21. Cases to be published: The Mysterious Affair at Styles. After that case Poirot, apparently ,came to the attention of the British Secret Service, and undertook cases for
  22. Alfred was defeated. In 1050,Alfred went to Rome" on the king's errand ", apparently ,to secure papal approval to move the seat, or center, of the bishopric of
  23. latter's house. A few weeks later Murray visited Turing's house again, and, apparently , spent the night there. After Murray helped an accomplice to break into his
  24. Kropotkin in his 1902 book, Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution. Theories of, apparently ,altruistic behavior were accelerated by the need to produce theories compatible
  25. Marathon was also the first playwright to write choral parts which were, apparently ,independent of the main plot of his plays. Marathon is portrayed by Plato as a
  26. Term" anthropology" in English to refer to a natural science of humanity was, apparently ,in 1593,the first of the" bogies" to be coined. It took Immanuel Kant 25
  27. However, when campaigning against Germanic tribes of Germania, Alexander, apparently , alienated his legions by engaging in diplomacy and bribery, and they
  28. Was present when Huxley spoke at a Hollywood banquet, wearing no glasses and, apparently ,reading his paper from the lectern without difficulty:" Then suddenly he
  29. Powers given by the Militia Acts of 1792. With the scale of the rebellion, apparently ,small so far, Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteers for 90 days.
  30. After asking for the return of a script she had given to Warhol. The script, apparently , had been misplaced. Amaya received only minor injuries and was released from
  31. Never existed. " Sources Schweitzer found many New Testament references to, apparently ,show that 1st-century Christians believed literally in the imminent fulfillment
  32. There is considerable speculation as to why the observable universe is, apparently ,composed almost entirely of matter (as opposed to a mixture of matter and
  33. Reported in 1995: We were not shown acupuncture anesthesia for surgery, this, apparently , having fallen out of favor with scientifically trained surgeons. Dr. Han, for
  34. An Apple I reportedly sold for $50,000 USD at auction in 1999,with another, apparently ,selling in 2009 for $17,500; however, a more typical price for an Apple I is in
  35. Ronald Travel, Mary Toronto, Billy Name, and Brigid Berlin (from whom he, apparently ,got the idea to tape-record his phone conversations). During the '60s,Warhol
  36. Funding for further work and allegedly suffering from health problems, Kurosawa, apparently , reached the breaking point: on December 22, 1971,he slit his wrists and throat
  37. And his group entered the building, to be confronted with a pool of blood, apparently ,from the body of Herbert von Bose, von Papen's secretary, who had been killed
  38. Shifting of offices that took place at the beginning of the new reigns, Alaric, apparently , hoped he would be promoted from a mere commander to the rank of general in one
  39. Those involved. The category of acts constituting hubris for the ancient Greeks, apparently ,broadened from the original specific reference to mutilation of a corpse, or a
  40. Was isolated in Nakhichevan. The 75th Division's stores and equipment were, apparently ,transferred to the Nakhichevan authorities. Azerbaijan also hosted the 49th
  41. And solace. After Willie's death, in the summer or early fall of 1862,Lincoln, apparently ,attempted to put on paper his private thoughts on why, from a divine standpoint
  42. Then, is defined as a time that does not exist, a " non-time. " This term, apparently ,also inspired the name of the alternate history book list, Definition In
  43. The world of Nabokov's hero is wracked by rumors of a" counter-earth" that, apparently ,is ours). Some critics believe that the references to a counter-earth suggest
  44. And Google as candidates for turning AOL into a joint venture; those plans were, apparently ,abandoned when it was revealed on December 20, 2005 that Google would purchase
  45. And his third wife Adèle of Champagne and at the time a child of nine, had not, apparently ,been followed by their marriage. Androids was now formally proclaimed as
  46. A 1945 radio series of at least 13 original half-hour episodes (none of which, apparently ,adapt any Christie stories) transferred Poirot from London to New York and
  47. Sudan (also given in the lexicon of Photos) offers a different explanation, apparently ,given by Marshal, son of gives the following definition: a city of the
  48. Before her stands an eagle on a thunderbolt. Relations with India Alexander is, apparently ,mentioned in the Edicts of Ashoka, as one of the recipients of the Indian
  49. David the lands of the former kingdom of Strathclyde or Cambria, and this was, apparently ,agreed in advance by Edgar, Alexander,David and their brother-in-law Henry I
  50. Time that an algorithm requires to complete cannot be measured, as it is not, apparently ,related with our customary physical dimension. From such uncertainties, that

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