What is the TOEIC conversion score for Eiken Level 2?


Eiken is a popular English qualification, but having a qualification of Level 2 or higher often gives you an advantage in raising your salary or changing jobs, and gives you preferential treatment when you go on to higher education. TOEIC, which is a major English test like Eiken, has the same advantages as having a certain score, but is there anyone who is wondering which one to take? Therefore, I will give you hints on which one to acquire according to each purpose. I will explain how much Eiken 2nd grade is converted to TOEIC score, the difference between the two, and the countermeasures for each, so please refer to it.

The difference between Eiken and TOEIC is the test taker class and test content

The main difference between Eiken and TOEIC is the test taker class and test content. I will introduce it in detail below.

Differences in test takers

The official name of the Eiken, sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, is "Practical English Test", which is an English qualification test for Japanese people that measures the four skills of "reading," "listening," "speaking," and "writing." There are 7 levels from 1st to 5th, and a wide range of age groups are taking the exam.

On the other hand, TOEIC is a universal test and aims to measure practical English proficiency that can be used in daily life and business situations. , TOEIC scores are used as conditions for job hunting recruitment, promotion, and overseas assignment, so many university students and adults take the test.

Differences in test content

In Eiken, there are reading and listening tests in the primary test of each grade, and in addition, writing and speaking ability are also tested in the interview of the secondary test in the 1st to 3rd grades.

On the other hand, there are three types of TOEIC: "Listening & Reading Test" that tests "reading / listening" ability, "Speaking & Writing Test" that tests "speaking / writing" ability, and "Bridge Test" for beginners. Among them, the "listening & reading test" is often used by Japanese companies and schools as a standard for measuring English proficiency. Compared to Eiken, where 4 skills are tested, 2 skills are used, so it can be said that TOEIC has a limited range of countermeasures.

Eiken 2nd grade is 550 ~ when converted to TOIEC

The TOEIC is evaluated by the score, while the Eiken, which indicates the level by the grade, is evaluated by the score, but the Eiken 2nd grade is about 550 to 780 points (* 1) when converted to the TOEIC.

According to the Institute for International Business Communication (* 2), the average TOEIC score for those who have obtained the second grade of the Eiken test is 517 points, and the volume zone is 445-495 points and 495-545 points. Since the average score of Japanese in TOEIC is in the 500s, Eiken Level 2 can be considered as the average level of TOEIC.

(* 1) Source: Comparison table with CEFR based on data from each test organization | Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

(* 2) Source: Relationship between TOEIC score and Eiken Level 2 holders | The Institute for International Business Communication

What are the advantages of Eiken Level 2 and TOEIC, changing jobs and studying abroad?

Eiken and TOEIC have different test subjects and test contents, so each has different advantages. Eiken is often advantageous for taking exams and studying abroad. Especially when taking an examination, there are many preferential treatments such as "Eiken grade 0 or above is eligible for additional points", so it is recommended that examinees check in advance.

On the other hand, TOEIC is often useful for finding employment or changing jobs. Since we specialize in English in the business scene, some companies refer to the TOEIC score when finding a job, changing jobs, or promoting. However, you need to have a score of 600 or higher to show your high level of English.

Eiken Level 2 measures and recommended reference books

From here, we will introduce recommended reference books and problem collections for those who are aiming for Eiken Level 2. There are many related reference books, so please refer to them when choosing.

Eiken Level 2 Words and Grammar

" Eiken 2nd grade forward pass only" is a vocabulary book in which frequently-used English words are easily asked, and all headwords have example sentences. By imagining a concrete scene using words, it will be easier to settle in your memory. You can download the voice for free, so it's even more effective if you learn while listening to it in a short time. In addition, the "Wordbook" in the appendix is convenient because you can write words that you could not remember in this book and use them as your original vocabulary.

Recommended level Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced
author Obunsha
the publisher Obunsha
Price (tax included) 1,485 yen

Eiken Level 2 Listening

" Eiken Level 2 is easy to understand one by one " is a popular series created with the concept of "The easiest Eiken preparation book!". While using plenty of illustrations, you can learn the contents necessary for Eiken Level 2 in an easy-to-understand manner. Perfect for those who want to learn from the basics. Not only commentary, but also many exercises and mock exams are recorded, and the commentary comes with a full Japanese translation, so you can rest assured.

Recommended level Beginner-Intermediate
author Mika Yanase
the publisher Gakken Plus
Price (tax included) 1,595 yen

Eiken Level 2 Reading

" Eiken Level 2 Comprehensive Measures Textbook " is a comprehensive measure book made for those who take Eiken Level 2 for the first time. From application for the exam to the second exam, all the information you need to get the Eiken Level 2 exam is concentrated in one book. A practice test is also included, so let's check your ability first. The questioning tendency is also summarized based on the analysis of past questions, and you can learn efficiently by grasping the questioning tendency. There are a lot of examples and explanations, so it is recommended that you practice with a workbook after checking this book.

Recommended level Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced
author Obunsha
the publisher Obunsha
Price (tax included) 1,760 yen

Eiken Level 2 Writing

" Eiken Field-Specific Target Eiken Level 2 Writing Questions " is a book created based on the exam format and analysis of past questions. The scoring points are summarized and the explanations are polite, so you can learn from the beginning of English composition. There are two patterns of model answers, so you can search for a writing style that suits you. Writing scores are a large percentage of the primary exams, so if your overall score is sluggish, a thorough capture of English composition will be a shortcut to passing the Eiken exam. Try to learn how to write English composition in this book.

Recommended level Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced
author Obunsha
the publisher Obunsha
Price (tax included) 1,430 yen

Eiken Level 2 Speaking

" Shortest Pass! Eiken Level 2 English Composition & Interview Complete Conquest " is a book that summarizes English composition and interview measures. It is easy to understand even for those who take the exam for the first time, and you can learn the points necessary for passing with model answers and detailed explanations. 10 sets of original questions are included, so you can improve your skills through exercises. English composition and interview Nos. 3 and 4 have the same question theme, so you can learn efficiently by studying in one book at the same time.

Recommended level Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced
author The Japan Times & Logoport
the publisher The Japan Times
Price (tax included) 1,760 yen

A recommended reference book for those who want to aim for a TOEIC score of the same level as Eiken Level 2.

For those who want to get a TOEIC score of 550 instead of Eiken Level 2, if you want to get the same level of qualification, here are some recommended reference books and problem books for TOEIC preparation.

TOEIC550 words and grammar

" TOEIC L & R TEST Single Limited Express Silver Phrase " is a collection of 1000 of the most important words that appear frequently, and is further summarized as a phrase that appears frequently. All phrases have free audio, so you can improve your listening skills by learning while listening. For those who want to learn more, use the "Golden Phrase" of the same series, which includes difficult words.

Recommended level Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced
author TEX Kato
the publisher Asahi Shimbun Publishing
Price (tax included) 979 yen

Grammar questions are always asked in TOEIC, so those who do not understand properly need to take measures. " Kiku English Grammar " is a collection of 212 English grammars that are essential for university entrance exams, so you can learn basic grammar firmly. People tend to think that it is for university entrance exams, but in fact, there are plenty of English grammar necessary for TOEIC preparation. Two CDs are included so that you can input grammar from your ears. It can also be used as a listening measure.

Recommended level Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced
author Takeshi Ichisugi
the publisher ALC
Price (tax included) 1,760 yen

TOEIC 550 listening

"The World's Most Easy-to-Understand TOEIC Test Class (Part 1-4 Listening) " is a book that covers all the listening problems of TOEIC Part 1-4. It is recommended for people who are not good at listening because the points that are easy to ask questions are narrowed down and the explanations are polite. You will improve your listening skills by listening to the attached voice and practicing reading aloud after the voice. If your listening score is sluggish, please give it a try.

Recommended level Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced
author Masao Seki
the publisher KADOKAWA
Price (tax included) 1,870 yen

Reading of TOEIC550

" TOEIC (R) L & R test for the first time complete capture of all parts " is a comprehensive countermeasure book that summarizes the strategies and mock exams for each part. If you don't know what to start with for TOEIC, please pick it up. Not only listening audio but also reading section audio can be downloaded online, so be sure to listen and learn. In addition, learning methods for improving your ability such as slash reading are also introduced, so it will be very helpful not only for TOEIC but also for learning English.

Recommended level Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced
author Yuko Koishi
the publisher ALC
Price (tax included) 1,980 yen