Tips for self-study at home to get a high TOEIC score


Should I attend a TOEIC school or coaching school for those who are planning to study TOEIC or who are already studying? Some people may think that.

Certainly, if you are self-taught, you may be worried that you do not know what to study and that it is difficult to maintain motivation. However, if you study by the method introduced in this article, you can improve your TOEIC score even if you study by yourself. In fact, I was able to get a full TOEIC score on my own. If you want to improve your TOEIC score by yourself without spending money, please refer to this article!

Can you improve your TOEIC score by yourself?

It is possible to improve your TOEIC score by yourself. Rather, self-study may be more efficient for busy working people and students. This is because if you take a course or lesson, the date and time, place, and learning content are decided in advance, so you cannot flexibly proceed with your study. It is difficult for office workers who may suddenly work overtime to go to a place like the TOEIC school.

On the other hand, once you have established your own learning style, you can study at your favorite time and place, and you can customize your learning content. While working as a student and an office worker myself, I was able to get a full TOEIC score on my own. Especially in this era, you can get as much information about TOEIC as you want on the Internet, and there are a lot of apps and reference books that will help you learn TOEIC. If you study using these learning tools, you can improve your TOEIC score even if you are self-taught.

Let's prepare an environment for self-study!

When you study English by yourself, you need to have a strong will because you will learn English by yourself. If you have a coach, they will hit your hips every day, but if you are self-taught, you will have to control yourself. However, sometimes I feel uncomfortable with myself and want to skip studying. Therefore, it is important to prepare an environment for self-study.

As long as you have an environment in place, you can continue studying TOEIC without being influenced by your motivation or motivation. So, from here, I will explain how to prepare the learning environment.

Make a learning schedule

Having a study schedule before you start self-study will help you continue your studies.

It takes time and effort to think about the learning content each time. It will be easier if you decide what to do first and then just do it. Also, by deciding on a study schedule, you can adjust your daily rhythm.

In my case, I had a schedule to get up early in the morning and study TOEIC before going to work, so the morning style became established. If you don't have a schedule, your learning will be uneven, such as studying late at night when you are motivated and not doing it at all when you are not motivated. To avoid being affected by your motivation and motivation, study according to your daily study schedule.

Decide not to do

Deciding what to do is important, but just as important is deciding not to do it. Today, the world is full of entertainment such as YouTube, Netflix, and social media. Many people have had the experience of watching YouTube for 3 hours when they realized that they were going to watch YouTube. If you live without thinking, you tend to spend time on this kind of entertainment. Let's reconsider what we usually do casually. Let's get some time for self-study by uninstalling the SNS application from your smartphone.

Tips for self-taught TOEIC score

From here, I will introduce three tips for studying TOEIC on your own!

Words and grammar should be done first

First, let's solidify the English grammar and English grammar that are the basis of English. When memorizing a word, be aware that you will touch the word repeatedly anyway to increase the number of contacts with the word. Just by memorizing the frequently used words of TOEIC, English sentences will be easier to read and your score will go up sharply. The recommended vocabulary is " TOEIC L & R TEST, a single limited express money phrase ". You can efficiently learn the frequently used words of TOEIC. If you are worried about grammar, review junior high school English in the early stages of learning. Without an understanding of English grammar, you will not be able to read English sentences quickly and accurately. TOEIC needs to solve a large number of problems in a short time, so let's learn basic English grammar so that you can read English sentences speedily.

Learn how to capture each part

TOEIC is divided into listening and reading, and consists of parts 1-7. And depending on the part, the problem format and characteristics are different, and each part has a strategy and technique. For example, in Part 2, you can be sure to listen to the question words at the beginning of the sentence, and in Parts 3 and 4, you can look ahead to the questions and options. In order to get a high score in TOEIC, not only English ability but also such strategies and techniques are indispensable. It is a good idea to check the strategy for each part in the reference book " TOEIC (R) L & R Test Completely Strategy for All Parts for the First Time ". After understanding the strategy in your head, solve the problem many times so that you can master the strategy.

Solve the same reference book repeatedly

When you go to a bookstore, there are various reference books, so you can understand that you want to move on one after another, but it is more efficient to solve the same reference book repeatedly. The advantage of solving the same reference book is that it improves the degree of fixation. If you solve the problem once and circle it, you will forget what you solved immediately.

After reading and understanding the commentary, take a moment to solve it again. You can learn a lot from one reference book by repeatedly solving all the words and grammar used in the problem with the intention of mastering them. If you don't know which reference book to use, please select " TOEIC Official Question Book ". Since it is made with the same quality as the actual production, you can get a lot of ability just by reading this one book.

How to study to raise your TOEIC score by yourself

From here, I will explain how to study to raise the TOEIC score.

Read carefully

In order to understand English correctly, you must first read it carefully. Careful reading is the task of reading while checking the words and grammar used in English sentences one by one. By reading carefully, you will be able to read English sentences correctly and become accustomed to the syntax patterns. Careful reading is effective not only for reading but also for listening. If you can't hear something, look at the script, read it carefully, and then listen to the sound source again.

Reading aloud

The next thing to do after careful reading is reading aloud. The advantage of reading aloud is that you will be able to understand English as it is. If you can understand English as it is, you will be able to read the speed reading required for TOEIC. One thing to keep in mind is that when you read aloud, please read it carefully and read aloud the English sentences that you understand the meaning and content of. Also, try to read while imagining the meaning and situation of the English sentence. Read aloud repeatedly until the words and syntax used in the English sentence are firmly established in your body.


Do shadowing to improve your listening skills. Shadowing is a training that follows the sound source like a shadow and makes a voice. First of all, you don't have to think about the meaning of the English sentence, so try shadowing repeatedly until you can pronounce it like a sound source. If you can't say the same thing, slow down and try. When you can do that, try shadowing while thinking about the meaning. By shadowing, you will gradually get used to the rhythm and intonation unique to English.


This time, I explained how to raise the TOEIC score by self-education. What did you think? When studying on your own, no one pushes your back. First, let's create an environment where you can concentrate on learning. Then, solidify the basic words and grammar of English. Once you have a solid foundation, let's do the exercises using the "TOEIC (R) L & R Test All Part Complete Strategy" and "TOEIC Official Question Book". Don't forget to train yourself in reading, reading aloud, shadowing, etc. once you've solved the problem!