How to set a daily English learning schedule


Many people may be wondering how to set up a daily schedule for learning English. Whether you are aiming to learn travel English or want to improve your English to a level where you can live abroad, your schedule will change depending on your goals. Therefore, this time, I would like to introduce a meaningful and easy-to-continue daily schedule by goal, with a particular focus on how to spend your days off.

Daily English learning schedule: Overseas travel

First of all, it is a recommended daily study schedule for those who are aiming for a level of English conversation ability that will not be a problem even when traveling abroad. Since I am aiming for a fun thing called "travel", I want to enjoy learning English without disliking it.

Time schedule (example)

8: 00 - Wake up with online English conversation

Immediately after waking up, the "recommended learning of English" is to take online English conversation. By coming into contact with English from the morning, you will feel awakened overseas, and you will be able to have a "special day" that is different from weekdays. Talking to someone from the morning will lift your mood and get you off to a good start.

10: 00 - Finding a place where you can feel the atmosphere of overseas

After eating breakfast and changing clothes, it's time to go out! But before that, let's find a destination. The proposition is "a place where you can feel the atmosphere of foreign countries". Search the internet for international restaurants and restaurants run by foreigners to find "today's destination". Find a place where you can enjoy a different atmosphere by car or train for about 1-2 hours!

10: 30 - English music on the move

If you're traveling by car, be sure to enjoy your drive while playing your favorite English music. I can train my English ears, so I'm two birds with one stone. Wear earphones when traveling by public transportation such as trains. Even if you usually like Japanese pop music, why don't you listen to overseas pop music and country music only on this day?

12: 00 - Lunch at an international restaurant

Let's have lunch at the shop you were looking for. While feeling the atmosphere of the shop, open the English word book you brought. Let's wait for the ordered food while thinking "What do you mean when ordering at a store?" After eating, take a walk around. Let's enjoy the feeling of traveling abroad by entering a strange shop or enjoying nature!

15: 00 - Tea at an English conversation cafe

For a holiday break, it's a good idea to visit an English conversation cafe. If you have an English conversation cafe with a foreign teacher in your neighborhood, it's a good idea to become a regular. There are many beginners in some cafes, so you should be able to make English friends. Feel the joy of speaking English!

19: 00 - Relax at home and watch a movie

After returning home, take a bath and cook dinner, then why not eat while watching a movie with delicious wine and beer? Watch your favorite movie in English. Let's spend a relaxing and elegant home time with English in a relaxing home clothes as much as possible.

Daily English learning schedule: For those who want to improve their English conversation skills as soon as possible

If you want to improve your English conversation skills at work or school, you want to study English on holidays. Let me introduce a fulfilling schedule for such people.

Time schedule (example)

7: 00 - English news while eating breakfast

Wake up at the same time as weekdays, even on holidays! Wash your face, eat breakfast and listen to English news. There are several free apps that allow you to watch English radio, so find the one that suits your interests and level and listen to it. By listening to English from the morning, you can naturally study listening and switch to the English brain smoothly.

8: 00 - Online English Conversation

After breakfast, online English conversation! You can have a free talk with your teacher based on what you heard in the English news earlier. Being able to express your opinion about the news in about a minute will help you practice speaking English logically.

9: 00 - Practice speaking aloud

Once your mouth muscles have been trained in online English, take time to read aloud the materials used in online English. Reading aloud is very important for improving English conversation skills, but it is difficult to incorporate it because the time and place are limited during the busy weekdays. Practice speaking aloud on good night.

10: 00 - to the cafe

After practicing speech, go to the cafe for a change. In a quiet cafe, you should be able to concentrate and study for 1-2 hours. It's time to open and focus on materials that you are not good at, such as grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension! After working hard to some extent, order your favorite food and have lunch. If you take a break, another hour! Let's do our best to the extent that we can do it.

14: 00 - walk

You really did your best from the morning. When I was a little tired. Let's go for a walk to refresh a little. While walking, you can wear earphones and listen to your favorite English music. Even if you pull a mat on the lawn to do yoga or jogging. Refresh your body with music!

16: 00 -Language exchange

Language exchange time on holiday evenings. Find "Language Exchange Friends" who teach your native language online, and enjoy conversation while mixing English and Japanese. If you are a friend whose native language is English, you will surely be able to answer questions that you did not understand while studying today, such as "what should I say?" If you like alcohol, you can go to a sports bar or pub together for dinner. You can go shopping together or surround the pot together in winter. Enjoy the language exchange as if you were a friend.

Daily English learning schedule: Serious! English qualifications

Some of you may want to do your best to study qualifications such as TOEIC scores and TOEFL. Finally, let me introduce a recommended schedule for such people.

Time schedule (example)

8: 00 - When you get up, go straight to the cafe

Qualification-based learning such as TOEIC and TOEFL requires time to solve problem books silently. Let's finish these things that require concentration in the morning when we are still full of energy. If it's a holiday morning, the cafe is still open and should be quiet. Go out as early as possible and work on the workbook for 2-3 hours while having breakfast. If the cafe is difficult, you can study anywhere, such as in the library or school!

12: 00 - Lunch

For those of you who worked hard in the morning, lunch at the shop you wanted to visit is waiting for you! Eat what you like and recharge your energy. While you're waiting for food, it's a good idea to read foreign books on your Kindle or read overseas fashion magazines to relax.

14: 00 -Online English Conversation

When I feel sleepy after eating lunch. Overcome drowsiness with online English conversation at home or in the park! You can refresh yourself by talking with the instructor, and your brain will be activated and new energy will spring up. It was a desk study in the morning, so let's accelerate your listening and speaking learning at once! If possible, it is recommended to take 2 lessons instead of 1 lesson.

15: 00 - Walk

It's a special holiday! If you buy coffee at a convenience store, enjoy a walk in the green park. Turn on the TOEFL and TOEIC apps on your smartphone and walk while listening with earphones. Walking and listening are surprisingly compatible, so it's two birds with one stone.

16: 00 - Dictation

After returning home, listen to the listening that you couldn't hear with the previous app and dictate (write). It only takes 15 minutes, so listening to all the letters will greatly improve your listening skills.

16: 30 - English word app

Then, before dinner, let's learn English words. Recently, there are apps that you can enjoy like a game, so you can do it while lying on the sofa. Start with the star that it's over if you do so far! Use a goal that can be completed within about 30 minutes.

17: 00 - Free time

Thank you for your hard work! After studying this much, please do what you like. It can be a family gathering time, or you can relax alone. If you like movies, watch an English movie and you have a perfect English-speaking schedule!