How to introduce yourself in English at the first meeting


Introducing yourself in English means more than just saying your name. The view also includes information about job, occupation, and age, for example. Therefore, there are several blocks or options with which you can get to know others.

1. How to say hello in English to strangers




Hello, my name is Richard.

Hey, I am Richard.

Hello! My name is Richard Walker.

Hi! They call me Richard.

These phrases are universal: they are suitable for formal and informal communication. However, it is useful to remember that the first and last names are used for representation in a business setting. To say hello in a friendly or family setting, you can limit yourself to only the name.

When you have told the interlocutors what your name is, go to the second block.

2. Age, occupation, origin

Table. How to introduce yourself in English




I am 26 years old. - I am 26

I am a copywriter. - I am an editor

I am from Michigan. - I'm from Michigan

I am 26. - I am 26

I work in an ad agency. - I work in an advertising agency

I hail from Massachusetts. - I came from Massachusetts

I work in Intern Ads. - I work for Ed's Intern.

I come from New York. - I am from New York

I work as an architect. - I work as an architect

I live in Chicago. - I live in Chicago

Talking about where you're from or where you currently live can be a great way to start a conversation: it's likely that the conversation partner has visited or heard about the place before.

3. Favorite activities in English.

The third block makes communication closer, as it marks the transition to a conversation about hobbies and favorite activities in English.

I like reading books.

I like reading books and love to swim.

I am a good cook.

I am good at playing chess.

I like to shop when I am free.

So, having told the interlocutor basic information about yourself, you complete the acquaintance. Further, you can freely communicate on any topics that are of mutual interest.