Ways to Express smell in English


Smell is a word used for both good and bad odors, so when I say smell of perfume, I don't know if it's a good scent or "I don't like perfume." Here, let's see how to use different words for "smell" such as scent, aroma, fragrance, and odor.

The basic word of "smell" and the English expression for "good scent"

"five senses," "smell" is called the sense of smell, and smell is a typical word that refers to the sense of smelling humans. On the other hand, scent and aroma also represent "smell", but these are usually used to represent "good scent". Let's look at the basic meaning and specific usage.

Smell with many variations

Smell is a general word for "smell", and the adjectives "good smell" and "bad smell" are used to say whether it is good or bad. However, it is sometimes used alone when it is "sick", as in Japanese, "it smells something". Another characteristic of smell is that it is often used in a rational sense.

What a good smell! What's for dinner ?

It smells awful. We should throw it away. (It smells awful. It smells awful.) * Example of using smell as a verb

Can you smell something? ** An example of using smell as a verb. Say when you smell gas or smell bad

He enjoyed the sweet smell of success. * An example of using smell in a rational way.

Scent representing "good scent"

scent (pronounced [cent]) basically stands for "good scent". It may also represent the "remaining scent" of humans and animals, and in this case it is not an unpleasant odor.

The scent of flowers makes me relaxed.

It has a faint scent of lime. (It has a faint scent of lime) * faint is "faint"

The dog followed the scent of the man.

Aroma that represents the smell of food and drink

As the word aroma therapy implies, aroma means "strong and good scent", but unlike the Japanese word "aroma", it is often used for food and drink in everyday life.

The wine has a spicy floral aroma.

A tempting aroma is coming from the oven.

What aroma is good for sleep? (Which aroma is good for sleep?)

Fragrance that represents the scent of flowers and perfumes

Just as fragrance alone means "perfume," it is a word that stands for "good scent" of flowers and perfumes. It can also be used to mean "fragrance".

The fragrance of roses gives a calming feeling.

Here's a new fragrance from Dior.

The room fragrance eliminates bad smells. (The room fragrance eliminates bad smells.) * Eliminate "removes"

English expression for "unpleasant odor"

odor is a word that somehow reminds us of "unpleasant odor" without the adjective bad. In addition, stink means "stink". Stench is a "stink" that makes food rotten, and is also used in a rational sense.

"Unpleasant smell" odor

Just saying odor (pronounced [Ouder]) does not immediately mean "unpleasant odor", but it is often used to describe "unpleasant odor" such as sweat odor and garbage odor.

I'm looking for a fragrance to cover body odor.

I have noticed a bad odor coming from the drain.

"Stink" and "smell" stink

The stink alone means "stink" and is often used as the verb "smells". It is sometimes used in the rational sense of "I feel unpleasant."

What's the smell? It's like the stink of blue cheese.

Oops, the shirt stinks! (Wow, the shirt smells!) * Example of using stink as a verb

It stinks. We should be careful about it. (I don't like it. You should be careful.) * Example of using stink as a verb

"Terrible smell" stench

An unbearable stink, such as the "rotten smell of fish," is called a stench. It can also be used in a rational sense, such as the stench of hypocrisy.

The stench of the garbage was like the smell of a rotten fish.

There is a stench of hypocrisy in it.

Once you have the knack for using the word "smell" properly, try using it in an online English conversation EnglishPhonetics lesson. The general "smell" is smell, but if you want to say "I'm relieved to have a nice scent of flowers", it's better to say The scent of flowers makes me relaxed. It will be easier to convey the situation.

On the other hand, if you have a bad smell, you can use a bad smell, but It stinks terribly. Will make it easier for the other person to imagine the situation. As you use it repeatedly in the lessons, you should be able to use it as your own words.