What are the different meanings of address?


The mistake of saying, "I was asked for an address when I was told the address, but it was actually a" speech "sometimes happens. In addition to the well-known meaning of "address," the word address has the meaning of "speech" and "to deal with." Let's take a look at "words that are used in unexpected ways that are different from what you are familiar with," which are often encountered in the business world.

Basics: Beware of the different meanings of simple words

Don't you feel relieved that it's a word you know, and when you say His address was remarkable, you think "his address was remarkable"? When you think about it, it's a bit strange that an address is remarkable, and in fact this address means "speech." Review the meaning of the simple words you should know again and fill in the blanks for the meanings of the following sentences.

Address not "address"

Please listen to Mr. Grant's address.

Answer: Speech
address means "speech" with a noun or "speech" with a verb.

How do you address the issue?

Answer: The coping address can also be used as the verb "to deal with, to work on".

Minutes not "minutes"

Could I have the minutes of the meeting?

Answer: Minutes
Usually used in the minutes and plural.

Mean not "meaning"

Is there any other means to solve the problems?

If you add s to means means and mean, it becomes "means". The noun "meaning" is meaning.

A body that is not a "body"

Which body is in charge of administration?
(Which body is in charge of administration?)

Answer: The organizational
body can mean "organization, group, institution", and the administrative body is "administrative body" or "administrative body".

Sound that is not "sound"

We should make a sound decision.

Answer: Sound
Sound is an adjective meaning "healthy, reasonable". It is also used like sound management.

Conversation example

A: How do we address the issue? The time is running up.
B: Could I have the minutes of the meeting? I'll talk to the administrative body (Can you give me the minutes of the meeting? I'll talk to the management body.)
A: Thank you. I appreciate it.

Advanced: Maybe it's different from what you remembered? How to use it

Those who are relieved that "I know if it is a contract. It means" contract "should be careful. When you say The budget is contracted., It's not "the budget is contracted" but "the budget is reduced". Here are some business-related English words that may be used in a slightly different way than their typical meaning. Please enter the applicable translation in the blank of the meaning of the sentence.

Contract that is not a "contract"

Economy has been contracted.

Answer: Shrink
Contract is used to mean "shrink, shrink" as well as "contract" and "contract".

Deliver not "deliver"

I'm sure he 'll deliver the result.

The deliver to be delivered has the meaning of "delivering (results)" and "achieving (goals)" in addition to "delivering".

A project that is not a "project"

It's projected that stock prices will go up.

Answer: Prediction
Project can be used to mean "predict, anticipate" as well as "project, plan".

Production that is not "production"

The new system will be moved into the production environment.

In the production IT world, production is sometimes used to mean "production (used by the user)" rather than "production."

Fabricate not "assemble"

The document is incorporated.

Answer: In addition to "assembling parts", "fabricate" is sometimes used to mean "to forge (document)" or "to make up (story)".

Conversation example

A: The data was computed. We have to start all over again.
B: Why don't we ask XYZ Inc.? It's projected that they will be able to save. costs. (Why don't you ask XYZ? It's expected to reduce costs)
A: That's a good idea. I'm sure they'll deliver the result. prize)

If you want to master unfamiliar words, take advantage of the online English conversation EnglishPhonetics lessons. I don't have any means to get promoted. (I don't have any means to get promoted.), How can I achieve a sound lifestyle? ) And so on.

It is also recommended to study news English with your teacher. Body (institution), contract (reduce), etc. are often heard in English in the news, and can be used as they are at work. Lessons Learn new meanings of words while listening and speaking.


The meanings of the words introduced this time may not be explained in great detail in the dictionary, but if you are a person who usually uses English at work, you can easily guess. If you find a word that you should know, but it feels unnatural when you see it in a sentence, I thought that it might mean something different from what you know, so I introduced it here. Try to remember.