About money in English


Money rules the world - you can not argue with this fact. However, it is necessary to manage it competently, especially since in the modern world finance is an international phenomenon. We invite you to deal with idioms in English, which in everyday life denote financial phenomena familiar to us. Let's talk about money.

On the breadline
They are on the breadline – ten dollars for them is already a fortune.

To burn your fingers
He burnt his fingers when he said that he was impossibly rich.

A cash cow
Indonesian branch is a cash cow for the whole enterprise.

To cost an arm and a leg, To cost the earth
Lamborghini will cost you an arm and a leg.

To have deep pockets
His family has deep pockets – they always buy him the best devices.

Down payment
We need a down payment to be sure that you won’t refuse from our offer.

To go Dutch
Let’s go Dutch and pay for the drinks.

To feather your nest
I think, he’s been feathering his nest since he got a promotion.

To feel the pinch
At the end of every month I begin feeling the pinch.

Golden handshake
Before you leave, human resources department owes you golden handshake.

On the house
You look so sad that I’m offering you a beer on the house.

To lose your shirt
Stop gambling! Otherwise, you’ll lose your shirt!

To make a killing
You could travel to Las Vegas and make a killing.

To look/ feel like a million dollars
Wow! His wife looks like a million dollars despite her age!

Money burns a hole in your pocket
What’s the matter with you? Is money burning you pocket? You promised to save it!

Money spinner
For many years they used Adam as money spinner for their adventurous projects.

Money talks
Prime-minister can’t be accused of robbery. – Money talks.

To be paid peanuts
You never have even a dollar to borrow! Are you paid peanuts?

To turn up like a bad penny
Jane turned up like a bad penny and spoilt the party.

From rags to riches
His career path can be called “from rags to riches”.

To scrimp and save
We have to scrimp and save so as to buy a house.

To splash out on
Are you crazy to splash put on things like designer sunglasses when you are in a huge debt?

To suit every pocket
I’m sure, this commercial offer will suit every pocket.