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  1. And that the role of the African languages is steadily decreasing among the, urban ,population—a trend which is beginning to spread into rural areas as well. The
  2. Such as irrigation, deforestation,desertification, terracing,landfill, and, urban , sprawl. Researchers study the impact of these changes on food production. The
  3. And self-sufficiency. It has a solid, stable position in the world order. But, urban ,life, capitalism,and technology destroy independence and dignity while
  4. Original pronunciation in widely scattered regions such as Yemen, Morocco,and, urban ,areas of the Maghreb. It is pronounced as a glottal stop in several prestige
  5. Of Golden Grove in the late 1980s is possibly an example of well-thought-out, urban ,planning. The newer sub urban areas as a whole, however,are not as integrated
  6. Of light pollution, which has increased the popularity of astrophotography in, urban ,areas. Scientific research is most often not the main goal
  7. Of St. Albert. Calgary, in particular, has a tradition of calling its largest, urban ,expressways trails and naming many of them after prominent First Nations
  8. Of alcoholic beverages. Suicide rates for rural residents are higher than, urban , Domestic abuse and other violent crimes are also at high levels in the state;
  9. Of the population in rural areas. Some 99 percent of Algerians living in, urban ,areas, but only 82 percent of those living in rural areas, had access to "
  10. Roughly 58 % must be classified as" poor ", according to UN norms, but in the, urban ,areas only 19 %, while the overall rate is 37 %. In the cities, a majority of
  11. Barriers that the steppe horsemen could cross only with difficulty. While the, urban ,city dwellers were more advanced technologically and socially, in many cases
  12. Amsterdam),Greater Amsterdam (Groot Amsterdam, a CROP region) and the, urban ,region Amsterdam (Stadsgewest Amsterdam). The metropolitan agglomeration had
  13. Urban sympathizers to vote for Labor candidates, as the representatives of the, urban ,working class. This type of farmer-labour co-operation became common throughout
  14. To the conventional agriculture approach, including organic agriculture, urban ,agriculture, community supported agriculture, ecological or biological
  15. Of the leading health care institutions at the time. Health care was limited to, urban ,areas only and was eventually destroyed during the civil war of the 1990s. It
  16. Life Movement was a loose grouping of social reformers, church leaders, and, urban , progressives; they sought solutions for rural economic decline, social
  17. And the replacement of AKM rifles with 9 mm Uzis for police officers in, urban ,areas. Administrative divisions Angola is divided into eighteen provinces (
  18. Prices, long distances and low population. The cost of a US gallon of gas in, urban ,Alaska today is usually $0.30–$0.60 higher than the national average; prices in
  19. Stop in Gulf Arabic, Iraqi Arabic, Upper Egypt, much of the Maghreb, and less, urban ,parts of the Levant (e.g. Jordan). Some traditionally Christian villages in
  20. Gecekondu were built around the city, causing the unplanned and uncontrolled, urban ,landscape of Ankara, as not enough planned housing could be built fast enough.
  21. Population at 123,432. The metropolitan area is a conurbation of the Aalborg, urban ,area in Hinterland (102,312) and the Nørresundby urban area in Vendsyssel (
  22. The newer sub urban areas as a whole, however,are not as integrated into the, urban ,layout as much as older areas, and therefore place more stress on Adelaide's
  23. Can be ascribed to the general tendencies of a population moving from rural to, urban ,areas during the industrial revolution. Industrialization meant that proximity
  24. Its successors. Amsterdam has a population of 783,364 within city limits,an, urban ,population of 1,209,419 and a metropolitan population of 2,158,592. The city is
  25. When compared to other provinces. Approximately 81 % of the population live in, urban ,areas and only about 19 % live in rural areas. The Calgary-Edmonton Corridor is
  26. Study by TD Bank Financial Group found the corridor to be the only Canadian, urban ,center to amass a U. S. level of wealth while maintaining a Canadian style
  27. Philosophy or political philosophy which values rural society as superior to, urban ,society, the independent farmer as superior to the paid worker, and sees
  28. New roads are not the only transport infrastructure developed to cope with the, urban ,growth. The Orbán Bu sway is an example of a unique solution to Tea Tree Gully
  29. Failing infrastructure and the continued influx of people from rural to, urban ,areas has overtaxed both systems. According to the United Nations Development
  30. Outside the Grachtengordel. Several parts of the city and the surrounding, urban ,area are polders. This can be recognized by the suffix -meet which means lake
  31. As poor, have to adopt a variety of survival strategies. At the same time, in, urban , areas social inequality is most evident, and assumes extreme forms in the
  32. Present. Computer and technology heavy industries are mainly focused in the, urban ,areas with an abundance of small and medium-sized IT and service companies
  33. From the total population of 9,165,000 people as of July 2011,nearly 52 % was, urban ,population, the remaining 48 % was the rural population. 51 % of the total
  34. Candidates only in rural area and not in the cities. Instead, they urged their, urban ,sympathizers to vote for Labor candidates, as the representatives of the urban
  35. Banned the international slave trade. Slavery faded in the border states and, urban ,areas but expanded in highly profitable cotton states of the Deep South.
  36. White rural interests dominated the state legislature until the 1960s,while, urban ,interests and African Americans were under-represented. Following World War II
  37. Renewal Mission" to improve water supply and sanitation, road networks and, urban ,transport. Reducing environmental pollution is an equally important part of
  38. To" improved water sources" was limited to 92 percent of the population in, urban ,areas and 80 percent of the population in rural areas. Some 99 percent of
  39. And become less hot than darker surfaces, reducing their contribution to the, urban ,heat island effect. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI, ) is a
  40. Ethnic group and the most affected by the war, appeared in great numbers in, urban ,areas outside their areas, especially in Luanda and surroundings. At the same
  41. Population (2009 est. ): country comparison to the world: 171 Urbanization:, urban ,population: 92 % of total population (2008): rate of urban ization: 2.4 % rate
  42. 23 % of the population of Denmark and is the second-largest coherent, urban ,area after the Copenhagen metropolitan area. Name The city was mentioned for
  43. City of Adelaide, being primarily concerned with the planning of Adelaide's, urban ,development and growth. Local governments The Adelaide metropolitan area is
  44. Of the Aalborg urban area in Hinterland (102,312) and the Nørresundby, urban ,area in Vendsyssel (21,120). External links *http://www.aalborg.dk/Engelsk/
  45. Not salt-tolerant. * Urban sprawl: In the United States, of land was added to, urban ,areas between 1992 and 2003. Aluminum or aluminum is a silvery white member of
  46. Colonial times - in Luanda since its foundation in the With century. In this, urban ,culture, the Portuguese heritage has become more and more dominant. An African
  47. And space (non-European/non-Western societies). For example, the classic of, urban ,anthropology, Ulf Manner in the introduction to his seminal Exploring the City
  48. Infrastructure investment commitments, such as a US$114bn allocation for, urban ,waste water and municipal solid waste treatment. Similar policies are in
  49. Continued dependence on agriculture. Despite the growth of major industries and, urban ,centers, white rural interests dominated the state legislature until the 1960s
  50. S provision for periodic redistricting based on population. This benefited the, urban ,areas that had developed, as well as all in the population who had been

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