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  1. With the Pirates. NFL commissioner Hiring When Elmer Laden was hired as NFL, commissioner ,in 1941,Ward was viewed as dictating the hiring of Laden. Some owners had
  2. Gotham's protector once Wayne retires from the position to become police, commissioner , a position he occupies until he is killed during one final adventure as Batman
  3. The escalation as detrimental to both leagues. The same month Davis was named, commissioner , several NFL owners, along with Dallas Cowboys general manager Tex Scram
  4. Same year the two island groups, Andaman and Nicobar, were united under a chief, commissioner ,residing at Port Blair. The above accounts, written while Britain still
  5. Year term. County government is overseen by five commissioner s. Each county, commissioner ,serves a five-year term. The county commissioner s include Duane Sutton, Tom
  6. Agency. Ajmer-Merwara was administered directly by the British Raj, by a chief, commissioner ,who was subordinate to the Governor-General of India's agent for Rasputin.
  7. And others) were opposed by Kennesaw Mountain Lands,baseball's powerful, commissioner ,and a staunch segregationist. Bill Week claimed that Lands blocked his
  8. Bell's selection to commissioner became official; Bell had become the second, commissioner ,of the NFL. Bell sold his stake in the Steelers to Rooney and was given a
  9. League * Joe FOSS, commissioner (November 30, 1959–April 7,1966) * Al Davis, commissioner ,(April 8,1966–July 25, 1966) * Milt Woodard, president (July 25, 1966–March
  10. In the hands of a Board of Supervisors, which consisted of Tweed, who was the, commissioner ,of public works, and mayor A. Oakley Hall and comptroller Richard B Connolly
  11. One outcome of this new approach was the ", and then kidnaps and tortures the, commissioner , physically and psychologically. The Batman comics garnered major attention in
  12. Included a cannon salute upon his arrival at the residence of the British high, commissioner , Sir Herbert Samuel. During one reception given to him, the building was "
  13. Concludes in the standard format" sworn (declared) before me, name of, commissioner ,for oaths/solicitor, a commissioner for oaths (solicitor),on the date at
  14. Its first edition in only six months. In 1778,Smith was appointed to a post as, commissioner ,of customs in Scotland and went to live with his mother in Pasture House in
  15. Newly-elected district attorney Harvey Dent (Billy Dee Williams) and police, commissioner ,James Gordon (Pat Single),the police department remains corrupt. Reporter
  16. Money-chest. They had also threatened to leave the island in a body with the, commissioner , unless the captain avenged their wrongs. In order to spare the pockets of the
  17. In that capacity since 1992 as the acting commissioner , and as the official, commissioner ,since 1998. Selim oversaw baseball through the 1994 strike, the introduction of
  18. Popular professional sport in America. Specifically, his accomplishments as, commissioner ,included presiding over the NFL becoming the first coast-to-coast sports
  19. The AFL and NFL reached an all-time peak. On April 7,Joe FOSS resigned as AFL, commissioner , His successor was Oakland Raiders head coach and general manager Al Davis, who
  20. Archbishop of Toronto (b. 1894) *1978 – Ford Brick, American baseball, commissioner ,(b. 1894) *1984 – Pyotr Kavita, Russian physicist, Nobel laureate (b. 1894
  21. Of service On December 1,2006,Selim announced that he would be retiring as, commissioner ,of baseball upon the expiration of his contract in 2009. Selim earned $14.5
  22. Mountain Lands to be the first Commissioner of Baseball. His first act as, commissioner ,was to ban the" Black SOX" from professional baseball for life. The Negro
  23. And I know the deponent (declaring) ", and it is signed and stamped by the, commissioner ,for oaths. Aries is one of the constellations of the zodiac, located between
  24. Commissioners/Presidents of the American Football League * Joe FOSS, commissioner ,(November 30, 1959–April 7,1966) * Al Davis, commissioner (April 8
  25. Report, Congressman Cliff Stairs called publicly for Selim to step down as, commissioner , citing his" glacial response" to the" growing stain on baseball. " Selim
  26. In good graces with the cardinal, and in 1639 had been appointed the king's, commissioner ,of taxes in the city of Rouen — a city whose tax records, thanks to uprisings
  27. As a substitute for mirrors in lighthouses. In 1819, he was nominated to be a, commissioner ,of lighthouses. In 1823, he was unanimously elected a member of the academy, and
  28. Lands Memorial Baseball Award, which is named in honor of the first MLB, commissioner , who served from 1920 to 1944. MVP voting takes place before the postseason but
  29. His crime-fighting partner, Robin,his butler Alfred Pennyworth, the police, commissioner ,Jim Gordon, and occasionally the heroine Batgirl. He fights an assortment of
  30. They believed they were not given fair representation on who should become the, commissioner , Throughout 1945,Dan Topping, owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers, and Mara, had
  31. Of the Fresnel lens, first adopted in lighthouses while he was a French, commissioner ,of lighthouses, and found in many applications today. Biography Fresnel was the
  32. Of the affiant's signature by a taker of oaths, such as a notary public or, commissioner ,of oaths. The name is Medieval Latin for he has declared upon oath. An
  33. Financially perilous position since he entered the NFL with the Pirates. NFL, commissioner ,Hiring When Elmer Laden was hired as NFL commissioner in 1941,Ward was viewed
  34. The respective leagues. The two leagues would be fully merged by 1970,and NFL, commissioner ,Pete Rozelle would remain as commissioner of the merged league. The AFL also
  35. Major League Baseball, having served in that capacity since 1992 as the acting, commissioner , and as the official commissioner since 1998. Selim oversaw baseball through
  36. 2007,the Giants finalized a contract with Bonds for the 2007 season. After the, commissioner ,'s office rejected Bonds's one-year,$15.8 million deal because it contained a
  37. Drew the two major leagues closer together. The first major league baseball, commissioner , Kennesaw Mountain Lands, was elected in 1920. That year also saw the founding
  38. Be fully merged by 1970,and NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle would remain as, commissioner ,of the merged league. The AFL also agreed to pay indemnities of $18 million to
  39. Fighter ace and former governor of South Dakota, was named the AFL's first, commissioner , FOSS commissioned a friend of Harry Wismer's to develop the AFL's
  40. It became a French possession, later being placed under the administration of a, commissioner ,residing in Réunion in 1968. Madagascar continues to claim sovereignty over the
  41. Including ephemera and improved steroids. A memo circulated in 1991 by baseball, commissioner ,Fay Vincent said," The possession, sale or use of any illegal drug or
  42. Was chosen in 1929. And the NHL (310,732). In a March 12, 2009 article, NBA, commissioner , David Stern said that in the bad economy," the NBA is far less profitable than
  43. Leader who waged war against the Mughal *Band Parthia Reddy, present, commissioner , of GHMC. *Siva Subrahmanyam Band is an Indian-American aerospace engineer.
  44. Sworn (declared) before me, name of commissioner for oaths/solicitor,a, commissioner ,for oaths (solicitor),on the date at location in the county/city of
  45. Time, was selected to replace Laden. On January 12, 1946,Bell's selection to, commissioner ,became official; Bell had become the second commissioner of the NFL. Bell sold
  46. Analyses underlying the PBOI's hesitation, yet argued against approval, FDA, commissioner , Hayes approved aspartame for use in dry goods. In 1983,the FDA further
  47. Of $18 million to the NFL over 20 years. In protest, Davis resigned as AFL, commissioner ,on July 25 rather than remain until the completion of the merger, and Milt
  48. Bell (February 25, 1895 – October 11, 1959) was the National Football League, commissioner ,from 1946 until his death. He was an assistant football coach at the University
  49. To secure a controlling interest in the Chicago Cardinals, they approached NFL, commissioner ,Bert Bell and proposed the addition of expansion teams. Bell, wary of expanding
  50. Russian ballet dancer * 1958 – Brian Paddock, British former deputy assistant, commissioner ,and most senior openly gay police officer * 1959 – Dave Ridgeway, Canadian

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