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  1. In 1982–83,and since the early 1990s and the advent of the lucrative replica, kit ,market, the away colors have been changed regularly. During this period the
  2. Later renamed to Aster Computers),was sold in its first incarnation as a, kit ,for hobbyists. Later it was sold ready to use. It consisted of several Euro card
  3. A Home Cooked C),LISP, Prolog, Logo,and many others. The initial development, kit ,from Atari included a computer and manuals. At $5,000,this discouraged many
  4. Environmental, and business practices. To sell the Apple I personal computer, kit , They were hand-built by Wozniak and first shown to the public at the Homebrew
  5. The exception to the Apple PIGS which featured an external keyboard. An upgrade, kit ,was sold later to house the motherboard of an Apple PIGS in an Apple Die case.
  6. A male North American beaver and a female European resulting in one stillborn, kit , These factors make interspecific breeding unlikely in areas where the two
  7. As an accessory Many cyclists carry tool kit s. These may include a tire patch, kit ,(which, in turn, may contain any combination of a hand pump or CO2 Pump, tire
  8. For" maximum brand exposure whenever possible" but this did not affect the, kit ,'s appearance. Since then, Nike then Adidas have had more overt branding on the
  9. Into the low-sock and from this to the modern hi-hat. Even in a modern drum, kit , they remain paired with the bass drum as the two instruments which are played
  10. All professional cymbals are made from a bronze alloy. The alloy used in drum, kit ,cymbal bronze is unique in the desired balance of durability and timbre. Modern
  11. One hose that runs from the back of the portable air conditioner to the vent, kit ,where hot air can be released. A typical single hosed portable air conditioner
  12. A non-scale model kit of the Big O in 2000. Though it was an easy snap-together, kit , it required painting, as all the parts (except the clear orange crown and
  13. Unguided" gravity bombs are equipped with a GPS-aided" smart" guidance tail, kit , It can bomb 16 targets in a single pass when equipped with 1,000 or
  14. Additions to the strip since 1950 began appearing in 1993,with the addition of, kit ,suppliers logos in prominent positions. Umbra had in 1989 asked for" maximum
  15. Consisted of software and manuals (no hardware) for $300. Included with the, kit ,were a resource kit , C compiler (first Halcyon C, then Mark Williams C)
  16. Colour of the city emblem. The more well-known and highly distinctive purple, kit ,was adopted in 1928 and has been used ever since, giving rise to the nickname
  17. Except the clear orange crown and canopy) were molded in dark gray. The, kit ,included springs that enabled the slide-action Side Piles on the forearms to
  18. Roma are often nicknamed i giallorossi meaning the yellow-reds. Roma's away, kit ,is traditionally white, with a third kit changing color from time to time.
  19. The Cardinals were the only NFL team without an alternate jersey or throwback, kit , save for the NFL's 75th anniversary program in 1994. Season-by-season records
  20. The Purple (team) "). Tradition has it that Florentina got their purple, kit ,by mistake after an accident washing the old red and white colored kit s in the
  21. An accident washing the old red and white colored kit s in the river. The away, kit ,has always been predominantly white, sometimes with purple and red elements
  22. Their Soul of Choosing line. The figure has the same features as the model, kit , but with added detail and accessories. Its design was closely supervised by
  23. Rush Lifeson's neighbor John Runway began experimenting on a rented drum, kit ,and, in early 1968,Life son and Runway formed The Projection, which eventually
  24. For an improved model sold as a completed working system. However, the original, kit ,version lacked many features that prevented its use as a serious computer
  25. 2007. As of 2009,the away kit is changed every season, and the outgoing away, kit ,becomes the third-choice kit if a new home kit is being introduced in the same
  26. Be found, so Beardsley and Bates wrote home for help and received a set of, kit ,and a ball. In 1933,Herbert Chapman, wanting his players to be more distinctly
  27. System. “ Prosumers” can fill their own needs (see open source, assembly, kit , freelance work). This was the notion that new technologies are enabling the
  28. And blue, but there have been exceptions. They wore a green and navy away, kit ,in 1982–83,and since the early 1990s and the advent of the lucrative replica
  29. Cabling. The very first of the ready-made computers were sold with the ", kit ," versions of the euro cards, the version with redesigned cards came a month or
  30. Moved to Norwich for work. As they put together the first team in the area, no, kit , could be found, so Beardsley and Bates wrote home for help and received a set
  31. High key games the shorts and socks are the same color as the home shirt. The, kit ,itself was originally worn by Roman Football Club; one of the three clubs who
  32. The use of a four-colour ribbon mounted on a mechanism (provided in an upgrade, kit ,that replaces the standard black ribbon mechanism after installation) that
  33. And manuals (no hardware) for $300. Included with the kit were a resource, kit , C compiler (first Halcyon C, then Mark Williams C),debugger, and 68000
  34. Season, and the outgoing away kit becomes the third-choice kit if a new home, kit ,is being introduced in the same year. Arsenal's shirts have been made by
  35. Use on several minicomputers, it was the introduction of the ITS Altair 8800 ", kit ," microcomputer in 1975 that provided BASIC a path to universality. Most
  36. Dark blue shorts and socks. The unofficial 1927 Argentina tour used the same, kit ,and badge. In 1936,the four-quartered badge returned for the tour to Argentina
  37. And red elements, sometimes all-white. The shorts had been purple when the home, kit ,was with white shorts. Fiorentina's third kit was first one in the 1995–96
  38. And the yellow and dark gray used from 2005 to 2007. As of 2009,the away, kit ,is changed every season, and the outgoing away kit becomes the third-choice kit
  39. Had been purple when the home kit was with white shorts. Fiorentina's third, kit ,was first one in the 1995–96 season, and it was all-red with purple borders and
  40. Z, released in 2008.; Toys and model kit s Banzai released a non-scale model, kit ,of the Big O in 2000. Though it was an easy snap-together kit , it required
  41. Microcomputers, it was sold as a finished consumer appliance rather than as a, kit ,(assembled or preassembled). Valves Apple Handbook and The Apple
  42. Braga's manager returned from a game at High bury and changed his team's green, kit ,to a duplicate of Arsenal's red with white sleeves and shorts, giving rise to
  43. Herbert Chapman, wanting his players to be more distinctly dressed, updated the, kit , adding white sleeves and changing the shade to a brighter pillar box red. Two
  44. Kit is changed every season, and the outgoing away kit becomes the third-choice, kit ,if a new home kit is being introduced in the same year. Arsenal's shirts have
  45. Other cards) and a keyboard. And was intended for hobbyists, to be sold as a, kit ,consisting of the parts and the PCB's for the computer and attached keyboard.
  46. Components * General Electric also marketed an" educational" analog computer, kit ,of a simple design in the early 1960s consisting of a two transistor tone
  47. Maker in Benton Harbor, Michigan to buy more, before the company exited the, kit ,business in 1992. China dolls In 1916,Goldwater visited the Hopi Reservation
  48. 524td,525td) † † typically includes sport seats, spoiler,aerodynamic body, kit , upgraded wheels and Limit Slip Differential on pre-95 model etc. For example
  49. Was an elder at Webster Presbyterian Church in Webster, Texas. His communion, kit ,was prepared by the pastor of the church, the Rev. Dean Woodruff. Aldrin
  50. Meaning the yellow-reds. Roma's away kit is traditionally white, with a third, kit ,changing color from time to time. Maybe because of modern sport marketing, the

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