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  1. He wrote a hatchet job on Hank Rear den called The Octopus. He is also vocal in, support ,of the Equalization of Opportunity Bill. *Claude Slagenhop is president of
  2. Separators were placed before digits. The committee decided it was important to, support ,upper case 64-character alphabets, and chose to pattern ASCII, so it could be
  3. From Spanish oppression in 1492. In 1516,RUC Was conquered Algiers with the, support ,of 1,300 Turkish soldiers on board 16 ballots and became its ruler, with
  4. From his position in North Carolina. Lincoln and the Republican Party mobilized, support ,for the draft throughout the North, and replaced his losses. Lincoln authorized
  5. The war, he went so far as to pen a letter to every governor asking for their, support ,in ratifying the Corwin Amendment as a means to avoid secession. En route to
  6. Authorized judiciary proceedings to confiscate and free slaves who were used to, support ,the Confederate war effort. In late August 1861,General John C. Fremont
  7. Government to which we have a constitutional right. " Lincoln, however,did, support ,the Corwin Amendment to the Constitution, which had passed in Congress and
  8. World. Thomas Malthus famously predicted that the Earth would not be able to, support ,its growing population, but technologies such as the Green Revolution have
  9. Literacy requirements. While the planter class had persuaded poor whites to, support ,these legislative efforts, the new restrictions resulted in disfranchising poor
  10. Involved in charitable causes and aims to inspire all people to volunteer and, support ,their communities. Recognition In 2005 Tennis magazine named him the 7th
  11. Mandated that all computers purchased by the United States federal government, support ,ASCII, stating: I have also approved recommendations of the Secretary of
  12. Environmental regulations, such as the number of animals an area of land can, support ,without long-term damage, were successfully defeated due to large food company
  13. Gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms, there is a lack of published rigorous data to, support ,the theory that autistic children have more or different GI symptoms than usual
  14. From the political left, with critics blaming the economic crisis on her, support ,of selfishness and free markets, particularly through her influence on Alan
  15. Has become the dominant system of modern farming, although there is growing, support ,for sustainable agriculture (e.g. permaculture or organic agriculture).
  16. As adults,10 % had some friends and were generally in work but required some, support , 19 % had some independence but were generally living at home and needed
  17. Are support ed by scientific studies. Treatment approaches have little empirical, support ,in quality-of-life contexts, and many programs focus on success measures that
  18. They show limited understanding of the situations but nonetheless blindly, support ,Napoleon's ideals. They are regularly shown repeating the phrase" four legs
  19. Transmutation as occurring within the alchemist's soul. There is evidence to, support ,that some classical alchemical sources were adulterated during this time to
  20. Diagnostic categories are necessarily somewhat arbitrary. Or on how much, support ,the individual requires in daily life; these subdivisions are not standardized
  21. Environments. While ASCII is limited to 128 characters, Unicode and the UCS, support ,more characters by separating the concepts of unique identification (using
  22. A causative affix s. Semitic, Berber,Cushitic (including Beja),and Chadic, support ,possessive suffixes. Tonal languages appear in the Omotic, Chadic,and Cushitic
  23. Up the seat after losing in court. This ultimately would lead to a collapse of, support ,for Democrats at the ballot box in the next three or four election cycles and
  24. In the Ohio election in the fall, Lincoln maintained a strong base of party, support ,and was in a strong position to redefine the war effort, despite the New York
  25. To China, Japan,and Korea from 1929-1931 to collect soybean germplasm to, support ,the rise in soybean agriculture in the United States. In 2009,the agricultural
  26. 123. There were fusion tickets in which all of Lincoln's opponents combined to, support ,the same slate of Electors in New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island, but even
  27. Supernatural" interpretation of alchemy become popular, including, support , by fellows of the Royal Society: Robert Boyle and Elias Ash mole. Proponents of
  28. Slash and burn) is a system in which forests are burnt, releasing nutrients to, support ,cultivation of annual and then perennial crops for a period of several years.
  29. After leading in the first six rounds of voting in the Illinois assembly, his, support , began to dwindle, and Lincoln instructed his backers to vote for Lyman Trumbull
  30. Text. Most modern character-encoding schemes are based on ASCII, though they, support ,many more characters than ASCII does. US-ASCII is the Internet Assigned Numbers
  31. Had some independence but were generally living at home and needed considerable, support ,and supervision in daily living,46 % needed specialist residential provision
  32. Portions of western Algeria (which led to the Sand War in 1963),Algeria's, support ,for the Rosario Front for its right to self-determination, and Algeria's
  33. The decision, alleging it was the product of a conspiracy of Democrats to, support ,the Slave Power Lincoln argued," The authors of the Declaration of
  34. Lincoln provided Grant with more troops and mobilized his party to renew its, support ,of Grant in the war effort. Sherman's capture of Atlanta in September and
  35. Expanded over peacetime—to hold the factions of his party together, build, support , for his own policies, and fend off efforts by Radicals to drop him from the
  36. To ensure that farmers have access to the technologies required to, support ,modern agriculture practices. Farmers are support ed by education and
  37. Communication skills in later years. Most children with autism lack social, support , meaningful relationships, future employment opportunities or
  38. Survey of Canada, and George Mercer Dawson (director in 1895). Dawson's, support ,for anthropology created impetus for the profession in Canada. This was
  39. Put him over the top. Pennsylvania iron interests were reassured by his, support ,for protective tariffs. Lincoln's managers had been adroitly focused on this
  40. The state's 130,000 German Americans voted Democratic, but there was Republican, support ,that a German-language paper could mobilize. On February 27, 1860,New York
  41. Requires far more rigorous experimentation than that which Aristotle used to, support ,his laws. Aristotle also had some scientific blind spots. He posited a
  42. President from the Republican Party. Winning entirely on the strength of his, support ,in the North and West, no ballots were cast for him in ten of the fifteen
  43. Dominated his time and attention. From the start, it was clear that bipartisan, support ,would be essential to success in the war effort, and any manner of compromise
  44. In each state. The Pacific Railway Acts of 1862 and 1864 granted federal, support ,for the construction of the United States' First Transcontinental Railroad
  45. Depended on his reputation as a moderate on the slavery issue, and his strong, support ,for Whitish programs of internal improvements and the protective tariff. On
  46. Of egoists, non-systematic associations continually renewed by all parties ', support ,through an act of will, which Sterner proposed as a form of organization in
  47. For herself and the heroes she worships, and her unnamed desire to remove, support ,from the machinations she abhors, Cherryl throws herself from a bridge to her
  48. Became an American citizen in 1931. Taking various jobs during the 1930s to, support ,her writing, Rand worked for a time as the head of the costume department at
  49. Made each year in Chicago by Illinois manufacturer R. S. Owens & Company. In, support ,of the American effort in World War II, the statuettes were made of plaster and
  50. Residential provision from facilities specializing in ASD with a high level of, support ,and very limited autonomy, and 12 % needed high-level hospital care. A 2005

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