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  1. The later development of quantum mechanics, because it was the first paper to, show ,that the statistics of atomic transitions had simple laws. Einstein discovered
  2. Adults (from 18 years onwards) combined with the data from 2000/2001 that, show ,that only about 45 % of the population is in adult age (Multi-Indicator
  3. But this has so far not been confirmed by any independent sources. The Awards, show ,were first televised on NBC in 1953. NBC continued to broadcast the event until
  4. South from Cape Adults to Antarctica defines its border. Some authorities, show ,it's extending south to Antarctica, while others show it bounded at the 60°
  5. In the piece, Swift adopts the" technique of a political arithmetician" to, show ,the utter ridiculousness of trying to prove any proposal with dispassionate
  6. To be an example of early animation. However, since no equipment existed to, show ,the images in motion, such a series of images cannot be called animation in a
  7. Official Academy Award sponsors may advertise during the telecast. The Awards, show ,hold the distinction of having won the most Emmys in history, with 47 wins and
  8. Methyl groups show bands at 1450 cm−1 and 1375 cm−1,while methylene groups, show ,bands at 1465 cm−1 and 1450 cm−1. Carbon chains with more than four carbon
  9. Car batteries),and tartaric acid (used in baking). As these three examples, show , acids can be solutions, liquids,or solids. Gases such as hydrogen chloride
  10. Carbon–hydrogen bending modes depend on the nature of the group: methyl groups, show ,bands at 1450 cm−1 and 1375 cm−1,while methylene groups show bands at 1465
  11. Of the human physical form and the development of equivalent skills to, show ,musculature, poise,beauty, and anatomically correct proportions. In Byzantine
  12. For scenes, particularly regarding backgrounds. In addition, camera angles, show ,perspective. Directors can also choose camera effects within cinematography
  13. An episode of The Goodies Other entertainment *Animals (comedy),a stand-up, show ,written and performed by Ricky Gervais People; Professional wrestlers *George
  14. To sequential loss of CH2-groups. Chemical properties In general, alkanes, show , a relatively low reactivity, because their C bonds are relatively stable and
  15. In proportion. Tea found that large eyes style allowed his characters to, show ,emotions distinctly. When Tea began drawing Ribbon no Fish, the first manga
  16. As he grew, Einstein built models and mechanical devices for fun and began to, show ,a talent for mathematics. In 1894,his father's company failed: direct current
  17. According to John LIFFE," Portuguese records of Angola from the 16th century, show ,that a great famine occurred on average every seventy years; accompanied by
  18. The output that it does" Chaitin prefaces his definition with:" I'll, show ,you can't prove that a program is 'elegant'"—such a proof would solve the
  19. Gas, of petroleum and up to of natural gas liquids. Other recent reports, show ,that the country has huge amounts of gold, copper,coal, iron ore and other
  20. Border. Some authorities show it extending south to Antarctica, while others, show ,it bounded at the 60° parallel by the Southern Ocean. In the southwest, the
  21. Defeat the Confederacy before turning over the White House: Lincoln did not, show ,the pledge to his cabinet, but asked them to sign the sealed envelope. While
  22. The Saint Says video game was released in Europe due to the popularity of the, show ,even years after the series has been off-air. Anime distribution companies
  23. Of the Solar system: Computer simulations of collisions involving solid bodies, show ,them destroying each other as often as merging, but colliding rubble piles are
  24. Individual or the family. An estimated 0.5 % to 10 % of individuals with ASD, show ,unusual abilities, ranging from splinter skills such as the memorization of
  25. Honoring films that have not performed well at the box office tend to, show ,weaker ratings. The 78th Academy Awards which awarded low-budgeted, independent
  26. Ensure the elimination of what he termed" the single most hated thing on the, show ," – overly long and embarrassing displays of emotion. The Academy has also had
  27. It is futile to seek meaning in life, and the duty of a philosopher is to, show ,that nothing can be understood. *Rearden's mother, whose name is not mentioned
  28. Rare talents of prodigious autistic savants. Many individuals with ASD, show ,superior skills in perception and attention, relative to the general population
  29. As well as with prefixes and suffixes * All Afroasiatic subfamilies, show ,evidence of a causative affix s. Semitic, Berber,Cushitic (including Beja)
  30. Which made the group strange compared to the others. The alkali metals, show ,a number of trends when moving down the group – for instance: decreasing
  31. To expose the red underside). Characters may also have large" X" eyes to, show ,a knockout, or in some cases, even illness. This is typically used for comedic
  32. Is due to the motion of electrons, nowadays known to be the spin. In order to, show ,this, they reversed the magnetization in an iron bar suspended on a torsion
  33. Uses the phrase" is not ", a form of" to be "; this and many other examples, show ,that he did not intend to abandon" to be" as such. In fact, he said
  34. And the hypothesis that men marry later if they carry genetic liability and, show ,some signs of autism. Several other conditions are common in children with
  35. At 1465 cm−1 and 1450 cm−1. Carbon chains with more than four carbon atoms, show ,a weak absorption at around 725 cm−1. NMR spectroscopy The proton resonances of
  36. And Heterokontophyta, the three main algal Phyla, have life-cycles which, show ,tremendous variation with considerable complexity. In general there is an
  37. Organic compounds contain carbon – carbon and carbon – hydrogen bonds, and so, show ,some features of alkanes in their spectra. Alkanes are notable for
  38. The blood of our fellow-citizens on our own soil ". Lincoln demanded that Polk, show ,Congress the exact spot on which blood had been shed and prove that the spot
  39. S into components related to the effects used in the model. For example, we, show , the model for a simplified ANOVA with one type of treatment at different levels
  40. Are even televised). The Academy has for several years claimed that the award, show ,has up to a billion viewers internationally, but this has so far not been
  41. Social development becomes apparent early in childhood. Autistic infants, show ,less attention to social stimuli, smile and look at others less often, and
  42. Already of critical importance, French military aid to the Americans would not, show ,positive results until the arrival in July 1780 of a large force of soldiers
  43. And electrical-mechanical synchronization of time, two technical problems that, show ,up conspicuously in the thought experiments that eventually led Einstein to his
  44. By Mr Jones. Squealer abuses the animals' poor memories and invents numbers to, show ,their improvement. Mr Frederick, one of the neighboring farmers, swindles
  45. The Rebellion, along with Clover, Benjamin,and the pigs.; The Sheep: They, show ,limited understanding of the situations but nonetheless blindly support
  46. Upon his worthless ventures in order to disrupt their schemes and to try to, show ,the inevitable consequences of looting. He adopted the persona of a worthless
  47. Nucleus and proposed that electrons orbit like planets, Niels Bohr was able to, show ,that the same quantum mechanical postulates introduced by Planck and developed
  48. Gods to restrain him so that he would not go on to sack Troy itself, seeming to, show ,that the unhindered rage of Achilles could defy fate itself as Troy was not
  49. Between" swift-footed" Achilles and a tortoise, by which he attempted to, show ,that Achilles could not catch up to a tortoise with a head start, and therefore
  50. In sciences and technology have drastically decreased. Various surveys, show ,that during 1991–2005,approximately 50 % of the professors and research

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