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  1. Specific to living beings,e.g. the ability to initiate movement (or in the, case ,of plants, growth and chemical transformations, which Aristotle considers types
  2. That furthered their programmatic ambitions. This was particularly the, case ,with Radcliffe-Brown, who spread his agenda for" Social Anthropology" by
  3. Of appeal. In tort, equity,or other civil matters either party to a previous, case ,may file an appeal. In criminal matters, however,the state or prosecution
  4. Weak. The fragmentation pattern can be difficult to interpret, but,in the, case ,of branched chain alkanes, the carbon chain is preferentially cleaved at
  5. Is an American jurist who ruled in favor of Midas Mulligan during the, case ,brought against him by the incompetent loan applicant. When Narragansett's
  6. Case of autism is that of Hugh Blair of Morgue, as detailed in a 1747 court, case ,in which his brother successfully petitioned to annul Blair's marriage to gain
  7. Life, and he also gives the explanation σηκός (seats)," fold ", in which, case ,Apollo would be the god of flocks and herds. Following the tradition of these
  8. Of graphic codes. Lower case letters were therefore not interleaved with upper, case , To keep options available for lower case letters and other graphics, the
  9. Therefore not interleaved with upper case . To keep options available for lower, case ,letters and other graphics, the special and numeric codes were arranged before
  10. Angles of the molecule is known as its conformation. Ethane forms the simplest, case ,for studying the conformation of alkanes, as there is only one C – C bond. If
  11. The time whether there should be more control characters rather than the lower, case ,alphabet. The indecision did not last long: during May 1963 the CCITT Working
  12. Of all other orders or rulings made by the trial court in the course of the, case , This is because such orders cannot be appealed as of right. However, certain
  13. Has cast doubt on the veracity of this report. The earliest well-documented, case ,of autism is that of Hugh Blair of Morgue, as detailed in a 1747 court case in
  14. On the former. Sand bees use pheromones in order to identify a mate; in the, case ,of A. nigroaenea, the females emit a mixture of triclosan (C23H48)
  15. A fraud. The obscure and secretive writings of the alchemists was used as a, case ,by those who wished to forward a fraudulent and non-scientific opinion of
  16. Were also published in The Personalist arguing that Notice misstated Rand's, case , Since Rand's death in 1982,interest in her work has gradually increased.
  17. To country. The nature of an appeal can vary greatly depending on the type of, case ,and the rules of the court in the jurisdiction were the case was prosecuted.
  18. Duff" Armstrong, who was on trial for the murder of James Preston Metzger. The, case ,is famous for Lincoln's use of a fact established by judicial notice in order
  19. It printed" false and fabricated" statements about the couple, but the, case ,was dismissed. The couple filed for divorce less than two years later, which
  20. Screening committees made up of members from all branches. In the special, case ,of Best Picture, all voting members are eligible to select the nominees for
  21. Metaphysical ideas. However implausible this is, it is certainly the, case ,that Aristotle's rigid separation of action from production, and his
  22. Was entirely unreasonable to make on the evidence. The appellant in the new, case ,can be either the plaintiff (or claimant),defendant, third-party intervene
  23. Grew, and he appeared before the Supreme Court of the United States, arguing a, case ,involving a canal boat that sank after hitting a bridge. In 1849,he received a
  24. Files the appeal in a court of first instance—usually the court that tried the, case , The key distinguishing factor between direct and collateral appeals is that
  25. This can mean that where it is the defendant who appeals, the name of the, case ,in the law reports reverses (in some case s twice) as the appeals work their
  26. CH3-group by 120° relative to the other, is of the order of 10−11 seconds. The, case ,of higher alkanes is more complex but based on similar principles, with the
  27. Scales are denoted in the form UTC (NPL) in the UTC form, where NPL in this, case ,identifies the National Physical Laboratory, UK. The TAI form may be denoted
  28. Claim in a lower court decision, is appealing to a higher court to have their, case ,reconsidered. This is usually done on the basis that the lower court judge
  29. For writers, actors for actors, etc.); there are some exceptions though in the, case ,of certain categories, like Foreign Film, Documentary and Animated Feature Film
  30. Used to test for differences among at least three groups, since the two-group, case ,can be covered by a t-test. When there are only two means to compare, the
  31. Must submit an Official Screen Credits online form before the deadline; in, case ,it is not submitted by the defined deadline, the film will be ineligible for
  32. The extreme male brain theory, hypothesizes that autism is an extreme, case ,of the male brain, defined psychometrically as individuals in whom systemizing
  33. The particular legal rules that apply to each circumstance, a party to a court, case ,who is unhappy with the result might be able to challenge that result in an
  34. Steiner. Hitchcock, in his Remarks Upon Alchemists (1855) attempted to make a, case ,for his spiritual interpretation with his claim that the alchemists wrote about
  35. Such as, the median and arithmetic average can differ significantly. In this, case ,the arithmetic average is 6.2 and the median is 4. When one looks at the
  36. The ownership of the recipient, it is essentially not on the open market. The, case ,of Michael Todd's grandson trying to sell Todd's Oscar statuette illustrates
  37. On the type of case and the rules of the court in the jurisdiction were the, case ,was prosecuted. There are many types of standard of review for appeals, such as
  38. Questioned in a 2007 letter from the BIPM to the ITU-R which stated" In the, case ,of a redefinition of UTC without leap seconds, the CCTF would consider
  39. The CCITT Working Party on the New Telegraph Alphabet proposed to assign lower, case ,characters to columns 6 and 7,and International Organization for
  40. Are possible as the carbon atoms are in a strongly reduced condition; in the, case ,of methane, the lowest possible oxidation state for carbon (−4) is reached.
  41. Island, and to deposit in exchange the price which they consider fair. But in, case ,the oracle denies them permission, because there is an oracle here, they add
  42. Columns 6 and 7 caused the characters to differ in bit pattern from the upper, case ,by a single bit, which simplified case -insensitive character matching and the
  43. Or in love with each other as an egalitarian homosexual couple. Whichever the, case ,may be, Achilles nevertheless continued to have sexual relationships with women
  44. Can be carcinogenic as well. An appeal is a petition for review of a, case ,that has been decided by a court of law. The petition is made to a higher court
  45. The position of the Sun and Moon, and the barometer reading, all just in, case ,they proved to be relevant. This approach eventually led to the founding of
  46. Placed before digits. The committee decided it was important to support upper, case ,64-character alphabets, and chose to pattern ASCII, so it could be reduced
  47. Can be predicated. Consequently, according to Aristotle, if it is not the, case ,that some universal can be predicated to an object that exists at some period
  48. Defendant, third-party intervene, or respondent (appealed) from the lower, case , depending on who was the losing party. The winning party from the lower court
  49. It could be reduced easily to a usable 64-character set of graphic codes. Lower, case ,letters were therefore not interleaved with upper case . To keep options
  50. The median to imply that most values are higher or lower than is actually the, case , If elements in the sample space increase arithmetically, when placed in some

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