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  1. The quest for holism leads most anthropologists to study a particular, place , problem or phenomenon in detail, using a variety of methods, over a more
  2. Among the small handful of semi-sacred texts by which Americans conceive their, place ,in the world ". Lincoln said: Reconstruction began during the
  3. Parisian taxi horns for the New York premiere of the composition, which took, place ,on December 13, 1928 in Carnegie Hall, with Walter Deimos conducting the New
  4. The Classical elements. Between the time of Bolus and Cosmos, the change took, place ,that transformed this metallurgy into a Hermetic art. Philosophy – Alexandria
  5. That, if a Marxist party came to power, its leaders would simply take the, place ,of the ruling class they had fought against. In 1872,the conflict climaxed
  6. Buddhism, Christianity,Hinduism, Islam,Jainism, Judaism and Sikhism, etc., place ,particular emphasis on altruistic morality. Buddhism Altruism figures
  7. Based using the Fibonacci sequence 1,1,2,3,5 and powers of 10,20 and 40 as, place ,values for the different fields in the instrument. Using the Fibonacci sequence
  8. Place by chance if a person sets out with the intent of having one thing take, place , but with the result of another thing (not intended) taking place . For
  9. Alaska. Movies filmed in Alaska Alaska's first independent picture all made on, place ,was in the silent years. The Chechahcos was produced by Alaskan businessman
  10. Games involving the top six teams in the AFC (the four division champions by, place ,standing and the top two remaining non-division-champion teams (" wild cards "
  11. Between bricks and stones, to cement parts of carvings, such as eyes, into, place , for ship caulking, and for waterproofing. This must be regarded as legendary
  12. Stay independent at home longer. An example would be the systems being put in, place ,for senior people such as fall detectors, thermometers (for hypothermia risk)
  13. The 1900 legislation mandated its transfer to Juneau (the actual move took, place ,in 1906,after initial questions arose),begun to take shape with the
  14. In Lucia, there was a seasonal winter oracle of Apollo, said to have been the, place ,where the god went from Demos. As at Delphi the oracle at Panama was a woman.
  15. Bodies (stars and planets). Each of the four earthly elements has its natural, place , All that is earthly tends toward the center of the universe,i.e. the center
  16. Of these kinds of tactics, although reciprocally state repression, in the first, place , may have played a role in these isolated acts. The dismemberment of the French
  17. Evokes modern rather than archaic sea-law. " Luce had also a reputation as a, place ,of healing. Ananias (III.19,13) reports that the Delphic Pythias sent a lord
  18. Predictive validity and real-world relevance. Some alternative treatments may, place ,the child at risk. A 2008 study found that compared to their peers, autistic
  19. Rods, which operated with a decimal system but lacked the concept of zero as a, place ,holder. The zero was probably introduced to the Chinese in the Tang Dynasty (
  20. Jurisdictions. In federal courts in the United States, arraignment takes, place ,in two stages. The first is called the initial arraignment and must take place
  21. Convinced the Fates to let Admetus live past his time, if another took his, place , But when it came time for Admetus to die, his parents, whom he had assumed
  22. Causation. Plainly put the formal cause is the idea existing in the first, place ,as exemplar in the mind of the sculptor, and in the second place as intrinsic
  23. Legal status either as a national hymn, or as a national anthem equal to, or in, place ,of," The Star-Spangled Banner ", but so far this has not succeeded. Proponents
  24. Questions about the nature and production of knowledge came to occupy a central, place ,in cultural and social anthropology. In contrast, archaeology and biological
  25. Distraught Achilles. She persuaded Hephaestus to make a new armor for him, in, place , of the armor that Patrols had been wearing which was taken by Hector. The new
  26. Of" chance" it might be better to think of" coincidence ": Something takes, place ,by chance if a person sets out with the intent of having one thing take place
  27. Thing take place , but with the result of another thing (not intended) taking, place , For example: A person seeks donations. That person may find another person
  28. Every piece of relevant data; in a typical experiment, Boyle would note the, place ,in which the experiment was carried out, the wind characteristics, the position
  29. Are many amoebic species that are in the Excavate clade. Phylogenetic analyses, place ,these genera into the following groups (not all of these are considered
  30. Orbits). When elements are out of their natural place , they move toward that, place , This is" natural motion"—motion requiring no extrinsic cause. So, for example
  31. The beads so that they do not move inadvertently. This keeps the beads in, place ,while the users feel or manipulate them. They use an abacus to perform the
  32. Through an act of will, which Sterner proposed as a form of organization in, place ,of the state. Egoist anarchists claim that egoism will foster genuine and
  33. The Roman model (like most modern Japanese) has 4 plus 1 bead per decimal, place , the standard sampan has 5 plus 2,allowing use with a hexadecimal numeral
  34. S Vantages Theatre. With the advent of television, the 1953–1957 awards took, place ,simultaneously in Hollywood and New York first at the NBC International Theatre
  35. Sphere (in which the Moon orbits). When elements are out of their natural, place , they move toward that place . This is" natural motion"—motion requiring no
  36. That once those espousing Galt's philosophy are restored to their rightful, place ,in society, they will have enough capital to rebuild the world. Kept in the
  37. Soybean (up 32 %),and maize (up 11 %) over the year. Food riots took, place ,in several countries across the world. Contributing factors included drought in
  38. Would gladly die for him, refused to cooperate. Instead, Alcestis took his, place , but Heracles managed to" persuade" Thanos, the god of death, to return her
  39. Column. The parentheses could not correspond to 9 and 0,however, because the, place ,corresponding to 0 was taken by the space character. Since many Europeans
  40. Leon; South Africa Asia; Hong Kong; Sri Lanka Australia * Aberdeen, Tasmania, place , with a Scottish place name in Tasmania, Australia Europe * Aberdeen Burghs (UK
  41. Type of abacus shown here is often used to represent numbers without the use of, place ,value. Each bead and each wire has the same value and used in this way it can
  42. Against the accused person is read, including the alleged date, time,and, place ,of offense; and, # The accused person is asked formally how he or she pleads.
  43. 19 – April 21, 1865. Before the funeral train bore him to his final resting, place ,in Springfield, Illinois,Lincoln was laid in state and publicly mourned in
  44. To soil properties and climate, which are never exactly the same from one, place ,to another. Many people think an agricultural production system relying on
  45. For trial de Nova effectively erases the prior trial as if it had never taken, place , The Supreme Court of Virginia has stated that '"This Court has repeatedly held
  46. Place in two stages. The first is called the initial arraignment and must take, place ,within 48 hours of an individual's arrest. During this arraignment the
  47. Of Rapides-des-Joachims, Quebec; United States of America * Aberdeen, Montana, place , near Interstate 90 in Montana Other * Some members of the Marquess of Aberdeen
  48. There is a particular apple and a universal form of an apple. Moreover, we can, place ,an apple next to a book, so that we can speak of both the book and apple as
  49. In the first place as exemplar in the mind of the sculptor, and in the second, place ,as intrinsic, determining cause, embodied in the matter. Formal cause could
  50. Then at the NBC Century Theatre (1954–1957),after which the ceremony took, place ,solely in Los Angeles. The Oscars moved to the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in

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